101 Self Improvement Tips For A Better Life

101 Practical Self-Improvement Tips For A Better Life

Self-improvement and personal development changed my life.

When I got into self-improvement at the young age of 15, my life transformed. Everything got better. I was happier, healthier, more attractive and determined to succeed.

Every successful person I know constantly works on improving themselves and it is an integral part of their life.

Here are 100 of the best self-improvement tips that you can implement today for a better life.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Just pick the tips that resonate with you right now and put them into practice. Think about becoming just a little better every day. Your tiny daily improvements will go a long way and soon compound to massive improvements that will transform your whole life.

Let’s Go.


1. Read A Book Every Day

Books are sources of pure wisdom and they are dirt cheap. You can buy the wisdom of a whole life for 10 or 20 dollars in the form of a book.

Think about it, many of the most successful people in the world set aside time every day to focus on reading. Even Bill Gates reads every day and attributes most of his success to it. If these guys can do it with their time schedule, there really is no excuse why you can’t.

Get into the habit of reading every single day. Set yourself a rule that you will read 30 minutes every day, or one chapter, or 10 pages. Whatever fits you best.

You will quickly go through many books and acquire so much wisdom and knowledge that will lead to a constant stream of inspiration and new ideas.

2. Meditate

Meditation gives you the power to control your life.

I am not kidding when I say that starting to meditate is probably the single best thing I ever did. It is the catalyst that inspired every good decision I made and led me down the path of greatness.

Meditation calms your mind, gives you control over your emotions, makes you happier and sets you up for the daily challenges of life.

It is no coincidence that most of the top CEOs today are avid meditators and attribute a huge part of their success to it. Yes, it is that powerful. Try it for one week. Start meditating for 10 minutes a day and watch your life change in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

3. Wake Up Early

Waking up early is setting yourself up for success and a great day ahead of you. If you are sleeping in every day, hitting the snooze button, and wake up without a consistent schedule, you are falling behind. It is no secret that almost all successful people wake up early. Billionaire Richard Branson is famous for waking up at 5 am.

You might think it makes no difference, whether you wake up at 6 am or at 10 am because you still have the same amount of hours left for the day. But you will quickly notice just how much more effective you are when you wake up early. The days will feel longer. You will achieve more by 9 than you would normally do in a day and some people are just waking up.

And while we are on topic of getting up early, here is another tip that will skyrocket your effectiveness and lead to massive growth.

4. Eat That Frog

So you are getting up early now, but you are still just fucking around watching Youtube videos and doing useless shit. That won’t do you any good. You might as well be better off waking up at 12 but actually getting shit done.

So get in the habit of waking up, priming yourself for success with a good morning routine, and then targeting your most important task for the day immediately. Don’t put it off. Don’t procrastinate like you usually do. Don’t work on things that don’t actually matter.

Focus on the one thing that will get you the most results and will bring you the farthest ahead. Think about one thing, that if you accomplish only that one thing .that day, the day would still be a success. A good book that goes into great detail with this concept and that I highly recommend is The One Thing by Gary Keller.

Usually, that will be the one thing that you really don’t want to do and always put off. Brian Tracy talks about this in his book Eat That Frog. For a writer, that might be writing, for a musician, that might be practicing or composing a song, for a salesperson, that might be doing sales calls. The only solution that you have is to dive straight into that task. Combine this with waking up early and you will transform your whole life in a matter of days.

5. Set Yourself Up For Success With A Morning Routine

You are waking up early, you are going for your one thing that will bring you the most results, but there is one step that you should add in between that will set you up for massive success and that is a morning routine.

Keep it short and effective and don’t overcomplicate it. A good morning routine might be waking up, meditating, writing out your goals, visualizing, doing some light stretches and then getting to work. If you are hardcore, throw in a cold shower and get ready to crush your day.

6. Write Out Your Goals Every day

Too many people wake up without direction. They walk through life aimlessly. Even a lot of people with huge goals just don’t produce anything substantial and the years just keep passing by without anything changing.

I know this from first-hand experience and you might be the same. You go to bed all excited for the next day with all the things you want to accomplish, but once you wake up, you are in a fog and just don’t know what to do anymore.

That is why it is so important to write down your goals for every day. I like to do it in the evening before I go to bed because that is when I have the clearest vision of what I want to accomplish the next day and then I can just wake up and immediately start crushing. You can script out your day or do a simple to-do list. But don’t fall into the trap of writing down mindless tasks and filling up a to-do list that you will go through. Focus on a couple of really important things and number them or rate them. Don’t forget your one thing that you absolutely must accomplish and tackle that first.

And if we are already talking on the topic of goals, here is the next tip …

7. Get Clear On Your Why

Improving yourself and having goals for every day is all nice and super effective, but all of these tips I mention are pretty much useless if you don’t have a clear why.

I am talking about a vision, an end goal, a purpose. Something that gets you up in the morning and makes your balls tingle when you think about it. Something that excites you so much, you can’t do anything but to act on it. This will fuel your everyday actions.

This will probably change with time and you might not exactly know what it is right now, but have something that you are working on. Otherwise, you will just walk aimlessly without a direction and most of your efforts will be futile.

And if you get clear on that, ingrain that goal and that vision in your mind and …

8. Repeat Your Goals Every Single Day

There is something about repeating your goals over and over again and doing affirmations that just works like forbidden magic.

Whether you believe in higher powers, manifesting and the law of attraction, or like to explain things in simple, rational terms, repeating your goals will help you achieve them. Napoleon Hill already talked about this in his massive success book Think And Grow Rich almost a hundred years ago. Repeating your goals strengthens your beliefs and makes you laser-focused on achieving them.

But don’t just stand there and read of some goals. That won’t do anything. Bring emotions into it. Feel and say it, as if it were already real. You might think this is cliche but just try it for a while. Fully buy in and watch your goals slowly but surely unfold in front of you in ways, you couldn’t have imagined.

9. Make A Plan

Once you are clear on what you want, it is time to figure out a plan of how to get there and then executing on that plan. It’s really as simple as that.

Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect or super scientific and business-like, but you need a plan, a roadmap towards your success.

So get clear on what you want, and then develop a detailed plan on what you are going to do and provide to get there. And then act on it with firm belief!

10. Track Your Progress – But Don’t Get Obsessed Over Results

In business and any other endeavor you are taking part in, it is important to know where you are going.

We already established that. That is why you set out clear goals. The next step is to know if you are actually progressing towards your goals.

Once you have your goal, and you have developed a plan to get there, you need to start taking action and then after a while, see if that action is actually leading you closer towards your results. If not, then you need to adjust.

That is why it is so important to keep track of your progress – not just in business, but really with any goal in any area of your life.

One thing that I learned over the years though is to not obsess about every little detail. When something doesn’t work out or go exactly the way you want it to, it doesn’t mean you are failing. Often times, it means the universe has a way better way for you to handle things. Always be open to that possibility.

11. Practice Journaling

I always heard about these powerful important people journaling but never got the appeal of it until I actually tried it.

It is hard to explain but there is just something about journaling that works magically as well. It is as if you have some kind of magic pen with godly powers and anything you write will happen. You start writing and you won’t be able to stop. Magically the pen will just flow and ideas will come to you. You will be able to see clearly.

Journaling gets the weight off your shoulders. It helps you process things and get a new understanding of them. You will also find solutions and ideas to problems and it will happen just by the mere fact of you writing that shit down, instead of obsessing over it in your mind.

12. Start a Gratitude Journal

Hold on, I know what you are thinking, No, you don’t have to buy dozens of notebooks and start a dozen journals. Just combine everything in one notebook and quickly list 5 things you are grateful for in it.

This is actually harder than you think. In the beginning, you will probably only be able to come up with the usual shit like I am grateful that I have food to eat or I am grateful that I am healthy.

But as you go on you will find more and more things that you are grateful for and the act of writing it out will instantly put you in these emotions of gratefulness. The more you focus on the things you are grateful for, the more good things show up in your life.

13. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Every Day

So you want to experience growth and improve yourself but you are trying to do that without doing anything that makes you uncomfortable? Great, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

You need to stop taking the easy road. If you want to grow and become your best self, you will have to start leaving your comfort zone. It is the things that you are avoiding that you need to tackle the most. You will experience the most amount of growth and have the most amount of fun when you leave your comfort zone.

Commit to getting out of your comfort zone every single day. This could be something simple like talking to a stranger on the street. You will soon see that you will experience life in a completely different way than before. You will finally start living.

14. Put In An Hour Each Day Towards Building Your Business

So you want to start a business and escape the rat race? Awesome. With the development of the internet and social media, starting a business has never been easier.

But just because it is easy, doesn’t mean it won’t take hard work. It won’t happen overnight and it most certainly won’t happen by itself. Putting in an hour here and 30 minutes there when you feel like it won’t cut it.

Put in at least one quality hour of hardcore effort into building your business every single day. More is obviously better but it has to be quality effort. No fucking around watching YouTube videos “researching”. Execution is key and it is what will get you from point A to point B.

