25 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas

25 Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Hello Planning Mashers!

Are you taking good care of yourself? Self-care really is a crucial element of our daily life. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Your Bullet Journal is a great tool that can help you with staying mindful and paying more attention to yourself, so get ready and check these self-care Bullet Journal page ideas.

If you follow me on Instagram and see my stories you probably think – this girl has it all together! And in many ways, I feel like I have to be that way.

But here is the truth – I do break quite a lot, it’s just something I do behind the scenes, quietly by myself.

What’s my problem? I get carried away with work, like a crazy person.

Being self-employed is something I always dreamt of doing, and the fact that my business is so connected to Bullet Journaling, the thing I love doing the most, means that working is a pleasure!

Moreover, as a self-employed person, I know that I’ll get only as much as I give, so basically, the more I work the more money I make. And that’s incentive enough.

So what happens is – I just wake up and sit down to work, I work work work the entire day, then go to sleep, wake up and do the same thing.

All this of course was not helped by the pandemic we had in 2020.

So I burnt out, like a lot! One day I could barely leave my bed and when I sat down to work I realized I had nothing to give, I had no creativity to keep being artistic and make awesome things I used to do.

That’s when it hit me: as much as I love my job and enjoy being a part of an amazing Bullet Journal community – I need to think of myself and take some time for self-care.

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What Is Self Care?

Self-care is basically you doing something for yourself, something that improves your life and your mood, even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

It can be anything, as long as it’s something that helps you to get distracted from your everyday worries and responsibilities, something that makes you feel better.

I know we always feel so great by doing things for other people, but self-care is all about yourself, so it has to be something that benefits you directly.

I know it seems like a bizarre concept and I personally don’t usually think about doing things like that, it still sounds selfish.

But here is the main point to remember – self-care is not selfish and something each one of us needs!

The best part is it won’t just benefit you. If you concentrate on self-care and start doing more things to feel better about yourself, you’ll also become a better partner, mother, daughter. You’ll be able to help others as well.

Self-care helps us to avoid burning out, to relieve accumulated stress, and generally, to reboot from time to time. It’s what allows you to be a happier, healthier, and more productive person.

Benefits Of Self Care

We already touched upon some things that make self-care so important, but I really think I should talk a little bit more about it.

It will definitely be easier to find time for yourself if you understand how much this can benefit you.

Self-care helps you to relax, which leads you to cut down on the stress that can cause lots of physical issues with your health.

You will be a  better caregiver, and generally, a more pleasant person to be next to if you take the time to do some self-care. When you’re full of energy yourself it will be easy to help others.

  • Confidence and self-esteem

When you take time for yourself, you send a message to yourself and others that you are important. Plus generally feeling physically and mentally better will help you to feel more confident and empowered.

Time alone is actually a good thing, to a different level for each person. Time alone doing some self-care will help you to slip into almost a meditative state and let your brain work on your problems on the background.

  • Boost creativity and personal development

Feeling replenished and well rested, as you would usually feel after doing some self-care, will also help you to be more creative and to work on your personal development.

Believe me, I’ve been there and only some self-care helped me to get out of my moody period and start working on myself and being creative again.

Types Of Self Care And What Do You Need

Let’s see you’re just thinking of starting to spend time on self-care. This is a great first step and believe me it will be worth it.

First of all, here are a few things you might want to think about:

  • What makes you feel happy and relaxed? These are the things to start with on your self-care list. For example, I really love being outside, so I started going on the rooftop to meditate in the morning.
  • What consumes most of your energy? Your energy is a limited resource, so think of what are some things that take too much and try to do them differently, do them less, or maybe ask for help.
  • What stops you from taking care of yourself? Usually, it’s no time or no money, or both. Well, self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. For example, just adding some self-care pages in your Bullet Journal can go a very long way.

Answering these questions will already put you on the right way to start working on self-care and paying more attention to your needs.

But here is one more thing I want to mention – different types of self-care. There are several of those and you probably should make sure you pay attention to different types so you feel more complete.

Here they are:

Taking care of your body. It can be a spa visit, but also something simple like a walk or drinking a cup of your favorite tea.

Taking care of your emotions is very important. For me, emotional care is being in tune with my emotions, understanding why I feel the way I feel.

As an introvert this is the hardest part of self-care for me, I usually just hide in my shell. But being with people is an essential part of being human and you often can be surprised how much better you feel if you’re down and spend 15 minutes talking to a friend.

