155+ Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas

155+ Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas

Hello Planning Mashers!

Habit tracker is a great tool for personal improvement, increase in productivity, and goal achieving. Moreover, keeping a habit tracker can help you know more about yourself and your lifestyle.

What I found difficult is to choose what to track! So here is my comprehensive list of 155+ things to put in your habit tracker. 

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If you don’t want to spend time on setups and already know what you want to track, I have some Free Printable habit trackers for you in the Resources Vault! Download them and start getting all the advantages of a habit tracker today.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use printables in your BuJo, I got you covered in this post.

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Habit trackers can help you to learn more about yourself and your habits, and – later on – to develop better habits and a more productive and healthy lifestyle (depending of course on your reasons to use one).

It’s also a great tool to keep you motivated and on track to creating a better life for yourself.

The beauty of a habit tracker is that you can track anything with it. I’d advise you to try out several different things, to see what works for you the best.

But always remember, you’re doing it to have a more productive and happier life, so once you feel like filling out trackers becomes a chore – it’s time to cut down on what you track!

Types of Habit Trackers

Before you sit down to create your first tracker, let me run you through some types of habit trackers. There are a lot and some types work better for certain things than others.

Just like with everything it’s really up to you to try it out and choose what kind of trackers are best for your needs.

Yearly Tracker

Let’s start big! If you are a fan of having all your yearly progress overview on one page – this format is perfect for you! Here are some ideas for your yearly tackers.

Credit: @thedoodleplanner

This spread is called year in pixels and it is basically a yearly mood tracker. It can be a very powerful tool for your mental health, so definitely give it a try if that’s something you might be needing.

Speaking of mental health, be sure to check my post 19 Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Mental Health.

Credit: @thejournaltea

A year of workout and a year of your social media posting. Love this idea!

Here is a thing, you don’t have to set up your tracker with a mindset that you’ll be doing it every day. if you decide to just do something once a week – a habit tracker will help you to do just that.

Credit: @calmandbujo

Meditation is such an amazing and life-changing practice! But as with everything if it’s something you just started you might need a little bit of discipline to keep going and make it a habit.

A tracker like this can help you with that. And considering that meditation can take only 5 minutes a day it’s definitely something you can commit to for a year, no problem.

Credit: @twinklytanya

I love this spread because this is both a mood and a weather tracker. 

As a person who is influenced by the weather immensely, I really love the idea of combining these trackers and looking a bit deeper into this connection.

Monthly Habit Tracker

Monthly habit trackers are more of a standard way to track things. I also prefer to have track things monthly. But the standard doesn’t mean boring – look at these designs!

Vertical trackers are a great space saver, as you can see this one just took a third of the page, and yes it helped me to track 11 habits.

You can write your habits or maybe use little icons as I did. If you’re not sure what icon stands for what you might want to create a little key explaining the habits.

This is probably my favorite way to create habit trackers – by creating a separate tracker for each habit.

This works well if you have fewer habits to track. I always prefer to just track a few things so I can concentrate more on being constant with my habits.

Credit: @bujowithbecky

This is a cool and creative habit tracker idea if you want to get more artistic.

The idea is simple – you create doodles for each day of the month and you assign parts of your doodles to certain habits. When you complete the habit – just fill out that part of the doodle.

Here is one more take on this type of doodly tracker.

I honestly must admit that it took forever to fill out this tracker! But eventually, I think it was worth it. this might not be the most practical of habit trackers, but it sure does look good.

Credit: @planwithady

Two-page trackers like this one occupy a lot of space, but that allows you to create a very clean and clear spread. So when you look at it youèll be able to easily see any patterns you have with your habits. And isn’t that why we start using habit trackers, to begin with?!

Credit: @amizaomar

I love vertical trackers, they are so beautiful, and because of the vertical format, you can actually fit a lot of habits. It’s a very space-saving type of monthly tracker.