15. Share Your Gift With The World

If there is one thing you are here in this world for, then it is sharing your gift with the world and fulfilling your purpose. Denying the world of your highest gift is a crime for humanity. Everybody has this special gift or even multiple gifts.

You might not think you have anything worthy to share, or you are afraid to share it, but trust me, you need to do it. This could be in the form of business, contributing value with services or products, or in the form of creative outlets like art.

Either way, share your gift with the world and do it openly. You will get criticized for it. You might be hated for it. You might be loved for it. But none of that matters. The only thing that matters is sharing your gift and giving it all you can.

16. Work On Your Craft Daily

If there is one thing that defines the super successful is that they are masters of their craft. They outwork everyone and spend hours practicing each day.

Whatever is that you are doing, work on improving your craft every day. Become so good, they can not ignore you anymore.

So if you to want to start a business selling websites, you need to work on your web development and sale skills. If you are a musician, you need to practice your instrument. If you are a writer, you need to write every day.

Give yourself an hour of quality practice each day. Don’t half-ass it. Put away your phone, shut down your computer and get to work. But that is only one part of the puzzle, the other is …

17. Study Marketing and Business

If you want to succeed in any endeavor, especially business ventures, you will need to study marketing and business.

Too many people are afraid of marketing and think it is evil. Yet, it is only a tool that you can use to share your gift with as many people as possible.

I know too many great artists, musicians and creative professionals who are beyond great but they lack the business and marketing side of things. Build it and they will come is only partially true. You can make the best music in the world but if nobody knows about it, it won’t get you very far. Learn how to market yourself for success.

18. Visualize Your Perfect Life

Visualizing is a powerful tool that will help you create your dream life. It is pretty simple. Sit or lie down in a quiet space, and start visualizing in great detail what you want to happen. Get a clear vision of your dream life. You can focus on the big picture or a single goal.

Add in as much sensory vividness as you can. Feel it as if it were truly real. The feeling is the key here. Just thinking and visualizing passively isn’t going to cut it. The power lies within you matching the feeling of what you want to happen. How would you truly feel and act if you would attract these huge amounts of money into your life or that house you always wanted?

Visualize it, feel it, and then act from that feeling state of the wish fulfilled.

19. Upgrade Your Programming

Did you know that 95% of your thoughts are subconscious? And they are the same thoughts repeating over and over again? These thoughts are running in the background on autopilot are creating your reality.

They are programs that shape you and make you the person you are today. They are responsible for your habits, actions and ultimately the results you have in your life.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results you have in your life, it is time to upgrade your programming. You are probably running programs that aren’t serving you. Programs that are leading to scarcity, poverty, failures and things you don’t want.

These programs are formed early in your formative years as a child. You observe your parents and the people around you and adopt their programming.

You upgrade your programming with repetition and hypnosis/meditation. Repeating over and over again what you want will create and strengthen new beliefs that will soon turn into programs that will lead you down the road of success.

20. Act As If

Visualizing your goals and your dream life is great. But what about the other 15.5 hours of the day that you fall back into your old paradigms, beliefs and habits?

The key is acting as if. When you visualize your goals as already real, you need to imagine them so vividly that you can actually feel them like reality. Once you get to that point, take that feeling and carry it with you the whole day. Start acting as if what you want has already happened. Start acting like the person you want to be.

Whenever you do something, ask yourself, “How would I act in this situation if I already were the person I wanted to be?” Act from that place. These will be very subtle things. Like your reactions to what others say or do, or external circumstances.

But the more you act as if it already happened, the more the reality around you will change to mirror what you have imagined.

21.  Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that are holding you back from unleashing your full potential and becoming the person you are destined to be.

You come into this life perfect but are then bombarded from outside forces with social conditioning that tells what you can and can not do. Early on, you develop these limiting beliefs that are rooted deep down in your subconscious.

It is one thing to think positively, visualize, install new positive programs and habits, but if you still have deep limiting beliefs, you won’t get to where you want to go.

Think about yourself as a PC. If you have tons of viruses (limiting beliefs) that are slowing down your system, no matter how many new fancy programs you install, your machine won’t run at its fullest potential.

Getting rid of limiting beliefs will supercharge your progress and get you to where you want to be. Meditation, forgiving, journaling and deep inner work are all great methods to let go of limiting beliefs. I have heard good things about the Lefkoe Method of releasing limiting beliefs.

22. Wake Up With A Powerful Morning Mantra

The first thoughts you have when you get out of bed are going to determine the rest of your day. If you wake up and your first thoughts are, “Oh crap, another day …” then you will have just that, another one of your bad days. But if you get out bed and you say to yourself, “This is going to be a great and successful day!” then guess what, you will have a great and successful day.

You might call this woo-woo-science or delusional new age practices, but I don’t care and I’ll tell you why. I have tested this so many times and it never fails me. I started doing this when I was working a crappy job and every day on there was hell. I hated getting out of bed in the morning and my thoughts reflected that. But when I started telling myself the day was going to be amazing, it actually turned out great. I only realized this in hindsight but the only difference was this morning mantra. It is like you are commanding the day to go as you want it to.

23. Revise Your Day

Revision is a tool that will create wonders. It works like magic. Every night before you go to bed, take out your notepad and start revising your day like it was your perfect day.

Change any bad thing that happened and make it how you would have wanted it to happen. Use emotions. Feel it. Expand your imagination and really feel as if the day happened like you wanted it to happen.

You will see just how wonderful revisioning works.

24. Surround Yourself With The Right People

Your environment is affecting you a lot more than you think. Especially the people around you. The saying You are the average of the five people around you is very much true. If most of the people you hang out with are negative types, meaning they always complain, and criticize you, try to drag you down, it will affect you. If the people you hang out with are all broke or average earners that hate their jobs, chances are you will be somewhere on the same spectrum.

On the other hand, if the people you hang out with are rich and successful, even if you aren’t yet, it will brush off on you and they will lift you up to their standard. I experienced that first-hand when I was growing up in my small town, where all the people were living in this sort of bubble. Everybody was negative and belittling any sort of success or dreams someone might have. It was very hard to keep the drive and motivation to keep moving forward. When I finally moved to a bigger city, I instantly connected with like-minded individuals that were often times a lot more successful than me, and I quickly got up to their level, just by associating with them.

25. Cut Out Negative People

Negative people are the worst. They are constantly complaining about their shitty lives and try to keep you down with them. Any step you do towards a better life is criticized and belittled. They will ruin you in the long run. Cut them out of your lives. I don’t care if all the people you know are negative. Even if that means you will be alone for a certain time. That doesn’t matter. In fact, that is even better. You can focus on improving yourself and working towards your goals.

Trust me, you will soon attract the right people in your life, that want to grow with you and actually have similar interests. It was the same for me. All the people in my environment were negative. Every single one of them. I just stopped tolerating that reality even though that meant I would be alone for a while. It is not the end. You will find the right people that you will actually love to be around.

26. Find A Mentor

Having a mentor can skyrocket your success in any given area and save you years of struggle and hard work. A mentor is someone who has been through it already. He has already made all the mistakes and negative experiences and he is where you want to be.

You will get insights into what habits and behaviors make this person successful. Just associating with him and being in his close environment will brush off on you and you will become more successful. Go out and join clubs of successful people or go to networking events. Reach out to people in your area. Offer value. Don’t just try to leech off of them.

What do you do if you can’t find a mentor? Get on YouTube, buy a book or buy a course or an online coach that can help you get to where you want to be. There are plenty of successful people online who share their advice with your for free.

27. Keep Note Of Your Ideas

I strongly believe that every person has ideas that can be life-changing. And not just one, but many. I have ideas for new things every day. You probably do, too.

The problem is, if you don’t act on them immediately, you will forget them. Tell me, has it ever happened to you, where you had such a strong idea that you absolutely wanted to execute on, but you just didn’t have time right away? Now, this can be an excuse but often times, you legitimately don’t have time and simply want to do it later. But then later comes and you don’t have a clue what your idea was. Sometimes you are lucky, and you remind yourself of the idea but other ideas are lost for eternity.

The solution is simple. From now on, write down every single idea in a notebook or use a digital notebook like Evernote. Even ideas that you think are absolutely crazy or out of this world, or you would never know how to execute on them. WRITE THEM DOWN! Don’t skip them. You never know, when you will need them. After all, it only takes one simple idea to change your entire life.

28. Take Risks

Taking risks makes you feel alive. And often times, what you want is associated with risks – big risks. You will have to take some huge risks to go after your dreams and get what you want. Whether it is a business you want to start, quitting your job and following your passion or going and asking out that cutie on the street.

If you feel inspired to do something, and your heart tells you to do it but your brain comes up with all the risks and doubts – jump straight in. I am not telling you there is a guarantee that you will succeed or win or everything will be fine. But I firmly believe that it is the right path – if it feels inspired.

Even if you fail – which will happen a lot – you will learn to catch yourself. You will be grateful that you took that risk and made that experience. Because you are stronger for it. You have grown and learned what you can do better next time. You have experienced a new facette of life. Just jump in and let life guide you. You will arrive where you need to arrive.