This self-care is about connecting with your soul and of course, this is very different for every person. For me personally, this is meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude

This is all about you, your opinions, and your version of the life. It sounds very simple, but actually, we are so influenced by our upbringings and the society around us that it’s easy to lose track of what exactly you think.

Personal self-care is about figuring out your goals, your life vision.

This is all about practical things in your life, such as creating a better living environment, taking care of your finances. Those are the things that really can influence your happiness one way or another, depending on how well they are managed.

Credit: @craftyenginerd

Of course, your Bullet Journal can help you with all of these!

When I realized I needed some self-care I of course turned to my Bullet Journal to help me.

Below I gathered 23 ideas on how to use your Bullet Journal to make sure you got your self-care covered. 

If you want to go on and add some of these pages to your Bullet Journal, I also added a video tutorial of easy self-care themed doodles you can use to decorate your spreads.

Moreover, you can also check out a Plan With Me video with me setting up several of these pages. You can find it at the end of the post.

Making Self Care A Habit

Before we start looking at the spreads, let’s talk about establishing a habit of doing self-care.

Yes, as silly as it might sounds usually it’s best to schedule self-care. It’s very likely that otherwise you just won’t take the time to pamper yourself.

When thinking of self-care it’s very important to understand that self-care doesn’t have to take hours, it can be just something very quick.

The important part is to make time for it, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.

To make sure you keep it up and don’t start to forget about yourself among the usual worries of life, you’d need some help.

These spreads below will definitely work in your favor to keep self-care on your mind and make time for it even on your busiest days.

So check the pages below, pick the ones that you like and make sure you make self-care a priority for yourself.

Self Care Ideas Spread

The first spread you can create is a page with self-care ideas. What are some things that can help you feel better in all the areas above? 

You can do whatever you want with this page – a bunch of doodles, a list with text. Just as long as you have it and can reference it when you’re feeling down and need some help.

Credit: @hollylovesplanning

I love how this list is organized by categories, so you always know what you need.

It’s also great to have a list with different types of activities that take a different amount of time and effort, so that you have a choice even when you don’t have much time or money.

Credit: @tabea.journal

Just had to include this list here. It’s so beautiful and gentle, just looking at it makes me calm down and light a candle.

Also, this handwriting is so darn cute!

Credit: @abulletjournaladay

Such a great and uplifting spread! I really like the cute doodles and little filler elements – they make the whole page look absolutely lovely.

Credit: @jashiicorrin

I have a special love for this page, Jess is so amazing with her divided self-care approach. And she really included so many categories here I wouldn’t even think about.

This is my page with self-care ideas and as you can see I also divided them into different categories. But of course, I don’t have as many as Jess does above.

Find Time For Self Care

One of the main problems we have with following through with self-care is finding the time. It feels like there is never any time to do that.

However, it’s actually a misconception. Finding time for self-care is much easier than you think!

Just sit down and think of ways you can find 10-15 minutes in your day to spend them on yourself. Writing it down on paper will help you realize you might have more free time to spare than you thought.

Self Care On The Go

Another thing you can do to make sure you find time for self-care is to create a list of little things you can do for yourself.

Create a little list for something that takes just 10-15 minutes and reference it every time you find these extra little breaks for yourself.

I must say when I was creating this list I definitely wasn’t thinking about my own manicure skills – I definitely can not do a manicure in 15 minutes! 

But thankfully there are a lot of other ideas and fun things to do for yourself in such a short time, so just think of what would work for you.

My first try on this spread and I must say I did all of these at one point of another. It’s really surprising how much comfort such a little amount of time can bring you.

Self Care Bingo

A fun way to monitor your self-care is by creating a self-care bingo.

Choose several things you definitely want to do for yourself during the month, write them in a bingo format, and cross them out as the month goes.

Credit: @hayleys.bujo

This page is absolutely adorable, the little doodles are super cute. And I love how there is a mix between black and white doodles and colorful stickers.

There are also only 16 items in this bingo, meaning that it’s pretty easy to do everything on the table in just one month.

Credit: @thuys.bujo

I love the minimal design of this tracker and how handwriting and lettering are actually elements that decorate the page more than anything.

I decided to add self-care bingo to my mid-year 2021 Bullet Journal setup, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it as well.


Create your morning or evening routine and include some self-care in it. Creating routines, or including new elements in your already existing routines is a great way to make sure you follow through with that new habit.

If you want to learn more on how routines can help you can how you can create a perfect routine for yourself – be sure to check my post Creating Routines In Your Bullet Journal For Success And Structure.

