300+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Organize Your Life

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Every Area Of Your Life

Hey there Planning Mashers!

Bullet Journal is an amazing tool that can help you virtually with everything! I’m still discovering new ways to use my Bullet Journal every day and I simply marvel at how useful it is! Only you can decide what’s the limit of your journal.

Doesn’t that sound a bit scary though? When you can do EVERYTHING… How do you avoid getting lost? Where do you make the first step?

That’s why I decided to make this list of Bullet Journal page ideas! This will help you take your first steps in finding new uses for your journal and hopefully it’ll inspire you to create more interesting and useful spreads!

That’s a lot of ideas, isn’t it? But what can I say? There are no rules to Bullet journaling, which means that the limit to the number of page ideas is just your imagination.

Will you find all of these useful? Heck no! Some won’t fit your needs or your lifestyle. But some of these ideas might be eye-opening and help you in a way you never thought before.

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Tips on using collection pages

This list looks pretty intimidating, doesn’t it? Especially if you’re just starting your Bullet Journal adventure. Let me calm you down a little bit.

You don’t need to use all these pages, and you probably won’t even need most of these. It’s just ideas that can show you different sides of Bullet Journaling, how you apply this to your notebook is up to you.

Here are a few tips on how to work with collections in your Bullet Journal:

  • Think of what you need from your journal. Do you BuJo for improving your mental health? Or maybe to increase your productivity? Do you want your journal to help you with monitoring your kid’s activities? Think about this and it will give you an idea of which types of pages you might find useful.
  • Don’t try all the pages at once. When I started Bullet Journaling my first monthly setup took a crazy amount of pages. I wanted to try all the spreads I found online – mood tracker, habit tracker, beauty tracker, master list, brain dump, gratitude log, and on and on the list went. It was fun to set up, but during the month Bullet Journaling easily became a chore with all those million spreads I had to fill out on a daily basis. Don’t do it! Try out 1-2 new spreads per month and see how it works.
  • Tailor the spreads for your needs. Never stop experimenting and tailoring Bullet Journal pages to your own needs. Maybe instead of a weight loss tracker and fitness tracker, you need just one spread for your health. Or instead of generic things to check out the list, you need to create separate collections for books and movies. Always play around with the ideas to figure out the best for you.

I hope you’re ready now because it’s time to fasten your seat belts and prepare for takeoff. We’ll be looking at over 300 Bullet Journal page ideas.

Bullet Journal Planning Pages

Let’s start from the beginning. First and foremost Bullet Journal is a planning system, so here is some spread you can use to plan more efficiently.

A great page to look through your year and see how far you’ve gone. You really realize how many things actually happened and get some ideas on what to do differently next year.

  • Month | Weekly | Daily Spread

These are of course the basis for the Bullet Journal system and help you to plan your every day in any format that works best for you.

A monthly calendar is a great place to see an overview of your month and plan your day-to-day things better.

When you plan your month you probably have a to-do list or list of goals to achieve. Your monthly review will help you see how far you progressed and how you can improve next month.

Mind maps are a great way to set goals or to just brainstorm. Let me know in the comments if you want me to write a separate post just about this technique.

Knowing your deadlines is important since you definitely don’t want to miss those. You can create a separate page for deadlines, or actually, just use your Future Log like I usually do.

Birthdays are important but let’s be honest – it might be difficult to remember them all. That’s why you can just create a birthday tracked in your Bullet Journal and never forget a birthday again.

With the tempo of modern like it’s easy to forget about the holidays and all the wonderful holiday activities. Create a little spread to remind yourself of important holidays, days off, vacation days.

I find it very useful to have a monthly to-do list because you probably get lots of tasks that are not assigned to a certain day but need to be done before the end of the month. This is the perfect place to write them.

Have something big you’re working on? Like a home decoration project, or maybe something for work. Your Bullet Journal can be a great place to plan these things out.

Make a list of big projects you want to tackle and see yourself crossing them one by one as the year goes.

This is an amazing technique to calm your mind, fight overwhelms, and eventually – to get things done.