There are other, “more scientific” benefits to taking risks too, like increased testosterone, more assertiveness, increased confidence and attraction to women.

29. Always Give 110%

What differentiates the super successful from the ones they leave behind in the shadow is their willingness and their ability to go the extra mile. You need to start committing to always give your best in every situation. But here is the thing. Your best is way more than you think it is. You probably stop shy of 80% of your best. You aren’t even reaching your 100. And when you reach your 100%, you need to go even further and overcome your limitations to ascend to the next level.

I know what you will say. “But Dan, 110% is not possible.” Make it possible. Define a new limit for yourself. Your only limitation is your mind. If you think you need to stop and you can’t go any further, you will be right. But if you think and truly believe that you can go further, your mind will find a way. It is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Learn to use it and overcome your limitations. You will reach new heights you have never thought possible. Whether it is working out, hustling or any other activity where you might need to push yourself. Do it. Always give 110%.

30. Produce Value

Do you want to be rich and wealthy? I have the key for you right here. It is giving value.

Success and business really all boils down to this. Producing and giving value.

The more value you give, the more you receive in return. The more problems you can solve, the more you earn. The bigger the problem you can solve, the bigger the paycheck you receive.

It doesn’t only work in terms of business and getting rich though. This should be something that you seek to do in every interaction you have. From now on with every interaction you have, ask yourself, “How can I give value to this person?“.


31. Optimize Your Diet

You won’t believe what kind of effect diet will have over your life. I would argue that it might be the single most important factor that decides over the quality of your life. Your diet will control the way you feel, look and function in this world.

A bad diet will screw up your health, which will lead to you feeling terrible and not having the energy to grab life by the balls. A bad diet can lead to mental disorders, depression, fatigue, all sorts of health problems, being too fat or too skinny, erectile dysfunction, heart disease and all sorts of things.

A good diet will clear up all those problems and get you back on track. It will eliminate that brain fog that you probably aren’t even aware of. It will make you see and think clearly and it will get your mood back to where it supposed to be naturally, a state of bliss. Your energy will skyrocket and you will suddenly have the power to take on any challenge that comes your way. The aura and presence you give off will change. You will start to emanate an aura that attracts people and pulls them towards you.

There is no perfect diet and no one size fits all approach that fits everyone. Mainstream nutrition is totally missing the point and slowly killing us. Most “healthy diets” aren’t better though. Paleo, veganism, vegetarianism, high carb, low carb. You name it, I tried them all. And they are all missing crucial points. Finding the right diet is far more complex and individual than simply leaving out carbs, or fats or following a dietary cult. And yet, it is actually far more relaxed and easy than you might think. The health archives on this blog are a good start for you.

32. Optimize Your Sleep

Good sleep is vital for your energy levels. If you are tired and your sleep sucks, you will have difficulty to find the energy to go and get what you really want. You will be more stressed, your testosterone levels will be lower, your muscles won’t grow, you will gain weight a lot more easily and the more you go on with this, the more health problems you will get. Ever noticed how your days just feel off if you haven’t gotten enough sleep? You have trouble focusing and your brain fog eliminates any value you could produce. You won’t be the best and most effective version of yourself if your sleep sucks.

And I am not talking about just quantity. I am also talking about quality. 6 hours of quality sleep trump 10 hours of crappy sleep each time. Sure, having a nice 7 to 9 hours every night is definitely valuable, but also focus on optimizing your actual sleep. Develop a good sleeping hygiene. This starts with a bedtime routine (e.g. meditation, stretching, reading) and involves things like sleeping in a pitch black room, with the right temperatures. The right times are also critical. You should sleep with the cycles that are natural for the human body. Go to sleep when the sun goes down (e.g. 9 – 10 pm) and wake up when the sun rises again (around 6 am). Of course, these are just guidelines. I suck at sticking to them too because I just love going out at night talking to women and socializing. But when I do, it makes a whole lot of a difference in the quality and performance of my work, my workouts and regeneration.

33. Optimize Your Hormones

Hormones are truly king when it comes to your body. I would go as far as saying that your hormonal profile shapes all of your life experience. People who grow up with an optimal hormonal profile tend to develop into confident, strong, naturally attractive, outgoing, charismatic and healthy people. People with suboptimal hormonal profiles often have all sorts of problems, including health problems, suboptimal bodily development, are more shy and depressed and see life in a totally different way.

Trust me, hormones are more powerful than you think. Did you ever wonder why some people just naturally are more outgoing, attractive and healthy than others? Sure, it has to do with their upbringing and all of that, but hormones play a key role in that. Ever wondered why some people just naturally build muscles without gaining fat and easily build an aesthetic and pleasant to look at physique, while others are wasting away at the gym for years, “doing everything right” and yet they still look unimpressive? The answer is hormones.

In particular, I like focusing on testosterone and thyroid. Thyroid is like the mother hormone. If that is messed up, all your other bodily functions will be messed up as well. Testosterone is the hormone that makes you a man. A high testosterone level will naturally take care of things like social anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, attraction with women and all the other stuff that plagues most of modern, effeminate men. Focus on optimizing your hormones and your life will change.

34. Supplement Your Nutrition

Although the bulk of your calories and nutrients should come from real food and a healthy diet, supplements are great to fix nutrient deficiencies and improve your health.

The truth is our food is mostly devoid of any real nutrients and with all the crap in our environment, we are constantly ingesting bad stuff our bodies aren’t designed to handle.

To combat that, there is no other way than getting some good supplements that take care of all your nutrient needs that your diet is missing.

Not all supplements are created equal though. Most are full of shit and don’t even get me started on bodybuilding supplements. I wrote a whole article on the lies of the supplement industry.

Some basic supplements that I recommend everybody to take are:

35. Use Natural Personal Care Items

Not only our food is screwed up with chemicals and nasty stuff that our bodies were never meant to process. Most of the stuff you use on a daily basis like your shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving products, and all other personal care items are stuffed with chemicals that disrupt your bodies natural awesomeness while creating a suboptimal state of stress, disease and ultimately make you sick. They destroy your hormonal profile, lower your testosterone and turn you into a weak wimp.

Throw out all the chemical laden products you have and replace them with good and healthy natural alternatives. If you don’t want to spend the money on the good stuff, you can easily make those products yourself. There are plenty of tutorials out there for DIY natural toothpaste, deodorant and more.

36. Stay Hydrated

Your body needs water to function properly and survive. If you are dehydrated, all the complex processes in your body won’t run optimally and you will be running into problems like low energy, depression, fatigue, skin and hair problems among others. Giving your body the right amount of water it needs is key and should be one of the things you have on point every day. Especially if you spend a lot of time in hot weather or work out a lot, your body will need enough water to replenish what it has lost.

There are no set guidelines of how much water you should consume daily and opinions differ. The general consensus is drink until your urine is clear or slightly yellow which is optimal. If it is dark yellow, then you are dehydrated. Don’t go around drinking gallons though. Been there, done that. It will do your body more harm than good. Not only will you be pissing every 5 minutes, but you will disrupt your body again. Balance is key. Don’t forget that you get water through a lot of foods as well. Experiment a little until you find the right amount of water for you to stay perfectly hydrated.

37. Be Active Every Day

Everybody knows about the countless benefits of exercising already so I’ll keep this brief. Exercising energizes you, reduces stress, and makes you fit and healthy. So make sure you are active every single day.

There shouldn’t be a single day that goes by where you aren’t active in some form. This doesn’t have to be rigorous strength training although you should work out regularly. This can be anything that gets you moving like sex, running, stretching, corrective exercise, or walking which is one of my favorites because it always gives me clarity and the best ideas.

Point is, be active and get moving every day.

38. Improve Your Posture

Improving Your Posture Affects All Areas Of Your Life

Bad posture isn’t only unattractive, but it is ruining your life, your health, your energy levels and is slowly but surely destroying your body. In our modern day world, where most of us are sitting around in front of computers, smartphones, and TVs for hours every day, bad posture is almost inevitable. The only thing you can do is actively work against it. Identify your postural dysfunctions and start doing some simple stretching and strengthening routines that will effectively correct your postural problems over time and give you new life.

You will feel rejuvenated, energized and vital. Your pains, aches and a lot of problems, you probably didn’t even relate to bad posture will go away. You will become more attractive, and once again strengthen and develop that presence and aura that pulls others towards you. I have written guides on how to correct your posture, how to correct anterior pelvic tilt and how to correct posterior pelvic tilt. More groundbreaking posture related articles will follow soon.

39. Take Care Of Your Feet

Your feet are the base of your body and affect all of its alignment. They are carrying all your weight every day and if they are out of alignment, other parts of your body will be misaligned too and take up a lot more beating than they should.

The problem is, with our modern footwear, our feet are getting destroyed and misaligned by the minute. The solution are myofascial massages to loosen up your feet, corrective exercises, the proper barefoot shoes and correct toes which will help you realign your feet to their natural position.

