10 Ways to Accelerate Your Personal Growth and Success

10 Ways to Accelerate Your Personal Growth and Success

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Feel like you’re moving towards your goals, but it feels too slow? Want to grow and reach your goals faster? Ready to accelerate your personal growth, but don’t know how?

After all, we only have one life to live and our time on this earth is limited.

So, why not make the most of it and get to where we want to be and beyond faster?

Here’s a list of ten ways to supercharge and accelerate your personal growth.

There is so much personal growth in not just being wrong but admitting you’re wrong.

Let’s look at the example of science and technology.

Most of the greatest scientific discoveries and advancements have been about something being proven wrong. Not by something being confirmed or proved right.

Think about it. And let it sink in.

And think about how slow science would be if it refused to be proved wrong.

Being wrong is something that is heavily understated in personal growth.

And it takes a lot of courage and humility to admit we’re wrong.

Admitting we’re wrong is something that is hard to do for a lot of people. Reasons being are that people like to attach themselves too much to their beliefs whether they’re right or wrong, being wrong is seen as embarrassing, bad, or unintelligent, and people will make it about themselves when they’re wrong.

But we’re wrong all the time!

So, get comfortable being wrong. Realizing you’re wrong is a tremendous learning and growth opportunity. Use it to your advantage!

You won’t become great by just trying to prove you’re right and ignoring or diminishing or refusing when you’re wrong.

2. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Your likelihood of success is linked to your ability and openness to experience negative emotions including discomfort. When you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you build resilience. You’re better able and capable of handling whatever life throws at you and whatever your goals require.

Success and achievement often require negative or not-so-good feeling emotions like courage, acceptance, grit, and persistence.

Problems are going to happen. Failure is going to happen. Achieving all your goals won’t be a piece of cake. It’s just a part of life.

The more that you can accept this and be comfortable with getting uncomfortable and experiencing other negative, but necessary and useful emotions, the better and faster you’ll pull through when things get tough. And even when they don’t, you’re better able at putting yourself out there and doing things that are scary and uncomfortable.

3. Seek more education and knowledge

So many people are just focused on working, and the grind, and the hustle, and doing this and doing that. I can personally relate to this. Our to-do lists can be endless.

The people who truly advance are people who learn constantly. They invest their time in learning and reading. The world’s richest and most successful people do this because they know how important it is and how much it has contributed to their success.

Learning helps you have a better and deeper understanding of yourself, the world, and others around you. The more you learn, the more value you have to give, the more skill you learn, the more you are able to do what you do more efficiently and effectively.

It’s more about what you know and how much you learn and less about how hard you work.

Let’s take an example of two workers. Worker A works really, really hard and for many long hours. Worker B also works hard, but doesn’t work as hard or as long. He invests more time in learning about his work and other things in life so he has discovered a way to automate his work and provide more value and he doesn’t have to work as hard.

Worker A doesn’t have time to learn. He’s too busy getting work done. He believes he already knows everything he has to know to get the work done. So because Worker A has realized a way to work better, faster, more effectively, and efficiently, he still gets more work done than Worker B.

Knowledge and education is everything and I mean everything. Everything that you do and think is because of your knowledge. It’s because of everything that you’ve learned so far in life.

Seek more knowledge and dedicate regular time to constant learning and you will supercharge and speed up your personal growth.

Here are some ideas for skills to learn from home.

4. Always give and overdeliver

I heard about Gary Vee having this rule or game and I absolutely love it.

It’s something like: try to never be the one first one to ask for something.

I love that because most people are always trying to serve themselves and do things that will help them out. But rarely do they ever go out and think, “How can I help someone today?” Or, “How can I give today?”

And when you do this, I want to do this from a place of just wanting to help and give, not for people to like you, not for something in return. Just to help.

We are all in need of something almost all the time, but what if instead of just focusing on how we can help ourselves and reach our goals, we help others out.

Although you shouldn’t expect anything in return, the magic of this is that it will return to you. If you are the kind of person who helps people, people will want to help you too. It’s just the human instinct.

When you are expected to give, overdeliver and exceed expectations.

Of course, it goes without saying, that you should never try to help people at your expense or detriment or just to please them because that’s what being a people pleaser is.

You want to do this just from wanting and being able to give and help. Nothing more.

5. Be realistic

I don’t mean this in the way you’d expect a high school teacher telling students to not dream big. I think you should dream big and set big goals and not limit yourself. What I mean is that it’s so important to be honest with yourself.

And by being honest with yourself, you need to look at the facts. Look at your life and yourself from an objective standpoint. Are you fighting, resisting, or ignoring reality? Are you running away from your problems?

When you are realistic and honest with yourself, you are better able to have clarity and a deeper understanding about yourself.

6. Create your “why”

A why is a reason for your goals. If you already have a “why,” I want you to deepen it. This will deepen and strengthen your connection to your goals. It will give you a purpose to reach your goals.

A good why: I want to get to a healthier weight because I want to look better.

A better why: I want to get to a healthier weight because I want to live longer for the purpose of experiencing life to the fullest extent and watching my kids and grandkids grow up.

7. Keep yourself motivated

Motivation is an emotion and you are in control of your emotions. So that means that you can make yourself more motivated. If you’re not feeling motivated, try to figure out why and change things up a bit.

  • Maybe start your day with a delicious breakfast or a good workout.
  • Clean up and organize your space
  • Play some upbeat music
  • Listen to motivational podcasts (my favorite)
  • Motivational videos
  • Start picking up and reading inspiring books

There are many things you can do to make yourself motivated. Find out what works for you.

8. Get clear on your goals

Most people are very vague about their goals. And even then, most people limit themselves to just certain areas of life and certain goals. They have a vague idea, but they don’t have a clear, detailed picture of everything they want to accomplish in life and the kind of life they want to live and who they want to become.

The more detailed your goals and visions are, the more clarity you will have with your goals. Also, make sure to set deadlines which will push you into action and speed up the process of reaching your goals.

9. Plan it out

Planning has seriously changed my life.

I had always considered myself a “planner” before I really started planning, meaning that I never liked making last-minute plans and I was not spontaneous at all. The problem was that I would just plan out in my head or I’d write it down somewhere and not go back to it. When I planned this way, I would end up missing out on events I wanted to go to or I’d forget to do a task that would make me rush or be forced to put it off and get backlogged with the rest of my to-dos.

I started planning my day out with specific actions in time slots on my calendar and I would revisit it at least daily. This is what you want to do.

Plan out your specific tasks and actions on your calendar into specific dates and timeslots.

It’s not enough to just set goals and write them down. You can still get to your goals that way, but it’ll be much slower.

Planning will supercharge and accelerate your personal growth because you’re less likely to put your goals off to a someday list. Make it easier for yourself and plan everything out ahead of time.

10. Commit

Once you set those plans, you are making commitments to yourself. All you have to do is follow through. You need to treat those plans as if they are scheduled interviews for your dream job or dream life or dream you or that it is a plane you have to catch for your dream vacation.

You wouldn’t plan months in advance an awesome vacation and prepare for it with everything you need for the trip, only to blow it off because you’re tired or you don’t feel like it. Right? You would only do that if there was an emergency or you were physically unable to go.

So why would you do that with your life?

If you did all the points above, you’ve already made the decisions, you’ve already gotten clarity, you’ve already planned everything, you’ve already done the hard work. All you need to do is simply follow through with your commitments.