I also love these because it’s a great way to use icons (here are 6 more ideas on how to use icons in your Bullet Journal). Icons are super cute and visual, so it’s really a great tool to use in your habit tracker, and you can add a little key explaining what icon stands for what habit if you’re not sure you’ll remember them all.

Credit: @seed_successful_you

This is another habit tracker with small calendars for each habit, but this time it’s kind of combined with a mood tracker. This is my favorite format, when you see your moods and your habits together.

It really helps to see patterns and explain days when nothign gets done.

Weekly Trackers

A lot of people find weekly trackers to be more productive. I use them as well, for the things I have to do weekly but don’t exactly feel like I want to have a monthly overview. A good example is chores! To give you an idea of what weekly trackers can look like – check out these weekly layouts.

A little tracker is on the right side of this circle weekly. I couldn’t help myself and used icons again, it just saves so much space! And it always looks better for me than me writing the habit with my wonky handwriting.

Well, at least it was wonky in 2018 when this weekly was made. I’m getting better now so feel more comfortable just writing the habits down.

If you also looking for ways to improve your handwriting, be sure to check my post 9 Easy Tricks To Improve Your Handwriting.

Credit: @plansthatblossom

Nicole always has the most intricate and beautiful. And she always manages to add so many useful elements to help her plan!

One of the things she always has in her weekly spreads is habit trackers. And note the cool design she uses to fill our the tracker. You can do such little things to be creative in your journal.

Credit: @pine.jungle

One of the very common things people track weekly is sleep and water. You can see on the weekly below there is a small tracker just for water.

And notice how the habits in the little habit tracker are signified by icons. It’s a very convenient thing to use in your weekly spread, where you might not have enough space to write down the habits.

How To Set Up a Habit Tracker

You don’t need much to set up your habit tracker – a fineliner and some colors (like my favorite Zebra Mildliners) would be just enough.

If you want to create some cute circle trackers, you definitely will need a Helix Circle Ruler. Or if you want you can invest in my favorite set of stencils, which includes a stencil for the usual table tracker, as well as the one for circle trackers (or a circle monthly log).

Here are a few ways you can set up your habit tracker.

Mini Habit Trackers

Mini habit trackers are a fun way to track your habits weekly. They are simple to set up and you can create them in a super cute way to match your monthly theme.

Calendar Habit Trackers

My favorite way to set up a habit tracker is by creating little calendars for each habit. I love how clean it looks and how easy it is to see how you’re doing on each habit.

Here is my little calendar habit tracker from February 2020 Bullet Journal Setup. As you see I write the dates for the entire month. Sometiems I also prefer to add days of the week on the top, so it’s easier to see if I slack off on the weekends or not.

Credit: @bujoandcookies

Another way to create a calendar format for a habit tracker is to just create enough boxes for each day of the month, or maybe mimic the shape of the calendar for that month. You really don’t need to keep on writing those numbers over and over again if you don’t want to.

Horizontal Habit Tracker

This is probably the most popular format, or at least the one everybody starts from. It’s really convenient when you have a lot of things to track.

You can create it on one spread, so you’ll need to turn your journal every time you fill out your tracker. Or you can create a one huge habit tracker on two pages.

Credit: @seras.bullet.journal

Easy way to create a horizontal habit tracker on just one page, simply to turn your journal. I really love the lettering here and the creative way she used to fill it out.

Honestly that much be such a great motivation to keep up with all your habits just to fill out the beautiful pattern!

Credit: @diemmybujo

Don’t want to turn your journal – just use two pages. It will allow you to have more space for more habits but also – for more decorations!

Vertical Habit Tracker

Another great format if you want to track quite a lot of habits but want to see how you do every day on each habit. That way you can estimate your day by day, not habit by habit.

This is the format I was crazy about for some time! But seriously – just look how many things I can track on just a part of my page.

Plus it’s very convenient to have all the habits together like that, you can see more interesting patterns that way, or at least they are easier to spot.