40. Do Myofascial Release

In today’s day and age, our bodies are constantly exposed to wear and tear. We do not use our bodies as nature intended. Instead, we sit on our asses all day and spent the rest of the time operating in suboptimal movement patterns. Our bodies get used to that and create certain “knots” or trigger points in your muscles and fascia. Releasing these knots will restore a lot of your alignment, help your body regenerate faster and move better and will lead to a better and healthier body in the long run.

You can release these knots with myofascial release. This is a practice where you use a foam roller or at advanced stages even a lacrosse ball, and release these tight spots by rolling over them in a methodological fashion. I recommend the Functional Patterns 10-Week-Program which is a great resource to restoring your posture that includes a lot of effective myofascial release exercises.

41. Get A Standing Desk

A big thing that will make your body a lot healthier is a standing desk. I know, you probably hear it a lot and by now it seems like an expensive gimmick but trust me, it is not.

Sitting is the new smoking might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but sitting is definitely hurting you a lot more than you think, especially in the quantities we do it nowadays. We basically spend our whole day sitting and barely move anymore. Sitting kills your posture, weakens your glutes and shortens your hip flexors producing all kinds of nasty postural problems like anterior pelvic tilt or kyphosis. These things will come and get you and they are definitely preventing you from being your best version. An easy fix that keeps you a lot more active and has a ton of health benefits is a standing desk. Alternating between sitting and standing, and taking frequent breaks to move around are a good way to avoid any of the issues that usually come with prolonged working hours.

42. Learn How To Shit Correctly

I’ve got news for you. You have been taking a crap wrong and you probably have been doing it your whole life. The truth is, modern toilets have only been a standard for about a little over a hundred years or so and our bodies aren’t designed to defecate in this position. It leads to lots of ailments like trouble defecating, hemorrhoids, erectile dysfunction and lots and lots of more problems. Our bodies are designed to take a shit while squatting down. This will ensure proper alignment of the gastrointestinal tract and help you eliminate a lot easier without any strain.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Dan, how the fuc* do I  do this?” Alright, alright, I got you. You obviously don’t have to go out and take a dump in your backyard. Some pretty clever folks have already thought about this and probably made massive bank with their simple, yet genius invention of a Squatty Potty. Or you could just build one yourself …

43. Block The Harmful Blue Light

Blue light is slowly destroying you without you even noticing it exists. Now, that might seem like an exaggeration, but it is fact that too much blue light exposure, especially at night, will disrupt your sleep and negatively affect your circadian rhythm. As you know, sleep is vital for your health and energy levels and getting good and restful sleep will ensure you will have all the power you need to dominate your day. On top of that, sleep is the time were your damaged muscles recover slowly transforming you into the Greek god you are supposed to be, and important hormones like testosterone are produced. You definitely do not want to mess with your sleep so limit your blue light exposure. Easy, right?

Well, there is one problem. Blue light is fucking everywhere and in the world, we live in, you likely won’t be able to get away with it. If you are like most people and you work on your computer or you simply browse online well into the night, then I can guarantee you that your sleep will suffer. The solution is this one handy app called f.lux that automatically filters out the blue light depending on the time of the day. Get yourself a similar app for your phone or use Apples built-in Nightshift feature if you are on iPhone. Another way to go the extra mile are blue light blocking glasses.

44. Do Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient practice where you take up a spoonful of high-quality oil and swish it up your mouth for 20 minutes. I know, sounds gross but is actually really effective. Oil pulling might be the best thing you can do for your oral health. It pulls out all the toxins and bad bacteria in your mouth, strengthens and remineralizes your teeth and gums, prevents and reverses gum disease and cavities, reliefs jaw pain, heals dry lips and eliminates bad breath. But there are more supposed benefits that affect your whole body. The theory is that your mouth is connected to every part of your body so doing oil pulling will affect all of your body too and might have benefits in terms of better hair, skin, nails, digestion or even energy and mood levels.

I recommend you use organic and fresh sesame oil which is supposed to be the most effective. You can use extra virgin coconut oil as well but I don’t do well with coconut oil in general. Use a spoonful of oil and rigorously swish it around your mouth for about 20 months. I recommend doing it while showering and getting ready in the morning so you don’t waste any extra time on it. Once you are finished, do not swallow it! It will be full of toxins. Instead, spit it out in the trash! Don’t spit it out in the sink as it will clog it up.

45. Breathe Deeply

What if I told you that most people breathe wrong? You would probably think I am kidding but I am totally serious. Most people never even think about their breathing. The stresses of modern day life, postural dysfunctions and bad habits lead people to shallow breathing patterns.

A healthy breath is done by quietly inhaling through your nose, your whole rib cage and belly expanding, and then quietly exhaling through your nose again.

No, hyperventilating. No shallow breathing. Calm and deep breaths.

You will find that breathing deeply helps you relax and calms your mind. It also improves your energy levels and general health.

BONUS TIP: Whenever you find yourself in uncomfortable or stressful situations, take note of your breathing. You will likely breathe very shallow. Calm your breathing down and notice how you relax and start taking control of the situation again.

46. Grow Your Face

You might think you are born with your face and it is all genetics but I’ve got news for you. BIG NEWS! Your face is the way it is because of the habits and nutrition of the modern world.

Today, more and more people are running around with collapsed faces and malocclusion. The reason for this is complex and I will write tons of detailed articles on this in the future, but for now, keep in mind to have your mouth closed at all times, breath through your nose, even at night (tape it shut if you need to), chew tons of hard stuff to workout your jaw and keep the tongue on the roof of your mouth. Having good posture, lots of sleep and a healthy diet will help, too.

This will at least prevent your face from collapsing further and in theory, although very slowly, will grow your face and turn it into what God wanted it to be – a healthy, attractive and beautiful face, with a bright perfect smile, a defined jawline, popping cheekbones and hollow cheeks that just gets panties wet. This is actually my life’s project and I will write more on this in the future. We are working on permanently and fully fixing and reversing this. For now, check out this educating lecture by Dr. Mike Mew:



47. Start Exercising Regularly

We all sit on our asses way too much every day. It is unhealthy and not our natural way to live. Working out and activity will energize and strengthen your body and give you back your vitality. You will look better, become more in tune with your body and become a lot more comfortable in your own skin. Working out also benefits your mind and makes you smarter. It is an essential part of life that you should follow at all costs.

If you aren’t working out in any way shape or form yet, start taking it slow. Moving your body every day is key. Go for regular walks, or ride your bicycle. Having lots of sex is great, too. Eventually, you should join a gym and start to follow a regular workout routine that will shape and strengthen your body and develop a physique, that you and the women around you will love. You will carve your body into the machine that it was supposed to be. You will feel like a million bucks. The dudes around you will respect you. Women will drool over it. Start with the 7 golden exercises to build a muscular and aesthetic physique.

48. Start Lifting Weights

Most dudes who are reading this want to be more attractive to women and build a nice physique.

Here is the thing. If you want a nice, muscular and aesthetic physique, you need to start a workout routine and start lifting weights.

There is no way around this. No running, cardio or dieting will put huge slaps of muscles on you, that will really make your physique stand out. You need weights and machines and classic bodybuilding strength training for that.

So get on a correct workout routine. Start lifting weights regularly. Get stronger and build the physique of your dreams. It will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life.

If you are only getting started with working out, our Fitness Guides should be a good place to begin your journey towards godly aesthetics.

49. Work Out Intuitively

Too many people these days think there is only one way to train to get results. The “scientific way”.

Yet, you see to many small guys walking around the gym training “perfectly” like all the YouTube gurus tell them to train and they are still small.

I used to be like that, too. But what I have found is that the scientific way isn’t the best. There is only one way to train and that is the one that works for you.

So train intuitively. Vary the rep ranges, the ranges of motions and see what works best for you. Don’t just train all 5×5 max weight on bench, squats and deads because some guy on the internet said it was the right way to train for naturals.

I trained the “right way” for years. Perfect form. Heavy. Progressive overload. And I still didn’t have my results. Once I started training like a traditional bodybuilder with high reps and shorter ranges of motions, really contracting, isolating and feeling the muscles is when I got the results I wanted.

50. Focus On The Body Parts Other People Neglect

You know what is really impressive. A dude with a well-developed physique where everything fits.

The things most people lack is calves (guilty), forearms, traps, and a huge neck. These body parts are always visible and if you have developed them, they instantly turn you into a slayer.

Yeah I know, the size of your calves, forearms and the like are hugely influenced by your genetics, but never let genetics be an excuse.

If you actually start training them, like any other body part, frequently and with high volume, you will see that you can still make a lot of progress.

People never even think about training the neck because they think it is purely genetic. But yet I found that it is hugely responsive to some simple training and it makes a big difference in how attractive and big you look.

A Strong And Thick Neck Makes You A Lot More Attractive

51. Start A Training Log

A workout journal might be the most useful and important tool I have ever found to build an impressive phyisque and constantly progess in my workout journey.

Huge dudes like Brandon Carter swear by it.