This is my morning routine, but here I didn’t actually plan out the entire routine, this is more like a list of things I’d like to do in the morning.

As you can see this list has a lot of things and I can’t really do them all, but this is more like a brain dump of the things I want to include to my routine. I just try to do at least some of these when I wake up.

Credit: @silva.and.bold

Here is another take on the morning routine. As you see she actually timed and schedules all her morning tasks.

I must say it’s really amazing that she wakes up at 5:30. I used to wake up that early when I lived in China and it really feels amazing to be up before the entire city.

And this is my morning routine spread from the February Bullet Journal setup.

As you can see I did create a routine with different steps to follow each other. But I gave myself some leeway by not adding the timeframe. That way I kind of allow myself to wake up later or earlier and also take time enjoying all the morning tasks.

Skincare Spread

Speaking of routines, why not create a special spread for your skincare? Maybe a skincare routine, or just a tracker for your skincare products.

I sure do feel much better when I follow through with all my skincare routines and use all those fancy bottles I have in my bathroom.

This is a very simple spread with my morning and evening skincare routines. 

Good skin care is a key to always looking your best, but with so many steps it’s easy to forget some. With a little spread like this, I always remember all the steps, until they become a habit and I won’t need this page anymore.

Credit: @thebujophase

An awesome skin-care tracker to keep an eye on your favorite skincare products. With so many different products on the market, it’s useful to track what things work best for your skin.

Credit: @tinasnotes

This tracker is definitely one of the cutest ones I’ve ever seen!

I love the mini illustrations and arrows. Because the illustrations are so small, as well as the tiny letters, it makes it look even more adorable.

Beauty Tracker

One more way to make sure you keep yourself feeling the best and the prettiest is to create a beauty tracker. It’s a fantastic reminder that you need to spend some time on yourself.

This crazy overcomplicated tracker allowed me to track my moods yes, but also all the different beauty procedures, like body scrub and hair mask.

The way it works is like you see I assigned every little flower to different things I should be doing and then I’d color it on the days when I actually do this habit.

Self Love Spread

Self-love is an important part of self-care. I know sometimes we all have moments when we just don’t feel right, and usually, the first reaction is to get upset and have some chocolate, rather than doing some self-care and cheer up.

This spread will always be a great reference and reminder that you love yourself and that you’re amazing! It’s a great way to keep your head high and maybe do something for yourself, rather than being sad.

This page was very therapeutic to create. I don’t know about you but I usually don’t actually think of me that way. I’m so used to myself that I end up thinking of things I want to improve other than the awesome thing I already have.

Creating this spread really reminded me of all the good things treats I have and really cheered me up. 

Credit: @archerandolive

Another take on a similar page. This time it helps you to remember your good qualities and all the things you can do. It’s really an amazing reminder of your strengths and a huge boost for the day when you’re feeling down.

Happiness Jar

We all need some pick me up from time to time, so try creating a spread with things that make you happy!

It’s not just a way to practice self-care (for me personally sitting down with my bujo is all I ever need!), it’s also a great way to cheer yourself up in the future. Look at this spread and remember how much you love all these, or maybe use it as a reference and go play with your neighbor’s corgi! (at least until you get your own!)

I started by actually creating a happiness jar. I felt like it might be a fun concept to just draw a jar and doodle all the things that bring me joy inside it!

Kind of made me want to create an actual jar and add there little notes with things I like. Wouldn’t that be a fun idea!

The second time I decided to do this page I just created a list with some doodles and text. I feel like that way I got much more things on the page and now it’s a great reference page for gloomy days.

Looking back at my list I feel like I missed so many simple things that cost nothing and take no time! But just check the awesome spread below.

Credit: @jtraftonart

I really like this spread and how many simple things she included there that take almost no effort but bring so much joy, like singing or petting a dog.

This reminded me of 14 days I spent locked in 4 walls at a hotel in quarantine. I was so desperate for some happiness that I started doing dance parties and singing sometimes. It might’ve looked crazy for others, but I was alone, it made me happy so I did it!

Credit: @plansthatblossom

A lovely list of things to cheer her up by one of my favorite artists – Nicole.

Her doodles are just the cutest ever, so I simply had to include them to this list.


Quotes are a powerful tool to influence your moods and actions. Make sure to include some quotes to remind yourself how important and amazing you are, and how worthy it is to spend time on yourself. Self-care isn’t selfish!

A lovely quote that started my B5 Archer and Olive journal I use as my creative journal. It always makes me happy and reminds me to always take care of myself.