You can create a master list about anything – the master to-do list, the master list with your house chores. This is basically the list with everything on a certain topic, so next time you plan to do something about it – you just look back at this list.

An example of a monthly review page. I had a very strict approach and asked myself these questions that helped me to track my goals, as well as see how well the month went.

Plus it’s also a wonderful way to check up if I’m giving myself enough self-love.

An example of a birthday tracker. This one is super fun, but it also doesn’t give you too much space for your dates/ You can absolutely just make it a two-page spread and have much more space for all the happy dates.

If you want to learn how to create a tracker like that in your journal, be sure to check my post 31 Fun And Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

Monthly log for my November 2019 setup. This was one of my favorite themes and I’m so proud of how it came out.

So in this monthly log, I went with a bit different format from your usual calendar view. As you can see I have a small calendar to have a monthly overview and a place for events.

I also added here my monthly to-do list and my monthly goals. This spread was done with my Nuuna journal and since it’s a bit bigger than A5 and has a smaller grid – I really had a chance to add many things to just one page.

One of my favorite weekly spreads of 2019, and a Christmas-themed one for that! 

What makes this one special i that I used a mind map on the left to write down all the tasks for the week, and I used daily boxes on the right to then sort out when the tasks shall be completed.

It’s a very useful format especially if you have a lot of things going on.

Here is a brain dump page from my November 2020 setup. As you can see brain dump pages are pretty simple – all you need is just a header and the rest is basically all your tasks and worries.

Achieving Goals With Your Bullet Journal

This planning system helped me with a lot of things, but mostly, it helped me to set my goals correctly and in such a way, that they became very achievable! Here are some spread ideas you can use to help you get the same result.

Setting your yearly goals is very important. Even if they change as the year goes, even if you can’t achieve them all – at least you sat down and thought about what you want from the year.

There are many ways to create goals pages, but I guess my main recommendation would be to divide them into different categories.

  • Monthly / Weekly / Daily Goals

Setting smaller-scale goals is even more important because it’s these little mini achievements that lead you to your big dream. For daily goals – just mark them with a special color or highlighter as you plan. For monthly and weekly goals you can create a separate action plan.

  • By the end of the year, I want to be ….

This is a great practice to do when you sit to think about the upcoming year. Sit down and think now what things you want to have, but what kind of person you want to be, create your future self in your mind, and of course on your Bullet Journal page.

Setting goals is great, but tracking your progress is one of the things that will help you to stay on track. Create a little tracker to see how much you did already. It can also be a great way to check up on yourself – if you see that you don’t really do much to achieve this, maybe think if it’s something you want to begin with.

I’m not a big fan of planning such a long term. I know life happens and things can change and go in a completely different way. But still, it’s nice to have a kind of general idea on what are some milestones you want to reach in the upcoming 5 years.

You know how they say, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there?

I love the vision boards so much! It’s like a way to put your dreams to the paper, into something that you can actually see and feel.

Vision board is a strong tool that helps you achieve your goals and what might be even more important – to realize what is it you really want.

I try to create a vision board each year and I really recommend you to give it a try as well.

This is one of my favorite ways to set goals – by quarter. This allows you more flexibility with your yearly goals. Plus that way you can plan in smaller steps, which makes it easier to achieve goals.

Set one big goal to achieve in 1 quarter and spend all three months working on it. You’ll see how it’s such a strong technique because it allows you to concentrate only on one thing.

Level 10 life is one of the first goal-setting techniques I’ve ever tried and it’s really very powerful. It helps you to evaluate different areas of your life and see where you might need some help.

What I love about it is how it doesn’t focus you on just one thing, like a career, but forces you to look at your life as a whole.

Brainstorming is always a great way to dig out new ideas and true desires. With a good brainstorming session, you probably will get a lot of silly things, but there definitely will be a few gems.

When you brainstorm just be sure you write down everything that comes to your mind, no matter how silly it sounds. That’s how you let your brain fly and find the gem ideas.