A workout journal is a journal where you record everything about your training. I am talking about routines, exercises, variations, rep ranges, rest intervals, weights used etc. You can even go further (which I recommend) and track sleep times, mood and what you eat.

With such a training log, you will be able to see if you have actually progressed or not, and if so, what routines, exercises etc have corresponded with your progress.

As I said, with any goal you have, you need to track your progress. What you can measure, you can improve. Progress doesn’t mean you have to constantly use heavier weights. As I said, I used to be all about that and that was all I cared about but I was brainwashed by the fitness industry. Progress is what is important to you. If you want to look good naked and develop an aesthetic physique, then track the progress of your weight, body fat, but most importantly use pictures and actually measure the size of your muscles. That is the best way to see if you are actually progressing.


52. Dress For Success

People judge you on the way you look. Nobody wants to admit it but it’s true. Most people can instantly see what kind of person you are by the way you dress. Sloppy and irresponsible people who do not have their shit together dress poorly. Successful people, confident people, rebels, dress with a sense of style.

It’s not only about other people either. When you start dressing better and stepping out of your comfort zone, you will feel more confident in yourself. You will feel a lot more comfortable in your own skin. Why wouldn’t you do anything that allows you to feel better? Dressing well is a big part of it.

Some simple rules you need to follow are buying clothes that fit and accentuate your body, and mainly sticking to a simple wardrobe. Nothing too over the top, trendy and no hypebeast-nothing. A simple fitted shirt with skinny jeans, nice shoes and a clean watch will make you look better than 99% of the guys out there.

53. Develop Your Own Style

Dressing well is awesome and a big step in the right direction, especially if you have been dressing like shit before. But it is only the first step to really master the game of style. The real key is in developing your own unique style. That style will be a reflection of who you really are. It will reflect your passions and your character and make you unique and stand out while still looking damn good. Women will love it. Dudes will think you are cool.

That is something that nobody can really teach you. The best thing you can do is a) figuring out what works and looks good in terms of style and then b) emulating and copying people who inspire you. Your own personal style is something that will develop and evolve over the years so don’t try to go out and force anything. Simply let it come to you and develop naturally.

54. Get A Damn Haircut

Too many people are walking around with rats nests on their head. They have never even given thought about their hair. Yet it is probably the biggest and most important thing that will influence your attractiveness that you truly have control over. A good haircut can make you go from unattractive and invisible to a sex magnet. This is just as mandatory as having a good style, grooming and working out. These things can really take you up the attractiveness scale.

I experienced the power of hair firsthand. I have always been someone who took care of his hair but lately, I’ve been growing it out long. Especially during the awkward phase of growing it out, people just weren’t treating me the same as when I was perfectly groomed with a nice haircut. The first impression you give off with a bad haircut just isn’t good.

You won’t go wrong with any of the popular cuts that have been in trend for the last couple of years. Go to a good barber and tell him what you want or ask him what he recommends. Your face shape will be a huge determining factor on what haircut will actually suit you.

55. Take Care Of Your Grooming

Grooming is the last piece of the style puzzle. You got nice fitting clothes, you have gotten yourself a nice haircut that fits your face, now you need take care of the rest of your grooming. Grow out a nice beard if you can and take care of it, clean up your eyebrows, manscape, shower regularly, brush your teeth and avoid bad breath, take care of your skin, use some sort of deodorant and get yourself a nice ladykiller fragrance. You are now all set and presentable to conquer the world. Not only will others see you in a new, positive way and treat you a lot better, but you will also feel a lot better about yourself which will really go a long way.


56. Start An Online Business

Making money has never been easier than it is in our day and age. The internet has gifted us all the ability to make good money doing something you enjoy. If you want to go a step further, you can become rich. It is all a matter of how much effort you are willing to put in. But at the end of the day, starting an online business will be the best thing you will do in your life. An online business gives you the freedom to make money on your terms. The internet never sleeps so you will be making money while you sleep as well. You can scale your business and go from working a dead-end job you hate to financial abundance doing something you actually enjoy.

The top online businesses to start in 2018 are:

  • Shopify Dropshipping
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Starting A Profitable Blog
  • Building and monetizing your personal brand (e.g. YouTube, Instagram, Blogs etc.)

57. Sell Stuff That You Don’t Need

Everybody has stuff around their house that they don’t need. Often times, we buy things we don’t need and stay attached to them for whatever reason. Instead of getting rid of them, or even better, giving them away or selling them, we keep them and tell ourselves excuses that we might one day need them. Bullshit. You know deep down, that you will never use that thing that you stache away. Take a day to list all of your things on eBay and bank on them. Use that money to reinvest in yourself. Invest in books, knowledge, courses, good food, supplements, a gym membership, nice clothes or your business.

People complain about money but they don’t realize that it exists in abundance. I remember being broke and not having money to eat. I didn’t know where I would get the money from but when you mobilize all possible resources, you will find that you always find ways to make money, even if it means selling stuff which is exactly what I did. When you start and commit to this process, and see things from the true mindset, that nothing is ever lost and you can use the money that you gain by selling stuff you don’t need, on things you actually need, you will start seeing plenty of stuff that you can sell that you do not need and haven’t thought about before.

58. Do Not Buy Things That You Don’t Need

A huge wealth killer that broke people are guilty of, is buying things that you don’t need. The masses do it. It is what makes them poorer and the wealthy richer and richer by the day. Whenever you buy something, ask yourself, “Do I really need it?” If the answer is no, don’t buy it. From now on, only buy things that you truly need. Only buy new clothes when you need them. Don’t go around shopping and buy every single thing that catches your eye. You don’t need that new shirt or these new trendy shoes. Especially not, because it is fucking stupid to spend $300 bucks on shoes if you aren’t rich already. They won’t make you any cooler either.

Use all the money you earn to truly invest in yourself. You will be able to gain knowledge and then reinvest that into assets that produce money and make you financially independent. When I first got a job after school to save up for my business, I never spent a dime because I knew I would invest all of it into something greater. I was tempted constantly to buy things like a new phone, or new clothes or whatever. But I didn’t. And I was right. I ended up needing all the money I could get and even more. Yet, all the people that I was working with, were living paycheck to paycheck spending money on the newest gadgets or stupid stuff like $100 on a fucking T-Shirt that they only bought, to impress someone – which obviously isn’t effective. Don’t buy things that you don’t need. Period.

59. Live Below Your Means

Even with the things you absolutely need, live below your means. Don’t blow money on eating out or buying expensive food. You can live off of so little every week, just by buying the cheaper brands and cooking for yourself. People blow hundreds of dollars on food or eating out every month that they could invest in their business. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on eating healthy. In fact, you will actually find that it is not only very possible to eat healthy and give your body fuel to build muscle at a budget, but unhealthy things are actually often times a lot more expensive than the healthy alternatives.

Do you need a new pair of jeans? Don’t go and blow a 100 bucks on some designer brand. You can find decent jeans for 30 to 40 dollars. The only thing that matters is the way they fit. If they fit and you look good and take care of yourself, your outfit will look good. The brand or price tag do not matter.

You need a new phone? Don’t go out and get yourself the latest and greatest phone. Today, all the phones can do pretty much the same thing anyway. You shouldn’t play fancy games only the latest flagship model can perform anyways. Save some money and go with the budget option and use that until it dies. No need to upgrade either way. You can get all the phones in the world without worry when you are financially abundant. But for now, forget about anything that doesn’t have a purpose and brings you more money.

60. Set Yourself A Budget And Plan Your Finances

Planning your finances and working with set budgets goes a long way. If you don’t do that, you will never actually have a clue how much money you need on a weekly/monthly basis to survive, and you will be spending money blindly. A couple dollars here, a couple dollars there. If you plan out your finances, work out how much money you need each month on your rent, food, phone bill, gym membership, insurance etc. you will have a clear understanding of what you can and can not spend money on. You will see exactly how much it is you need each month and be able to go from there. Cut out all the useless things you don’t like unnecessary subscriptions as well, like we already discussed in the point above. This is also especially important with food. Just for health benefits alone, you should have a general meal and diet plan, but also calculate exactly what you need for food and don’t waste money on expensive food brands.

61. Save At Least 10% Of Your Income

Sooner or later, tough times will come. Maybe you will start a business and things will go south, or something unexpected happens in your family or with your health, or your house and you will need some extra money to survive. It happens to the best of us. That is when you will benefit from a nice pile of money, that you saved up for moments like these. So from now, save at least 10% of your income. The more the better. Of course, just saving money isn’t necessarily the best option, so use some to invest in assets and cash producing investments. But for now, especially if you do not have experience with investing or business yet, just save as much money as you can each month. This shouldn’t be a problem when you start living below your means and you stop blowing money on useless shit. Trust me, it might save your ass one day. It did for me. Worst case, you will have some extra cash to burn lying around someday.

62. Avoid Debt At All Costs

Never go into debt. If you are in debt you are not free. If you live without debt you are actually free to do whatever you want to do.

Don’t buy stupid shit, live below your means, set yourself a budget, plan your finances and actively work at creating a business that prints money and debt should never be a problem.

