11 Bullet Journal Supplies Under 10$ To Make BuJo Easy

11 Terrific Supplies Under $10 To Hack Your Bullet Journal

The general concept is that Bullet Journaling takes a lot of time and effort, and that scares away people from even giving it a chance. The truth is, it can. But only if you chose to. If you don’t, however, there are other ways to journal without spending hours and hours on each spread. And you’ll still get beautiful spreads to enjoy your planning.

I’m here today to share with you 11 Bullet Journal supplies under 10$ you’ll not feel sorry about buying! These tools will help you create beautiful Bullet Journal spreads in half the time! 

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Mini Calendar Stickers

Writing down calendar numbers is always a drag – this is probably the only part of planning I don’t really enjoy. I’m so afraid every time to miss a date or to maybe write something wrong! A great solution to this problem is calendar stickers! You can get these stickers for your future log and these stickers for monthly spreads. What’s the difference you’d ask? The monthly ones have a tab, so if you put them on your monthly spreads it will be very easy to find them without even index!

Helix Circle Maker

Have you ever tried to make a circle habit tracker? Or maybe a circle monthly spread? And after hours seeing that it came out with the wrong amount of dates or worse, maybe not even that round at all? Yeah, I’m talking from personal experience, sadly. Luckily Helix circle maker solves all these problems! Make perfect circles of different sizes anywhere, thanks to it’s the portable size. Plus it’s very good if you are on a budget!

Square Stencil

Imagine you can do your monthly setup without moving your ruler all the time! Meet Westcott Square Stencil. Ever since I bought one, my setups became a walk in the park! Moreover, this will allow you to have absolutely perfect checklist boxes! Say hello to neat and pretty setups.

Habit Tracker Stamp

Stamps are a great help for your Bullet Journal. Check out these wonderful habit tracker stamps from talented Jennifer Reyes. In her shop, you can also find calendar stamps and icons stamps. Granted some of them are above $10 (not the habit tracker I mention here though), but it’s worth the investment – these will save you so much time!

Westcott Ruler

Sometimes (most of the time!) you just need your spread to be centered and balanced. A great help for this is this Westcott Ruler. Believe me, it’s much easier to use it than to measure all the sides every time you need to draw a line!  Use your extra time to enjoy some herbal tea! (maybe I’ll share some of my favorite brands of tea in a future post)

Letter Stencils

When you start your journal, you want it to be perfect in everything, including lettering! But sometimes, especially if you are new to it, it can take waaaaaay too long to letter a pretty header. That’s when these letter stencils come to play. Create beautiful lettering in no time!

Checkbox Stencil For Habit Trackers

Don’t know about you, but I do a lot of my Bullet Journaling outside the house. If you do too, and want your checkboxes and habit trackers to still be perfect – check out this little checkbox stencil. Apart from being awesome, it’s also extremely portable, since its a credit card size.

Habit Tracker Stickers

Some things are tracked daily or weekly, like water intake and workout. For me it’s my water trackers I had on my weekly spreads in September. Instead of drawing your trackers every week (or day, depending on how you do it) why not just use stickers? I found an amazing Amazon shop The Nifty Studio, and they create amazing stickers for any type of habits you want to track!

Weekly Layout Stencil

For a bit of an OCD person like me, creating a weekly layout always takes extra time. I just HAVE to have all the squares and rectangles straight. Once I got this stencil for weekly pages, making a weekly spread became a matter of minutes!

Calendar Stamp

This stamp will make it very easy to make your little weekly calendars. Plus – you can use it to create mini weekly habit trackers.

Washi Tape For Headers

No time to letter or draw in your weekly setup? No problem, just try this washi tape and save all the time in the world on your weekly setups.

Here is my must-have list! What are some items you use to make your setups easier?

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