For this tracker, I wanted to make the icons in the style of my April Bullet Journal Setup, which as you can see was floral themed. To clarify everything I added a little key on the side.

I’ll be honest with you – creating such unclear icons did not make it easier to track my habits or analyze the tracker later on. So I never went back to this format and prefer to use more clear icons in the future.

This is probably my most popular habit tracker of all time. It was initially created to be my wellness tracker and monitor that I do all the things I have to do to stay healthy.

Actually, I think I might bring this one back – it seems like something I really need in these pandemic times.

Circle Tracker

These are so so cute! Ever since I started Bullet Journaling I’ve been in love with circle tracker and dying to try it. They also look pretty neat even if you’re tracking several habits at the same time.

It might be a bit difficult to set it up though, personally, I always miscalculate how many sections I need. So pay extra attention to it when you’re setting up yours.

To help you with that you can always use a helpful stencil or a ruler, like this Helix one, or just get some printables. Not in my shop, I have printable stickers for 28 days circle elements, but more are coming, so be sure to check it out.

This habit tracker was drawn by hand so the lines are a bit curved, but as I went on filling it out and added decorations around it – it became much less noticeable.

Another thing I like doing with the circle tracker is coloring weekends. I know weekends are usually the time when I slack off my habits so always try to make it clear which exact days they are.

This is a page with my circle habit tracker from my shop. What I did is just printed it out on sticker paper and stuck it to the page. The next step was color coring the 4 habits and adding the dates, which was not necessary but I decided to do anyway.

Square Version of The Circle Tracker

If you like the circle tracker format, but can’t be bothered to draw it, try out the square version. It’s much easier to set up and it still looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Credit: @knitashajanice

Doodly Tracker

This type of habit tracker is super fun, but it does take extra effort because it implies that you need to repeat a doodle as many times as there are days in the month.

The idea is that you draw a doodle and assign a habit to each part of it. Once you complete the habit during the day, just color that part of the doodle.

Ready to start? Here is my extensive list of things to put in your habit tracker. The ideas are divided into categories for your convenience. 

Personal Habit Tracker

Personal habits are the things you do in your everyday life. These trackers are very useful to evaluate your daily routine and check which habits you should implement in your lifestyle to improve it.

Credit: @b.bulletjournal

  • Early bird
  • Didn’t hit the snooze button
  • Slept 8 hours
  • Mood Tracker
  • Bed before 10
  • Had Breakfast
  • Had a morning glass of cold water
  • Walked the dog
  • Morning pages
  • Used planner / Bullet Journal
  • Pray
  • No TV
  • No Spending
  • No electronics an hour before bed
  • Floss
  • Phone backup

Here is a sleep tracker idea that helps you track how many hours you slept during the night and at what time you went to bed. I found that the time I go to bed usually influences a lot how well I sleep, so I thought this will be a great thing to add to your sleep tracker.

A mood tracker is a must-have spread for me pretty much every month. I started using it when the pandemic hit to help me basically stay sane and it helped so much that I kept using it.

If you never used a mood tracker be sure to check my post 35+ Creative Mood Trackers and How To Use One In Your Bullet Journal.

Credit: @haru.bujo

A beautiful way to track all the things for a healthy lifestyle. I really love the aesthetics of the page and the beautiful abstract style of decoration.

This is kind of something similar to what I was trying to do in my January 2021 Bullet Journal setup, only I went with an even simpler style and more cold colors since my setup was for winter.

Credit: @thejournaltea

Can we just take a moment and appreciate how creative this mood tracker is! It’s so perfect for fall because that’s the season when so many tree colors are possible. Genius!

Speaking of Fall, if you’re looking for a theme to create a setup this Autumn be sure to check my post 35+ Enchanting Fall Bullet Journal Theme and Page Ideas.

Credit: @hayleyremdeart

Love this cute Disney themed mood tracker. Honestly, I’m interested in how she filled it out. I think probably the best option here would be to use different colors, that would work great since all dwarfs were dressed in different colors if I remember correctly.