Going into debt because of everyday things or shiny object syndrome is stupid. Debt can be a legit thing in business or investing but that is a totally different story and you will get there once you are ready. But for now. Avoid debt at all costs.

63. Invest Your Money Into Cash Producing Assets

Instead of buying shit you don’t need to impress people you do not really care about, invest some of the money that you should have left over at the end of the month, if you follow these tips, into cash producing assets.

I am talking about real assets. Obviously, you will need to educate yourself about what you are going to invest in. So do that. No excuses. Read up on possibilities. Study them. And then invest wisely.

I always say your own business is your biggest asset. And while that is true and you should definitely pump a lot of time and money into your main business, it is also a good idea to diversify your income streams and invest into other forms of passive income.

Dating & Relationships

64. Learn The Fundamentals Of Game And Attraction

I hope this is not new to you but traditional “dating” is dead. It has never really worked anyway.

Ever wondered why some guys just get the girls and you are always left alone?

It is not about looks, money or status. Although, these things are powerful and can help improve your romantic situation.

The most powerful and only weapon you ever need to master your dating life and get an abundance of girls is game. The science of attraction.

Learn the fundamentals of game. Learn how girls think and operate on an emotional basis. Learn the science of female psychology. Combine learning game with self-improvement and you are golden. You will swim in girls. But learning and improving yourself is not enough. You actually have to …

65. Go Out And Talk To Women

There are very few things that will make you grow as a man as much as going out and approaching women. Whenever I talk to a dude, the biggest problem they struggle with most of the time, is attracting the opposite sex. Most men grow up without a lot of experience and guidance from a masculine role model, so they are frustrated chumps who do not know how to deal with women. It is a huge problem for them and it is a bigger problem than some people might think. You definitely have to tackle that.

How do you do that? You go out and approach women. You will be scared at first. Everyone is scared at first. I was. But that is because nobody is doing it. Not even the guys who are good with women. What will be painful now will turn into one of the most rewarding things you will have ever done in your life. You will never experience as much growth as when you go out and tackle your inner demons, and you approach that cutie that you see on the street instead of going about your day regretting not talking to her. If you go out and approach women, you will overcome your social anxiety and build an inner confidence, and a charisma that women just love and need in their lives because there are so few men left, that are confident and grounded in their masculine presence.

66. Talk To Everyone You See

Talking to everyone you see is one of the best tips I can give you if you want to improve your social skills, make lots of new connections and friends, and become a more attractive and social person. It will get you over the fear and anxiety of approaching strangers and will make you seem like a god to outsiders.

I know this seems scary and overwhelming. How could you possibly start conversations with all of these random people you meet? Here is the trick. Just say what is on your mind.

Do not think about starting conversations. Simply let people into your inner world. When you walk down the street and you see an old lady and you think her dog is cute, say, “Cute Dog.”.

Forget asking yourself what to talk about or how to start a conversation. Immediately say what is on your mind without applying any filters.

Practice this and you will soon develop a godly state where you can magically talk to anybody.

67. Give Genuine Compliments

You know what people are most obsessed with? Themselves. That is right. If you take this knowledge and stop thinking about yourself but instead the other person, you will have all the power and the social dynamics will shift in your favor.

How can you achieve this? Give compliments. But not any stereotypical compliments. Real, genuine compliments.

From now on, with every person you talk to, observe them, be mindful, and then think about a genuine compliment. You will be amazed how you will not only start making other peoples days but also a hell of a lot of new friends.

68. Treat People Better

It is the golden rule and people do not give it enough credit. Most of us, including me, often times ignore it. But it is true. Treat people like you would want to be treated.

Give people what they need in life. Help them ascend and get out of the living hell most people are in. Help them understand the principles of a happy, peaceful life and teach them the principles of success. Give. Give. Give. And most of all, don’t lash out, judge or do bad onto others … because it will come back and haunt you.

69. Hold Eye Contact Like A Boss

You know what makes people hugely attractive and charismatic. Strong eye contact game. Looking people into the eyes without fear, anxiety, worry or any tension will transform your interactions and instantly make you more charismatic and attractive.

Strong eye contact shows that you are comfortable in your own skin. It also shows that you are listening and are in the here and now. Eye contact also makes your words stand out a lot more and people will start listening to what you have to say.

Now, don’t go out there and stare down every person you see on the street. Don’t force it. Make it natural. Oh, and don’t forget to blink.

70. Increase Your Masculine Energy

Your masculine energy is the very core of who you are as a man. It defines you. It shapes you. It attracts the feminine. Do you want to feel your natural masculine energy coursing through your veins? Maybe you have a date coming up or want to spark up your sex life. Maybe you want to win more at life. Things like working out, doing martial arts, NoFap, lots of sex are going to raise your masculine energy for sure. But these are things you should be doing either way.

The biggest thing that will make or break your masculine energy is you penetrating the world. You going all out and going for what you want, your purpose, your goal, your dream, regardless of the external circumstances is automatically going to turn you into a man who is full of masculine energy and you will pull the things you need and want into your life by fully committing to that path. Read The Way Of The Superior Man for more on the topic of masculine and feminine energy.

71. Work Out Your Sexuality

Most people are uncomfortable with their sexuality. Social conditioning, parents, religion and negative experiences have repressed sexuality. The truth is, wanting to have sex, lots of it, is perfectly fine, healthy and encouraged. You should have lots of sex. Good sex. Amazing mindblowing sex. But most people are so out of touch with their sexuality, especially men, that they not only have trouble finding sexual partners, but they suck at it, too.

You need to increase your sexuality and take steps to become a better lover and unleashing the powerful sex god that is already resigning in you right now. Quitting porn and NoFap are good first steps, taking care of your body, eating healthy and optimizing your testosterone are amazing, too. Improving your posture and building a strong, attractive physique are amazing as well. All these things have a bigger impact on your sexual performance than you think and things like NoFap and NoPorn will get you more in touch with your sexuality.

Changing your mindset is a big one. Going from a sex is bad mindset and a wanting approval and wanting to please mindset, to a more open-minded and wanting to enjoy pleasure for the sake of it mindset. Doing kegels and reverse kegels to workout and balance your pelvic floor will improve your sexual performance. Point being, most people suck at sex and have a negative attitude towards it. Work on improving it and becoming the natural sex god you are supposed to be.


72. Quit A Bad Habit

At the end of the day, your life is really just the sum of your habits. If you have tons of bad habits, your experience of life will reflect that. If you tend to watch TV rather than read a book, if you tend to jerk off to porn, rather than going out and talking to women, if you tend to sit on the couch and stuff your face with fast food, rather than going to the gym and eating healthy, your life won’t be too bright either.

Breaking bad habits is hard and we all know that. That’s why you have them in the first place and why you can’t get rid of them. Tackle one bad habit at a time and most importantly …

73. Cultivate A Good Habit

Replacing a bad habit with a good habit is the way to go and will supercharge your life because you aren’t only removing something that is holding you back, but replacing it with something that will move you forward. The result: massive growth. Most likely, your bad habits are triggered by certain things. For example, you might always want to eat a cookie when you smell and taste your morning coffee. In this case, the coffee would be the trigger. Instead, replace the cookie with an apple and break the habit cycle.

The key here is to be very mindful and actually stick with it for a long enough time to ingrain the new habit and “override” the old one. You will never lose the pathways in your brain for your bad habits. You can only create newer, more powerful ones for your good habits. You accomplish this by using a massive amount of willpower and making the right decision every time. A good book on this topic is The Power Of Habit.

And while we are on the topic of habits …

74. Stop Watching TV

Average people watch TV. Lots of it. Hours every day. Hours that could have been spent working on yourself, learning new skills, working on that business that will allow you to quit your job one day or writing that novel you always wanted to write. I remember back in school, I was about 16 years old and already on my self-improvement/life domination journey. The teacher asked us how many hours of TV we watched per day. Everyone answered with 2-4 hours and they did it just because of boredom. Nobody believed me when I said I didn’t watch TV because it is a waste of time.

Watching TV isn’t only a huge time eater, it is also programming you to be a negative, depressed person. The news are full of negativity, everywhere you look, you get rubbed in the face by advertisements telling you that you aren’t already awesome and you need this and that to feel whole. TV turns you into a zombie and a massive consumer. Stay away from TV and see your time free up like crazy.

75. Stop Watching Porn And Jerking Off

I’ve got news for you. Porn is bad for you. Not just bad but it is truly fucking you up in a lot of ways. The NoFap movement has been blowing up lately and for good reason. If you stop watching porn and jerking off, you will notice a multitude of benefits. Your brain will start to rewire to real women and you will feel real attraction again.

Not only that, but you will notice increased confidence, less social anxiety, more groundedness and a lot more sexual energy flowing through you and emanating from your body. You will feel it. Others will feel it. It is like an invisible aura that penetrates everybody else in the room.

The first days will be incredibly hard. But push through it. The rewards are beyond this world. You will regain your inner childlikeness and that pureness that you once lost. And you will become a godlike sexual badass.