If you’re wondering I used here a set of Tombow Twin Tone markers – they just have the most beautiful colors and the small marker til allows for it to be more precise when creating lettering pieces.

Creating quote pages like this one is actually very simple and kind of therapeutic. So if you want to learn how to do it be sure to check my post How To Create Beautiful Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal.

Credit: @seed_successful_you

Another amazing quote. I love how it’s the simple things that we usually forget and that have the most impact on our lives.

Also, I really love the little ombre effect she created on your letters. Slav is one of my favorite Instagram accounts and she always comes up with really cute and unique designs.

Credit: @the.petite.planner

Just creating this page must be a part of self-care. Think of how meditative the process was, so it helped to relax, to get away from everyday worries, and look inside.

Plus of course, the word itself is a perfect choice for such a quote page.

Replenish Your Energy

We all have times when we’re just too darn tired, and all we can do is being a blob. As an introvert, this definitely happens to me very often thanks to my job. The nature of my office work led me to communicate with more people than I’m comfortable with.

Even though now I’m self-employed I still face a lot of energy issues. Being your own boss means that if you want to work 24/7 you actually can and since it’s something I really love doing it’s easy for me to get carried away and just work myself into oblivion.

A great way to help you out with this issue is to create a list of things that recover your mental energy, so you can refer to it and try out some of these things instead. Because let’s be honest – nobody feels more energetic after spending 4 hours binging on Netflix.

On my page below I also decided to divide activities by something I can do myself and something I can do with people.

As an introvert, I always have to remind myself to actually spend time with people, since my first reaction is always to be by myself. But this really is no good, since in many situations being alone actually hurts you more than helps.

Credit: @theboostedjournal

Really love these tips for distressing. These might be simple things but it’s incredible how much they can actually make you feel better.

Mental Health Tracker

Tracking your mental health can help you to deal with it better. It can give you clues on where you should pay more attention to yourself, and what kind of self-care would suit you better at the time.

For more ideas check my post How To Use Your Bullet Journal For Mental Health: 19 Page Ideas.

Credit: @craftyenginerd

A great way to track symptoms for your general and mental health. This can help you be more mindful of your condition and know when to take a break.

I also really love that there is a quote here to remind you how strong and amazing you really are, however bad you might be feeling at the time.

Credit: @the.petite.planner

Another great mental health tracker. I really love how this one is divided into categories like emotional health and physical health.

Also note that amazing add at the bottom with sleep, moods, and energy levels. All together it helps you create a full picture of your health, both mental and physical.

Mood Tracker

Another way to track your mental health would be to create a mood tracker. Check your mood correlations with different things you do during the day to make sure you can create the best self-care routine for yourself.

There is much more to benefit from tracking your mood, so be sure to check my post Mood Trackers And How To Use Them In Your Bullet Journal.

This mood tracker was actually inspired by self-care. I was thinking of something nice and relaxing I can do for myself and taking a bath was the first thing on my mind.

Taking a bath is kind of a luxury for me since in the last 10 years none of my houses or apartments actually had baths. It’s not that i used to take a lot of baths before, I’m always a shower girl. But you know how it is – when you don’t have something you end up wanting it even more.

Back to the tracker – the main concept here is to color each bubble according to my mood. You can see I have a key at the bottom that shows what color stands for what kind of mood.

You can assign colors for each separate mood but personally, I prefer a scale like this from good to bad.

I love circle planning elements, like mood trackers, habit trackers, monthly logs. But since they are not so easy to create I don’t usually do those.

This tracker is a circle one thought and I’m really happy I decided to go with this format. Apart from really looking great, I love that it provides so much space that I managed to add a little quote there at the bottom.

Adding quotes is such a nice way to cheer up and aff more positivity to your journal, that I try to do them as often as possible. I actually managed to add a quote to my mood tracker in January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup if you want to give it a look.

You’ll also see that I added two boxes to fill for each day. This is because this one was one of my first mood trackers, I wasn’t still sure how to do it exactly. My moods usually jump during the day so I just didn’t know how to summarize them with just one. 

Credit: @planningmindfully

Love this cute tracker by Rachel. Her doodles are always cute and I really admire that she decided to go with different patterns instead of just colors. It makes it so much more fun!

Also note that unlike me Rachel actually assigned different patterns to different moods, not just general feelings.


Getting rid of negative thoughts and conceptions about yourself and replacing them with positive affirmations is one of the best things you can do. Doing it on a daily basis will do miracles for your personal development and self-esteem.

Credit: @thejournalishome

Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

Self-care isn’t only about doing things for yourself, it’s also about not doing some things to yourself.