Check my post Wonderous Disney Themed Bullet Journal Inspirations with more tips on how to bring your favorite classics to your Bullet Journal pages.

Credit: @the.petite.planner

Another sleep tracker and this one is right next to a productivity tracker. I think this is such an awesome idea because let’s be honest – sleep has an incredible influence on our productivity levels.

Beauty Habit Tracker

As a girl (if you’re one), I know you must have plenty of beauty routines and procedures. I do too! And it’s a bit of a struggle for me to remember them all, truly. Here are some ideas of beauty habits you can track.

  • Morning face care routine
  • Evening face care routine
  • Used makeup
  • Sunscreen
  • Hair mask
  • Body scrub
  • Face scrub
  • Mud face mask
  • Moisturizing mask
  • Face pilling
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Eyelashes growth oil
  • Hair vitamins
  • Coconut oil hair mask
  • Nail strengthening oil
  • Footbath

Never forget how important self-care is! It’s pretty easy to get sucked in into a routine and all the responsibilities, and self-care might feel selfish, but it’s not. Self-care is essential for your well being and well being of people you care about. Feel free to jump to my post on 5 Ways To Make Yourself a Priority and Why You Should if you’re not convinced.

Skincare is an important thing at any age, but let’s be honest – life can be busy, and you can easily start skipping on some steps of your routine. This is no good though, you and your beautiful face deserve better!

So create a little tracker like this with your routine and make sure you follow through with it every day. A habit tracker can help!

Credit: @journal.it

This is a great example of tracking your self-care routine, this one, in particular, is concentrated on body care. I definitely need it because things like body scrub are the first for me to forget to do!

I also find that it’s really cool that the creator added the measurements to this tracker as well. If you’re trying to be in your best shape – this is a great way to check up on how you’re doing.

Credit: @kimmiesstudies

From the first glance, this tracker doesn’t seem like anything special but if you look closer you’ll see. It’s so creative how all the trackers are also divided by different categories – how heavy was the makeup, what time of an outfit was worn.

Healthy Habits Tracker

Healthy habits are something I’ve been struggling with for a while. I always feel like I want to do a lot of things, but I never do any.

This habit tracker has helped me to see that I actually do more than I think, and to work on establishing the healthy lifestyle I want to have. Here are some ideas, and I’m sure you’ll want to add some of these to your habit tracker.

  • Workout
  • Yoga
  • No junk food
  • Eating out
  • Had that many fruits
  • Had that many vegetables
  • Water consumption
  • Took medications
  • Took vitamins
  • Walked 10 000 steps
  • Walked the stairs
  • Had alcohol
  • No soda
  • No snacking
  • Period tracker
  • Ate no more than that many calories
  • Morning stretches
  • No smoking
  • No coffee
  • No sugar

Establishing a new habit of working out can be pretty hard, but you can do it! And a little workout tracker can help you stay motivated as you see the boxes filling out each day.

For me, this one looks like a great tracker for a health challenge, like 31 days of plank or something like that, when you need to do something each and every day.

Seeing your progress when you’re on a weight loss journey is so important and motivating, so I really recommend you try this one. I also added here the before measurements so once you lost all the weight you wanted you could see how far you’ve come.

Notice that there are no dates on this tracker, this is because I think weighing yourself each day is not very useful and can be even more damaging if you see one day the numbers go up. So instead maybe try to do it once a week, it will serve you much better.

If you’re interested in more health and fitness related pages check my post 51+ Health and Fitness Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

Credit: @jashiicorrin

An amazing weight loss tracker by Jess. I love that she added it together with tons of things she will be doing for weight loss, like healthy meal ideas and monthly health challenges.

That way you always stay on track and concentrated because you know what’s your goal and how exactly you’ll be getting to it.

Credit: @bulletjournalnoob

You can always just add your health-related habits to your usual habit tracker and have such a cluster for all your habits. Just be careful with doing this – tracking too many habits can become a chore and be too overwhelming.