They usually create SWOT for business decisions, but you can also use it to analyze your goals or even yourself. Write in the middle of the page what you’re analyzing and then divide it into 4 parts: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Another fun way to extract your real goals. The thing is we are so influenced by society and our surroundings that it’s easy to start setting goals that are not really ours, but something we are expected to do.

Sit down and push yourself to write 100 goals in one hour. You’ll see how as it becomes more difficult you’ll be forced to think more creatively and therefore – push your brain to think for itself.

Something fun to think about – what would you generally like to achieve in your lifetime? What kind of person do you want to be? Where do you want to live? What do you want to do?

These are great questions to ask yourself since a lot of these define us as people.

Moreover, if you create this spread pretty often it will be fun to see how you change and how what you want from your life changes with you.

We set goals and work on them, but we don’t always give ourselves enough praise for the little milestones we achieve on the way.

But it’s actually very important and motivating to see what are some things you already achieved, so be sure to create a separate spread for that. Maybe even add little rewards next to your achievements to stay extra motivated and positive.

This is more of a bucket list, but also can be a set of goals – depending on what you write there. But it’s a fun idea to create lists like that for each year, like 20 before 20, 21 before 21, and so on.

Reviewing your monthly progress on your goals is a great way to keep yourself accountable and see how you can improve and work on your goals better.

Another fun way to set your goals is by orienting on your age, and here you don’t have to limit yourself to just one year.

Let’s say I want to have a house by the time I’m 40. This is a huge goal, but I also have … well let’s say much more than 1 year to achieve it, so I can start planning it little by little and start working on smaller things that eventually lead me to this big goal.

This is a great way to set your yearly intentions, so create the mood for the year if you will. It also is a great way to stay positive and motivated – the right word can keep reminding you of what’s important.

One of the goals pages in my Bullet Journal. As you can see here I decided to add my “why” to always remember what I’m doing it for, as well as an action plan.

I’m sure I’ll need a separate page for a more detailed action plan, but this is a good place to have a little overview and to get started.

One of the ways to set up a level 10 life spread. It’s usually better to do it in two pages, but I decided to cut corners here.

In case you want to create a Level 10 Life spread, we have a printable in our Resources Vault that will help you, you can sign up to get your access at the end of the post.

Oh and this stencil is so perfect for creating different types of Level 10 Life pages! I got it on Etsy and I’d definitely recommend it.

My 2020 vision board. It was so much fun dreaming and creating it. 

Even though 2020 was not the best year (thank you COVID-19!), I’m still pretty impressed with how many of these things actually came true.

Another way to set your goals – with a mind map.

I usually like this page to be pretty simple and just add some doodles for different categories so I was easier to comprehend it when I look at the page.

One more way to create a level 10 life spread. As you can see left side has the evaluations and the right side is color-coded and ready for you to write down your goals in each area.

This is one of the things I love so much about this technique – you really can go so creative about it!

How fun it is to look back at this list. My life turned out so different and a lot of things were not really possible, but a lot of things did come true, be it in 2019 or 2020.

Nonetheless, it was fun creating this page and it’s fun looking back at it as well.

Bullet Journal Pages For Work

Your Bullet Journal can be a great help in your career development. Personally, I’m using my Bullet Journal for all things blogging and it’s an absolute lifesaver.

Got a big work project? Use your Bullet Journal to help. Write down your deadlines, main tasks, the project team – everything you need to make it a success.

One thing you don’t want to do at work is missing your deadlines.

You definitely don’t want to miss any of these, so creating a separate page just for your appointments can be very useful.

A useful spread especially if your schedule varies from day to day.

If you’re a team leader this can be a great spread to help you manage your employees. Create a list with team-building activities ideas, or maybe a list of good places for company retreats.

We all have a limited amount of days off and they run out so fast. Create a separate spread to make sure you stay within the norms.

In my last corporate job you’d get fined if you’re late for work more than a certain amount of times per month. It took me about an hour and a half to get to work with several subway changes, so being late was something that happened o me often.