Take a pause and think of what stops you from being 100%. What are you doing that is making you less happy?

Recognize those evil habits and put them on paper. Accepting you have them is a very strong first step towards building a better and happier you.

Credit: @kohanadiary

I think this page has a lot of great points to think about. I also really enjoy these beautiful roses that look so perfect especially for such an important page.

Compliments Log

Self-care goes together with self-love. Sometimes we all need a little nudge in that direction, a reminder of how awesome and worthy we are. Create the little compliments spread and write down every time somebody says something nice about you.

It’s really baffling how we tend to ignore the many good things others actually say about us.

Credit: @lafondari

Gratitude Log

Part of your self-care routine definitely should be reminding yourself of all the wonderful things you have in your life. A gratitude log is exactly the place to do so.

It’s a very simple practice but it can over time change you and the way you see the world in an incredibly positive manner.

Be sure to check my post Gratitude Log For Happiness In Your Life if you want to know more about this page and its benefits.

I really loved my gratitude log from March 2020 Bullet Journal setup. I started by drawing the letter G and them adding some fun self-care doodles around it. This is the centerpiece of this gratitude log.

The idea is to fill it out with the gratitudes around the letter in the middle. If you handwriting is pretty is will be just an extra decoration of the page. If its kind of like mine – it will vary from day to day.

Generally, a gratitude log is probably the easiest page to set up. 

You want to leave as much space as possible for actually writing the gratitudes, so all you need is just a header.

Health Tracker

Your body is the most impressive tool you’ll ever use. Taking care of it is a crucial part of your self-care. Make sure you pay extra attention to everything you do for your health.

This is one of my most popular pages – my full health tracker. This one I created separately from my usual habit tracker, just to keep an eye on everything I do for my health.

Here are all the things I felt like I have to be doing for my health at the time and this tracker really helped me to keep at it. Except for maybe some very hard things to do like days without sugar. Even so, just having a few per month is actually a huge win for me.

Credit: @the.petite.planner

Another cool idea for tracking your health – a year of health challenges. That way you always make sure you do at least some physical activity (which is extra important now that we are on pandemic and sitting at home).

Plus by having a different type of challenge each month you keep your workouts more varied and interesting.

Water Log

I, sadly,  grew up without understanding the power of water and staying hydrated. However, after coming to China, I discovered how much emphasis there is here on drinking as much water as possible. I was astonished at how much better I feel now that I drink enough water.

I always make sure I get at least 6-8 glasses a day, and you should too! Having a water log can be a great idea to track what you do.

This is the monthly water tracker I created in a B5 journal.

B5 is a much bigger size than your usual A5 so I wanted to include something else to fill out space, but also to kind of motivate me to drink more water. I think this worked out pretty nicely!

Credit: @bujowithdaya

This tracker is absolutely gorgeous and I love how the empty space was filled out with the wave pattern.

I also have to note how amazing the filling out of this tracker is. The lines are so perfect and make it look absolutely stunning!

Credit: @sharonajournals

First of all the color – you must love this beautiful shade of pink!

I also like that here the water tracker is also next to the steps tracker. Both these things influence a lot our physical and mental health, so it’s convenient to have those together.

Sleep Log

Sleep is probably the most neglected way of self-care. It’s definitely the first thing to go when we need some extra time.

Of course, we shouldn’t do that. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t be on your 100%, you will make more mistakes, and generally, you’ll be more prone to have a tough day ahead of you. Create a sleep log and make sure you get your needed dose of rest.

To get more sleep log inspirations and learn how to use it in your journal be sure to check my post 21 Adorable Bullet Journal Sleep Trackers For Better Sleep Habits.

My little sleep tracker – as you can see I didn’t want to write hour numbers for each day so I just decided to track how many hours I slept.

Instead of writing the hours for each day, I have a column on the right where I wrote the time where I went to bed and woke up. A little trick you might want to use in your journal if you decide to create a sleep tracker as well.

Credit: @wood_bujo

I have so much respect for the author of this tracker! Writing all those numbers must’ve taken forever!

At the same time – it was so worth it. The tracker looks beautiful and it’s very clear each day when she slept.

Meditation Tracker

Meditation is an amazing way to practice self-care. It can take as little as 3-5 minutes of your time, but they’ll be meaningful minutes.

Meditation will help you settle down, find yourself and see all your problems from a different perspective. It creates a little happy place inside your mind which is just yours.

Make a little meditation tracker and try to find 5 minutes a day to practice.