Personal Development Tracker

A lot of people use habit trackers for personal development. For me personal development isn’t only about having good habits for yourself, but also about giving joy to others, so I included some of these things in my list below.

Here is the list of things you can track to make your life calmer, more organized, and productive.

  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Miracle morning
  • Plan for the day
  • Reading
  • Practice a skill
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Filled gratitude log
  • Try something new
  • Completed daily goals
  • Work on a hobby
  • Smile to yourself in the mirror
  • Random act of kindness
  • Journaling
  • Wrote down day review
  • Watched an educational YouTube video

This is my little book tracker. Here I will be writing the books I read until I name all the books. Yeah, I know there aren’t that many here, but I’m starting up on my reading with small steps.

These kinds of trackers are great as yearly pages when let’s say you put yourself a goal to read a certain amount of books, and you fill it up as you go during the year. It feels pretty satisfying to have all the books named once the year is over.

Credit: @dolcissima_designs

Another meditation tracker and I love how this one also divided by how much time you actually meditated.

I must say it’s amazing to see that one day the author actually meditated for 30 minutes! I just started picking up the habit of meditation again and so far 15 minutes is pretty much my limit.

Credit: @iliketobujo

I’ve been totally obsessed with listening to podcasts. They can be anything – good education, good entertainment. Whatever you need you can find it in the podcast form.

SO it can be a fun idea to have a podcast tracker. You can either track which episodes you’ve already listened or maybe just see how many times a month (or a week) you actually listen to them.

Habit Tracker for Budgeting

Money management is always a useful skill, and a habit tracker can really help you to achieve two things. First – to see how you’re spending your money, and second – to see how much you’re saving up. Being able to track these things helps to understand the patterns and change them for better saving habits.

See below the list of things you could track for your financial stability.

Credit: @diemmybujo

  • No money spent
  • Spent under 10 USD
  • Grocery shopping
  • Pay bills
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Daily spent amount
  • Transferred money to the savings account
  • Savings tracker
  • Payday
  • Daily Expenses

What’s the hardest thing to do for you when it comes to finances? For me, it’s definitely saving money! But with a help of a little tracker I managed to save up quite a bit.

It’s all about saving a little bit but being consistent about your savings and a savings tracker is definitely a great tool to keep it up.

Credit: @amizaomar

Another cool savings tracker for managing your finances. It can be fun to draw little coins with the amount of money you added to your savings each time you do, so you can see it fill out, just like when you were a kid.

Note that there is no exact date here to fill out the jar. This habit tracker is more concentrated on gathering a certain amount rather than saving it by a certain date. This is kind of just building your savings account kind of tracker.

Credit: @peaceful_pages

I really love this tracker because there is just so much here to keep you motivated. Not only a savings tracker but also a no spend days and most importantly – the reason for savings.

I always find when you have an exact reason why you do something it really helps to stay motivated and keep up.

Cleaning Tracker

Even if you live alone in a small place, there’s still a ridiculous amount of cleaning you have to do to maintain it all in order. To keep you on track try using these ideas in your habit tracker.

Credit: @erinflotodesigns

  • Vacuumed
  • Dusting
  • Laundry
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Did the dishes
  • Change towels
  • Change the sheets
  • Washed couch covers
  • Washed the floors
  • Watered plants
  • Take out trash
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Cleaned the counter
  • Put away the clothes

A yearly cleaning tracker I created to keep all the cleaning organized.

I really like this tracker and how it helps me to remember to do some cleaning tasks I actually usually forget about.

If you want to learn more about cleaning trackers and how to organize your home, check out my post Bullet Journal Ideas To Tackle Spring Cleaning.

Credit: @doodledaydarling

Another great cleaning tracker and this one divides the house by areas. This is a great way to organize your big cleaning projects, like let’s say a spring cleaning.

I also really like the bright colors she used for this page, it kind of makes the cleaning look a bit more fun.