76. Spend Time Alone

As a man, you need to learn to be alone with yourself. Meditation is a great start at that. You learn to be alone with your thoughts and you will gain control over them. But take it even further. Incorporate this concept into other areas of your life. Do things alone and in total silence without listening to music or distracting yourself with other things. Become fully present. Like when you drive a car, or workout, or do your chores or your stretches. Schedule some alone time every so often as well.

We are so disconnected from nature and our true selves and we need to be constantly around other people to feel comfortable. Often times, being alone drives us crazy. We think we need to be somewhere else or we are missing out. That is not true. Because at the end of the day, you come into this world alone, and you leave it alone. So you better learn to get comfortable with yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing. If you are alone right now out of a choice because you want to work on your business instead of going out, then so be it. Be totally comfortable in it. Ravish in it. It is perfectly fine, in fact, it is healthy. You need to be comfortable with being alone with yourself.

77. Live In The Present Moment

Most people are trapped their whole life thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Yet, the only thing that you really have and the only thing that is truly real is the present moment. Everything else is an illusion. There is only the present moment so you better start embracing it fully. Living in the now is where true joy and power comes from. Whatever it is, try to become mindful of what it is you are doing. Do it with the utmost presence. Your mind will wander. That is okay. It is just like meditation which trains you to live in the present moment as well. The more you do it, the better you will become at staying present. You will get closer and closer to your natural state.

Soon, you will start to see life in a different way. Negative thoughts, social anxiety, depression, all these things lose their power over you as you start living in the present moment and fully enjoying it. Your presence will draw others in and you will develop a presence that other people feel and enjoy. A good book on this topic that you need to read is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

78. Exercise Your Decision Muscle

Your whole life is the sum of the decisions you make each and every day. Too many people wait for others or circumstances to make decisions for them. They are uncomfortable making decisions. Every time you do not make a decision, you are giving your power away. If you leave things up to chance or wait until the decision is made for you, you are still making a decision – the decision to not make a decision. The only wrong decision you can make is not making any at all or to let others decide for you. If you are confronted with a situation where you have to make a difficult decision, fear not and make one. You can not make a wrong decision. Successful people do not make the right decision. They make their decision right.

Start by exercising your “decision muscle”. Every time you have to take a decision, it can be choosing what to eat, where to go out, what to read, do it within 30 seconds. This will build your decision muscle and get you primed for when you have to make the big decisions.

79. Deal With Stress The Right Way

Stress can be destructive. It is probably more destructive to the human mind and body than anything you can put into it. It literally breaks you down until nothing is left and you are unable to function.

Most people do not know how to deal with stress. They get triggered by the smallest things and let it get to their head. They worry about every little tiny thing and paint out the bad future or regret things they did in the past. All these things are stressors and parasites that you need to get rid of. Meditation, stretching and relaxation exercises are all great, but the most important thing you have to get your head around is your mindset. You need to go from a worried, triggered mindset, to a calm, collected mindset that everything will be great.

Next, you need to focus on the right stress. Remove all the stressors in your life that are doing you harm. This includes TV, negative news, negative people, unhealthy food. Banish them from your life. But not all stress is bad. You need some stress in your life to grow as a person. What you want is eustress, not distress. Distress breaks you down. Eustress helps you grow. Just like you need to break down and stress your muscles to build the physique of a champion, you need some stressors to grow as a person.

80. Listen To Uplifting Music

Music is nothing more than a frequency, or vibration. It has such a powerful effect on your emotions and the way you feel. Listen to sad songs and you will feel sad. Listen to something uplifting and you will want to dance through the room. Rather than listening to sad songs and ballads (okay, even I am guilty of this sometimes), start listening to music that makes you euphoric and ready to conquer the world. It will heighten your emotional frequency and make you a good vibrational match to reach your goals.

81. Learn A New Language

Learning a new language can be a totally eye-opening experience and is something that can benefit you in so many areas of your life – business, career, relationships, travel, socializing, picking up chicks or just showing off.

Growing up in Germany, I was required to learn 2 extra languages, English and in my case French. Although my French skills are pretty subpar because it never really interested me, I am still grateful to have the basic skills to understand and communicate. Lots of people love learning Spanish or more exotic languages like Chinese or Japanese. There are tons of free and paid apps and programs that can help you learn new languages in short periods of time. It takes discipline and a strategic approach but if you do it right, learning a language isn’t really anything too difficult only the gifted among us can do. Everybody can do it.

82. Learn A New Skill

Learning new skills is a fun way to get new life experiences and grow as a person. You will try out something new and diversify your life experience with new things. You don’t need to find your next big passion that you are going to commit your life to. You also do not need to find something to dominate where you have to be the absolute best at. You can just start something for the sake of doing it. Maybe join a new sports club, start learning a new instrument, start learning a martial art or just start drawing. These can be fun things that expand your horizons and give you fun new experiences.

I remember learning juggling when I was 15 because I just wanted to be able to do it. With some good YouTube tutorials, it took me shorter than expected. A nice side benefit was that juggling seemed to workout my brain like a good workout did for my body. My brain seemed actually sore. Turns out juggling builds some neuropathways and grows your brain or something like that. Either way, it is a fun little skill to have, a nice little party trick and it clears your mind. Give it a try. And while we are talking about working out your brain …

83. Work Out Your Brain

Your brain is just like any other part of your body, you can train it. Back when I first felt that little brain workout from juggling, I started looking for other ways to work out my brain and just make it operate a lot more effectively. In essence, I guess you could say my goal was to get smarter and there actually are a lot of ways to do it. You can literally workout your brain. There are apps and websites that you can use to get a little brain workout in. You will use exercises and little games that are specifically designed to work out different parts of your brain like your memory, your strategic thinking or your decision-making ability. Pretty cool stuff. I like to use Neuronation or Lumosity. Both have web versions as well as app versions and you can use the base functions for free.

84. Overcome Your Social Media Addiction

Social media is ruining your life. Social media not only gives you a false sense of reality and makes you feel inferior and depressed, it literally eats your life away. It turns you into a brain-dead zombie that can’t go minutes without checking your phone. Tell me if you experienced that. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is grab your phone and check your notifications. Or you waste an hour watching videos before you actually get out of bed. Overcome your social media addiction and start dominating your reality.

85. Dominate Social Media

Social media isn’t all bad though. It can actually be a life changer and the one thing that enables you to live your life like you want to. Social media can earn you money and allow you the freedom to do what you actually want to do with your life. The key differentiator between social media destroying your life and it enriching your life is this: become the creator, not the consumer. 

You see, if you spend your days watching other people live their dream on social media, and you simply sit there absorbing all the content, you are falling behind. If you are using social media as a platform to share your gift with the world and build your own personal brand, then you are winning. It won’t happen tomorrow but if you put the time and the effort in, you can only win. A great resource you need to check out is Gary Vaynerchuk. His newest book Crushing It! will definitely inspire you to start dominating social media the right way.

86. Life The Kaizen Lifestyle

The Kaizen Lifestyle is the art of getting a little bit better every day. Kaizen is the Japanese word for improvement and that is the key to the lifestyle and exactly what we are after.

Small improvements every day over a long period of time compound to huge improvements. The amount you improve and accomplish today might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but getting just a little better every day means you will have gotten a lot better in a month or even a year.

So from now on, commit to the Kaizen Lifestyle and get a little bit better every day in all areas of your life and all your endeavors.

87. Give As Much As Possible

Everybody is after abundance these days. But true abundance doesn’t necessarily mean having lots of stuff. Abundance also means giving.

Everything in this world is energy and constantly moving. There is a natural cycle in this universe and if you hold on to all your stuff, it means you are breaking that cycle.

You might think holding on to all your money or all the possessions you have (even though you don’t need them), is smart and making you richer. But by breaking that natural cycle, you are blocking the flow of new things, experiences and opportunities in your life. You are thinking in terms of scarcity.

Giving should always be one of your highest priorities. Giving a certain percent of your income for good causes, or giving away some of your stuff, or giving people what they need is rewarding just by itself. You help people and it feels really good. There is a deep sense of satisfaction that nothing else can buy when you start giving. You shouldn’t expect anything in return and just do it for the sake of helping, but in my experience, once you start giving, it is as if you are signaling the universe that you are ready to play your part and receive again. And you will receive tenfold.

88. Develop Your Core Values

Your values are the foundation of how you see the world. What is right and what is wrong. A man that is respectable is a man who lives by his own values and sticks to them. He doesn’t bend to the opinions and values of the masses or what other people try to tell him is right or wrong. He lives by what he thinks is the right thing to do. It is important to develop and write out your own core values that will be your guiding force in your life. Do it now and start to live life by your own terms.

89. Go Into Monk Mode

If you want to get serious about personal development and achieve some tremendous progress, you will need to go into monk mode.

Monk mode is a state where you forget about all the regular bullshit people do and take a deep dive into improving yourself from the ground up. You are essentially becoming a new person. You are transforming.