In case the illustration on this tracker looks familiar – that’s because this is one of the characters from an app called Headspace. This is an app for meditation which I’ve been using for a few years by now and absolutely loving.

Mindfulness Page

Speaking of meditation and being one with yourself – here is a fun page idea.

This is basically a page with tips on how to be more mindful in life. Mindfulness helps up to find peace with ourselves and to fit better in society. It teaches you to appreciate more the good things and accept better the bad ones.

I’ve been working on being more mindful myself since the whole madness of 2020 started and I must say it really helped me to cope with a lot of difficulties.

Credit: @productiveandpretty

Yoga Spreads

Another way to unplug yourself from the world and just enjoy your inner peace is to practice yoga.

Create a workout tracker, a chakra spread or maybe just a cute little reminder of your morning yoga routine.

This is a little cheat sheet for a simple yoga workout.

This is the best way to start your day if you ask me – just do a simple sun salutation and it will get your blood pumping. It’s perfect for starting your day feeling energized, well-rested, and well woken up.

Credit: @kyle_kreates

When it comes to yoga it’s kind of important to know your chakras and what they stand for. At least if you’re interested in yoga more than just a workout.

I’m doing a bit of yoga myself and find it pretty interesting to see what charkas I have and manifest different things using them, like chakra affirmations page above.

Bucket List

It’s so easy to get lost in our daily responsibilities, that we forget to do the little things for ourselves. That’s when the bucket list comes in handy.

Create a bucket list for the upcoming season, or this year or any other period of time. Just make sure you add there things you want to do, things that make you happy, and follow through with at least some of these!

For more inspirations for your bucket list and ideas on what to include there check my post Fall Bucket List Ideas and Spring Bucket List Inspirations.

Brain Dump

Sometimes when we get swamped with all the things, we need to find time for ourselves to unload it all. The brain dump is a fantastic tool to do so.

Open the next empty page in your Bullet Journal and just start writing. Write down everything – your to-do list, your worries, whatever you have on your mind. This will give you a well-deserved break to spend some time on yourself.

For more about brain dump and how it can help you check my post How To Brain Dump For Calmer And More Productive Brain.

Brain dump might look like a very boring page since you need to leave as much space as possible to actually write down EVERYTHING. But it’s definitely one of the most useful pages you can have.

Plus you can always add a bit of fun to it as I did here with my working piggie who helps me to dig through all the tasks and thoughts.

Here is an example of an after the pen brain dump spread from my November 2020 Bullet Journal setup. It was so useful that I now create a brain dump almost every month, Life is busy and if this little page can elevate some of my stress – I’m up for it!

Entertainment Collections

Books, music, movies – all of these can be a way of self-care and influence our mood and feelings.

Why not create special spreads with your favorites?

Taking short classes always is a fun pastime for me. I can learn something new, keep my mind sharp, and if it’s an art class – it’s a double win.

Skillshare is one of my favorite learning platforms since they have thousands of classes in all the possible topics. It’s a great way to up your creative skills. if you want to know what are some of my favorite creative classes, be sure to check my post How To Bring Your Bullet Journal To The Next Level.

TV shows are a great way to escape for a bit into a new world, just leave your troubles behind and spend some time on yourself. I’m binging shows like crazy!

So if you have any recommendations – leave them in the comments! I’m always on a lookout for the next show to watch.

Credit: @dotted.plans

Movies are magic! They just are, I can’t say anything more. To sit down and watch a great movie is to have an amazing time.

I bet you have your comfy movie, something you put on when you’re feeling down. I do too. For me, it’s the Beauty and The Beast animated movie from 1991. I’m pretty sure I got my Disney+ subscription just so I can watch it as much as I want to.

I think rarely anything brings so much peace and joy as reading books. A good book will teach you things about yourself while also introducing you to a new and amazing world the characters live in.

This definitely is one of the best ways to have some time for yourself if you ask me.

Self Care Videos

Just like I promised, here is first the video with self-care doodles. As you see I use most of them on my self-care related spreads and I’m sure they will be useful for you as well.

Speaking of doodles, if you want to see more self-care and other doodles – check my post 100+ Bullet Journal Doodles!

Next is a Plan With Me video where I set up 5 self-care pages: quote page, 15 min self-care ideas, mood tracker, self-care tracker, and “things I love about myself” spread.

Are you convinced to create your own self-care spread in your Bullet Journal? Check out my little tutorial below on easy doodles you can use to decorate your pages.

How do you add self-care to your Bullet Journal? Let us know in the comment below!

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