Credit: @themakerlena

Classy black and white tracker. I really love the contrast of black and white and with how clean and neat it looks – it seems like the perfect match for this type of tracker.

Relationship Tracker

Here I mean all relationships you have. We have so many people we love, and yes in this fast-moving rhythm of life, sometimes we forget, and sometimes just one message or a short phone call can mean so much! Here are some ideas to track for a better connection with people you love.

  • Call a family member or a friend
  • Message your friend
  • Hang out with friends
  • Family dinner
  • No cellphone while meeting others
  • Compliment your significant other
  • Date night
  • Intimacy
  • Volunteer work
  • Told a friend how much he/she means to you
  • Treat your friend to a cup of coffee
  • Have family/friends over for dinner

Social Media Tracker

Let’s be honest here – we all spend time on social media, and most likely way too much time. Social media tracker can help you see how much you spend your time on these networks, so you could create better habits dealing with them. Here are some ideas.

Credit: @mashaplans

  • Posted on social media
  • Used social media no more than 1 hour a day
  • Spent no more than 15 min on social media at once
  • No social media during working hours
  • Replied all messages
  • Left a nice comment to my friend’s post
  • Just scrolled feed purposelessly
  • Found interesting and useful information
  • Followers count

This was probably my most popular social media tracker.

I thought since I’m tracking my Instagram growth it made sense to use cameras for tracking, and since Pastel Set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens was my favorite at the time I went with these colors.

This was a little tracker for another account I had one day. It was very new so I counted it much more detailed.

With my love for hot beverages like coffee and tea, creating a tracker with cute little cups was just a matter of time.

Credit: @explorejournaling

I love this tracker and the awesome galaxy vibe! It also kind of makes me think of old games like pacman?

The lettering of the header is also such a perfection! Love the black outline and white lines n the letter – there are some of my favorite ways to add interest to my lettering as well.

Credit: @lifeinabujo

This tracker is so cute! My guess is that the general idea is that using the colors in the key she will be writing the numbers for each thing she tracks next to the date.

With her cute drawings and wonderful handwriting, I’m sure this tracker ended up looking great!

Work Tracker

Tracing working activities is an easy way to have a more productive day. Create a special work tracker, or maybe have a habit tracker in your work notebook. So many things you can track!

Credit: @seras.bullet.journal

  • At work on time
  • Responded to all work emails
  • Worked on the main project
  • Brought my own lunch
  • Had a meeting
  • Finished a project
  • Finished today’s work to do list
  • Presented at a meeting
  • Cleaned working space
  • Reviewed weekly goals

Credit: @dotted.plans

Sleep tracker and work tracker often go together and it’s a great idea I think.

Sleep and work really influence each other a lot so it can help you a lot to understand the connections. And work tracker is a great way to keep yourself organized, especially if you work from home.

Credit: @seras.bullet.journal

An awesome tracker that makes sure you’re covering all the important work tasks.

You have different things you do for your work when you have a corporate job, but if you work for yourself it’s even more! You are your own CEO, marketing specialist, designer, sales team. Basically, an entire company is just one person.

With so much to do it’s easy to get lost in tasks and forget about some areas. So a tracker like this is very important,

Credit: @bujo_baloe

Such a cute ultimate tracker of ALL things. I love this idea to see everything at once, and that way you will surely never forget to fill out any of your trackers.

I also like the way this page is decorated with kraft paper and those cute kitty paws.

Credit: @mai.plan

A cute work tracker that you can use on your weekly pages.

Always remember that you don’t have to use a monthly tracker – if tracking things week by week works better for you – just go for it.

Study Tracker

For those who don’t work, but study – a habit tracker can be a great help to keep you focused and motivated! Here are some things you can put in your tracker to make sure your studies progress well.

Credit: @marianeofcysn

  • Attended all classes
  • Did the homework
  • Studies for the test
  • Read the textbook
  • Worked on the assignment
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Got a good grade
  • Had a quiz
  • Met with a tutor
  • Reviewed lesson notes

Credit: @artsunami

Studying piano is hard, I’ve actually played piano for 4 years when I was in school. Dropping it was one of the silliest things I could’ve done.

