27 Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations & November Plan With Me

27 Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations & My November Plan With Me

Hey Planning Mashers!

November is upon us and thanks to your help, I already chose coffee (and books) as my Bullet Journal theme. Below is my Plan With Me, as well as 27 coffee themed Bullet Journal inspirations from artists all over Instagram.

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If you’re looking for inspiration to create Coffee themed Bullet Journal spreads, you’re in the right place! I can’t wait to share with you my coffee themed Bullet Journal setup (including a Plan With Me video at the end of the post), as well as spreads from other artists.

In November, I’m going back to my Nuuna and I just couldn’t wait to start using all my colors again! I love my blackout book, but I must say I always miss the white pages and using my Zebra Mildliners.

Since I already mentioned some supplies, let’s first take a look and different tools you could use to create your own coffee themed Bullet Journal spreads.


My supplies for this setup are: Nuuna journal, Cocoa Paper cover, Faber Castell Pigment pens, and Zebra Mildliners. Pretty simple and colorful.

If you feel like you need more brown shades and you want to make it a bit less colorful, go for Tombow Dual Brush Pens (which can be bought one by one) or Crayola Super Tips. They all have a great variety of shades of brown for your coffee doodles.

Of course, there are also plenty of stickers and washi tapes you might want to use, here are just a few picks from Amazon.

And finally, I just had to add something from one of my favorite shopping platforms – Etsy.

Washi Tape by Mopapo

Washi Tape by GoatGirlMH

Washi Tape by BellasBeadHabit

Planner Stickers by StickerSters

Stickers by ClosetPlannerAddict

Stickers by Lavenforest

Now that we covered this part, let’s take a look at my take on the coffee theme.

November Plan With Me: Coffee Bullet Journal Theme

As November is rolling is and it’s still cold in La Paz (even though it’s supposed to be Springtime! Crazy south hemisphere!), so hot drinks are all the fuzz for me right now! Well that and dreaming of cozy time under a blanket, and ignoring the hubby when he is pestering me about going to the gym.

SO WHEN YOU GUYS started offering coffee as a theme for my November Bullet Journal setup I knew THAT was the one! Thankfully you seem to totally agree with me.

For my theme, I decided to create a few differentiating trademarks if you will. First of all, as you’ll notice I have a little quote on each page. I really enjoyed creating different fun coffee quotes and they also help me to fill out any extra space I have on the page.

The second thing I did on every page is doodle a different kind of coffee. It’s not much, it’s basically just different coffee cups and little banners with different coffee names. But I recently found a table with different coffee types and I wanted to add a few I liked specifically.

Cover Page

My cover page actually looks a lot like my book tracker, but for me, coffee and books are so connected that I couldn’t imagine anything else being on my cover.

Monthly Spread

I decided to try something a bit different for my monthly page.

Since I had space and I usually don’t have that many appointments, I decided to combine my monthly log with my goals page.

For a monthly log, I created a calendar and left the space under it to write down any dates and deadlines. At the same time, I like to see them clearly on my calendar itself, so I created a color code and will be marking event days inside the calendar.

For the goals, I went with the same idea I used for my “Goals Page” in 31 Days of Bullet Journal Page Ideas video series. I have 3 columns where I’ll write the goal, why I want it and how I’m planning to close it by the end of the month.

Maybe for goals, I needed more space, but I’m trying to set very few but very direct goals, so hope this space is enough.

Habit Tracker

As I always, I find myself going back to this format of a habit tracker.

I think by now I can say that we are settled and I’m ready to start spending more time working on myself. Therefore this month there are more habits and I intend to be more serious and mindful of them.

This spread is also when the unthinkable happened – I spilled some soup on it. Don’t even ask, it just happened and it was a tragedy. I needed A LOT of support from my hubby. But it all came out alright in the end. Check out my Plan With Me video to see how I minimized the damage.

Gratitude Log

Of course, no month in my BuJo ever goes without a gratitude log. 

I tried many formats, but I still find that writing your gratitudes out in words is the most effective way. Putting words on paper have some special power and it really brings more significance to the things you’re grateful for. At least that’s how it makes me feel.

Time Log 

The final spread for my November is a time log. 

A time log is a way for you to track what you’re spending your time on. The idea is that every hour you mark in this table.

This is a fantastic tool to get yourself in check and actually figure out how productive you are. I did this experiment on one of my weekly spreads and I’m pretty embarrassed about how I actually spend time.

It’s an extra awesome tool for everyone who is working from home or studying. It’s so easy to lose sign of things and get distracted without even noticing it.

Now that I’m writing this, I realize that there probably should be one more spread in my setup – monthly to-do list and monthly review. So I’ll take a break now and finish the setup!

Monthly To Do

I usually do my monthly to-do list next to my monthly log, so this might be why I forgot it this time.

As always this is a big empty spread, which I will be filling out with a huge to-do list. This time I chose a quote that isn’t just about coffee but hopefully will also motivate me to ace the list!

Monthly Recap

This actually is a spread I usually do at the end of the month, but since I have space here I thought I might as well fit it here. Especially because by the end of the month I get too busy with the new monthly setup.

As I did in September, the top part is for the monthly recap and bottom is all Masha Plans related. Since it’s some of the most important goals for me at the moment.

Weekly Spreads

Before we jump into inspirations from other creators, here are the weekly spreads I used that month.

That’s about it for my setup, now let’s dive in and see some other beautiful coffee Bullet Journal theme spread ideas. And don’t forget to check out my Plan With Me video at the end of the post!

Coffee Themed Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Credit: @jayajournals

Credit: @studyquill

Credit: @risstudy

Credit: @bujo.with.tea

Credit: @allorasbujo

Credit: @jayajournals

Credit: @font.snob

Credit: @carolynsbujo2019

Credit: @planwifftiff

Credit: @bujowithdaya

Credit: @elaineweidesign

Coffee Bullet Journal Theme: Trackers

Credit: @arilee.bujo

Credit: @thuys.bujo

Credit: @journalwithkate

Credit: @svennimoneypenny

Credit: @a.freckle.a.day

Credit: @berrymixbujo

Credit: @jayajournals

Credit: @bujosonia

Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

Credit: @suncerulean

Credit: @journalwithkate

Credit: @thuys.bujo

Credit: @bujostudy

Credit: @crafter.pillar

Credit: @bujolan

Credit: @kathlynsarahjournals

Credit: @_coffeeandsarcasm_

Plan With Me Video

Finally, here is my Plan WIth me video, where you can see me setting up my pages and fixing all the mistakes I made.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t be a Blob!