If you are currently unpopular, unattractive, do not have friends or girls in your life, your financial situation is a mess, you are unhealthy and not fit, and you are depressed and unhappy, it is time to go into monk mode.

That means fuck what anyone else thinks, fuck your social life and get serious about personal development. Start by improving all areas of your life with the tips on this list and do a serious makeover.

Start lifting, buy new and fitting clothes, take care of your grooming and hygiene, read every day and absorb all the knowledge you can, hustle, learn game, and work on yourself in all areas. Soon you will be a new person and all this shit is going to be a hell of a lot easier. You will be so different, both physically and mentally, that people won’t recognize you. You will be a lot more attractive and charismatic because of your new awesome shape, style and all the knowledge you have gained about life, success and social dynamics.

Sometimes a huge start like this is necessary to kick you out of the slump you are in. It only gets easier from there on.

To help you with this journey and get you to be the best possible person you can be in the shortest amount of time, I am currently working on a radical self-improvement program. Get on the newsletter to be the first to know when it launches:


90. Create The Perfect Work Laboratory

I call it the room where God meets man. Others call it the office. Victor Pride calls it the war room. It is the place where you retreat to, to create your work and share it with the world. It is where you will work and develop your craft, create masterpieces of art and spend 18-hour workdays hustling away on your business. That is exactly why you need to have a little strategy in mind when you create you perfect work laboratory.

It is the place where you will not only spend a lot of time in, it is the place where you will create your most important work. So it has to be effective, free of clutter and most importantly comfortable. You need to feel comfortable in the room and have all the tools you need to produce your work. Your room has to give you energy, rather than consume it, so get rid of all the clutter you don’t need, decorate it with some nice plants and furniture, make sure to have lots of light and clean air and have all set up nicely in a way that makes you comfortable. Having a nice work environment will make a huge difference to your productivity and the results you will produce.

91. Set Up Your Workspace Ergonomically

A huge point when it comes to setting up your perfect workspace that won’t only massively increase your productivity but also hugely benefit your health is setting it up ergonomically. There are a couple of rules you need to keep in mind when setting up your workspace for ergonomics. Your monitor should be set up at arm’s length and eye level so you do not have to strain your eyes or slump down which will ruin your back and posture. You should get yourself a high-quality ergonomic chair that supports your spinal curvature and set it up at the right height so your knees are in line with your hips and your wrists can reach your keyboard in a straight line with your arms at or below elbow level. Keep all of your important stuff close to you so you do not have to reach. Invest in a good ergonomic mouse and keyboard which will save your wrists and hands in the long run and allow you to work longer and more effectively.

92. Take Frequent Breaks

Taking frequent breaks is a method to work a lot more effectively and get more done. You might think that pushing through and working longer hours will get you more done, but it is scientifically proven that frequent breaks lead to greater work capacity and more results. When you push through and work for long hours without breaks, you will lose focus and without noticing, you won’t be getting as much work done as in the beginning, and the quality of your work might be impacted. Taking a short 5-minute break and moving your body a little, will help you refocus and start fresh.

Now, I’m not a fan of rigid work-break schedules like the Pomodoro Technique, because often times, it interrupts my flow. If you are like me, then you start working on something and you will get into a flow state where everything just flows effortlessly. Sticking to schedules like this will interrupt that state. What I do instead is wait for that state to vanish naturally. Once I notice that I am leaving this flow state, I know that it is time for a break. This is something that you will know intuitively and figure out for yourself.

93. Listen To Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are a special form of white noise that increases your productivity and effectiveness. There are different kinds of binaural beat frequencies and they can be used for a lot of different things like studying, increasing concentration and focus or meditation and spiritual practices. With binaural beats, two tones of different frequencies are played together to both your left and right headphone channel which creates the magic effect. I like to use them when I work and hustle as they seem to increase my focus and keep my mind in motion. I urge you to try it and see for yourself. After a few short moments, you won’t even notice them anymore until you stop and realize you have been running binaural beats in the background for 10+ hours straight.

Just type in “Binaural Beats” into YouTube and use high-quality headphones if possible. Here are some videos I like to use:

94. Listen To Audio Books

Although I prefer reading books, there is only so much time in any given day and often times you don’t have time to spend hours reading all the books you want. On top of that, there are always so many books you can read. Audiobooks are the solution. You can listen to them while on the go, driving your car, going to the gym or in the background when you have to do some mindless task. Almost any book is out as an audiobook and you can get all of them with Audible (Try it 30-days for free). A bonus tip: listen to the audiobooks on 1.5x or even 2x speed.

95. Never Use The Snooze Button Again

The snooze button kills any chance of success you had that day. If you snooze you lose. Ever noticed how you usually wake up even more tired after you hit the snooze bed than when you originally woke up? That is because the snooze button destroys and interrupts your sleep cycles leaving you even more tired than before.

Starting today, never hit the snooze button ever again. It doesn’t do you any good. In fact, it actually harms you. You lose valuable time and energy that could have been spent crushing at life. I guarantee you won’t be as effective on a day that you hit the snooze button as on a day that you just immediately got out of bed and start crushing.

It will be hard in the beginning just as it is with breaking any bad habit but it will get easier with time. The biggest thing that will help you get out of bed in the morning is finding something that just makes you want to jump out of bed. You should be pissed when you have to go to bed and eager to get out of it as soon as possible. Find that passion and you are all set and winning.

96. Eliminate Time Eaters

Whenever it comes to improving yourself in any way, not having enough time is always one of the big excuses. People don’t have time to work out for an hour each day, yet they spend their evenings watching TV, mindlessly browsing through their Facebook feed, playing video games, or just doing nothing of value.

There is so much time spent every day doing things that are just used to kill time when in fact, you should use this time to effectively better yourself. We already talked about TV and that is a big one. These days, the internet is another huge one. Social Media feeds consume peoples lives and twist their reality.

Identify your time eaters and replace them with activities that will bring you closer towards the life you actually want. Be it working out to get your dream physique, fixing your posture to get more energy, working on your business or building your brand to make more money and to live your purpose. These are the things that actually bring value towards your life and the life of others.

97. Declutter And Organize Your Environment

A messy work environment will lead to crappy results. Organizing your environment can go a long way. Organize and clean up all the parts of your house. This includes all your rooms, closets and drawers and especially your work environment. Also, organize all your files for easy access, organize and clean up your PC or laptop and email account. Get rid of all the clutter and implement an organizational order throughout all areas of your life. Of course, you shouldn’t become an organization obsessed freak who needs to plan out every second of his life and spends more of his time being busy organizing than producing results. But instilling organization in your environment will help you clear your mind and be more effective.


98. Let Go

Letting go is one of the most powerful things you can do in your life. We hold on to so much emotional and physical baggage, it is keeping us stuck. The universe is always moving. If you hold on to old things, you stop that movement and remain where you are right now. You need to let go to evolve even if it seems painful. But how do you let go?

Let go of all the stuff that is pulling you down – all the limiting beliefs, fears, worries, traumas, all the people in your life that are hurting you, the shitty job you are holding on to out of security. Let go of all the materialistic stuff you know you don’t need. Sell it and make some extra cash or just give it away.

You will feel like a burden is lifted off your shoulders. You will feel lighter. And guess what, when you let go of the old, you make way for the new – and the new will be more exciting and lead you down a whole new journey.

99. Learn To Forgive Others

Anger and resentment won’t get you anywhere. They are a huge burden that only makes you miserable.

You might think that you could never forgive someone who has done so much bad to you – bullies, parents, exs, enemies.

The thought of revenge and showing them what they done wrong by becoming super successful might seem appealing and right to you. You might think it gives you power. But it doesn’t. It only creates a misery and keeps you stuck in hell.

If you feel stuck, and nothing is moving forward, maybe take a look at hate and resentment that you have build up inside yourself. The easiest way to release that is by forgiving. If possible, forgive people in person one-on-one, but if not, use a mirror and look yourself deep into the eyes while forgiving others out loud.

100. Forgive Yourself And Release Guilt

The same is true for yourself. You need to learn to forgive yourself and release all the guilt you are carrying around with yourself. Guilt and anger are the two things that are holding back the most people.

If you have done stupid shit in the past, things you are not proud of, if you have done other people wrong, or if you have failed, it is time to forgive yourself.

These things are often buried deep down inside. You don’t want to deal with them so you shove them down. But they are still there in your subconscious, waiting for you to deal with them.

Listen deeply into yourself, and then release things by looking deeply into your eyes in a mirror, and forgiving yourself out loud.

101. Be A Rebel

Most successful people in history were rebels.

They didn’t conform to rules made up by other people on how to live life and what is or isn’t possible.

They carved their own path and made their decisions the right one. They made their vision a reality and contributed to the growth of humankind.

They followed their intuition, their heart and believed in themselves. They aligned themselves with the greatness and inner intelligence that lies within every single one of us, and let success come to them.

And they enjoyed the shit out of every moment of life.

This isn’t really a tip but more so an attitude that you must adopt to live your best life and this is the whole gist of Next Level Rebel. BE A REBEL!