The important thing when you study piano is to remember to practice, and this tracker doesn’t only allow you to see which days you practiced, but also what exactly did you play – love it!

Credit: @lisenlettering

Such a cute tracker and the colors and leaf pattern in the frame make it perfect for a Fall Bullet Journal Theme.

I actually started using a similar tracker in my French study journal and it helps a lot to be sure I keep up with my homework.

Credit: @hyningjournals

Love how beautiful this tracker looks and of course how extremely useful it is.

There is a lot of information here, from which days and what kind of homework you did to how long you started and how productive you’ve been. And yet it doesn’t look convoluted at all.

Blogging Tracker

If you’re a blogger like me (or like I try to become), it’s very important to track your progress and all the tasks. Being a blogger is hard work, and you may want to make sure you do it all and do it on time.

Credit: @girllovesaplan

  • Wrote a post
  • Prepared images
  • Posted new article
  • Replies to all the comments
  • Shared on social media
  • Pinned the new post
  • Replied to followers emails
  • Guest posted
  • Backed up the blog
  • Replied to comments on social media
  • Ran a giveaway
  • Participated in a blogging group
  • Affiliates

Pet Tracker

Having a pet is a big responsibility, there are so many things you have to track. A habit tracker for your pet is a perfect tool to make sure your pet will stay happy and healthy.

Credit: @journaling_journey

  • Feed the pet
  • Have water in a bowl
  • Clean the cage
  • Clean the toilet
  • Potty training
  • No accidents day
  • Trained the pet
  • Exercised the pet
  • Walk outside
  • Socialize the pet
  • Visit to vet

Credit: @make_and_cher

Can we just take a moment and admire how adorable this tracker is with the cute illustrations.

Having a pet is always a responsibility so it’s helpful to track things like these to make sure your little friend gets all he or she needs.

Credit: @planningwithbumble

How cute is this tracker?! I really love that she included the photos for her little pup.

I must say I also absoklutely love how neat and traight all the trackers look. I can never get such perfection in my journal, even with a ruler.

Credit: @astoldby_jessie

One more super cute tracker, rocking some Happy Planner stickers. Even if you don’t use a Happy Planner, their stickers are amazing! I use them all the time in my memory keeping pages.

I also really like that she added the birthday to the page, such a sweet thing to remember.

Credit: @kraftykerri

Final tracker with two pets to track. I rarely see people having snakes but I must admit – snakes are so beautiful and they do have some magic in them, they just completely enchant you.

Kids Tracker

If you have kids, tracking their activities will be also very useful. Check some of the ideas below.

Credit: @oldesoulcrafts

  • Took bath
  • Brushed teeth
  • In bed on time
  • Homework is done
  • Potty training
  • Breastfeeding
  • No discipline
  • Height and weight
  • Playdate
  • Read a book before sleep
  • Did the chores
  • Packed lunch for school
  • Vaccinations 

Credit: @vonnloudesigns

If having a pen is a lot of responsibility, I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have a baby. You have to do so many things to make sure your little one is all good. So trackers are definitely a great help.

Like this little one tracker the feeding and sleep of the baby – two of the most important things for the little one to grow.

Credit: @kkortney

One more take on the baby tracker. I like that here you also have an area for notes where you can add some of your observations or maybe even milestones.

These are some ideas you could use in your habit tracker. Try out as many as you want and see what works best for you. For that, make sure that before starting a new tracker, you go back to your previous one and check what worked, what didn’t and how you can do it better this time.

The habit tracker is there to help you have a better life and to make you more productive. So when you feel like it’s a chore and doesn’t help you anymore, it’s crucial to look through it and cut out the parts that aren’t working for you.

What do you put in your habit trackers? How does this work out for you? Share your experiences in the comments.

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