This tracked would’ve been so very useful!

In most companies, you get paid if you stay overtime, so it might be a good idea to track your hours.

Having good relationships with your coworkers is so important for a healthy work environment, so you might consider doing a separate page with some details about them, like their birthday and favorite foods. Little things that will show them you care.

The world changes and our jobs change with that. To be on top you need to always update your knowledge so why not create a spread with some ideas for courses and training you can take to level up your working skills.

It’s always satisfying to see your monthly statistics show how much your efforts paid off, so why not add this to your work journal? This can also be a useful spread to reference when you’re on a job hunt and need to prove your value.

Whatever your job is you probably have work goals. Maybe it’s the goals you have for yourself in your career, or maybe it’s the goals your team has – you might consider writing them down in a Bullet Journal spread.

We all have a dream job, but it doesn’t have to stay a dream forever, create a spread about your dream job, and start working on making your dream come true.

You never know when you might need one and it’s great to always keep the contacts handy and stay in touch.

There are always skills you can improve to do better at your job, to move you up your career. So why not write down all these skills and start working a bit on them.

Do you have a business idea? Or need to develop a new area for your company? Well, use your Bullet Journal to write down the business plan.

  • Professional Development Plan

Working on yourself is always important, be in for work or just for yourself. But it’s also something we often forget about among the business of everyday work. Make a little spread to remind you to stay your best self.

Personal Development / Self-care Pages

I firmly believe that every day you should always try to be a better person than yesterday. Sometimes it gets hard though, and we sink in our daily routines and forget about ourselves. But taking care of yourself and developing into a better you is very important.

You can check here how and why you should never forget about yourself! See below the list of pages you can add to your Bullet Journal to help you with self-care and personal development.

For more ideas be sure to check out these posts:

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How To Use Your Bullet Journal For Mental Health: 19 Page Ideas

The gratitude log is one of the best pages you can use for self-care and mental health. It has been my must-have page in my every monthly setup and I always recommend giving it a try.

Self-care is so very important and yet it’s something we often forget about. Make a little reminder spread with ideas to make sure you give yourself enough love.

Bucket lists are such a great idea! They always remind you to do fun things you love and don’t we all need a reminder like that sometimes.

For more inspirations for bucket lists check my post: Fall Bucket List Ideas, Spring Bucket List Ideas, And Bullet Journal Inspirations.

We mentioned you can use a page like that for your work skills, but you can use it for personal skills as well. What are some of the things you always wanted to learn to do? DOn’t delay doing that for that never coming tomorrow, just create a list and start doing these things now.

A good morning routine can help you set your mind to have a productive and positive day. It might take a while to make the routine a habit so creating a spread for that can be a good idea.

Finishing your day on a good note is just as important and starting it with a positive thought.

If you’re not sure why you need a routine and how to create a perfect one for you be sure to check my post Creating Routines In Your Bullet Journal For Success And Structure.

A good skincare routine is so important to keep you looking your best! But please tell me I’m not the only one when I say that I don’t necessarily do all the things every day. 

For me, it’s pretty easy to lose track of time and forget to do my two peelings a week or use a scrub every other day. And I believe I’m not the only one.

To help with that create a spread with a skincare routine.

  • Things That Make Me Happy

You know that feeling that everything is the worst and the universe hates you? Well, for this kind of day I love using this spread.

Think of all the things that make you happy and add them here. This will remind you how many amazing things there are out there, and maybe will give you an idea of what you can do to cheer up.

TED talks can be so many things – informative, educational, uplifting, inspirational. Make a list of your favorites and come back to them from time to time.

Our brain tends to forget so many things, so rewatching some of your favorite talks can bring you some new ideas and be reminded of forgotten concepts.

  • Favorite Quotes That Inspire Me

There is a lot of power in words, and a good quote can inspire and uplift your spirits.

Keep a page with your favorite quotes to make sure they are always for you to help.

If you want to learn how to create cute quote pages in your journal, check my post All You Need To Know To Create Beautiful Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal.

Wishing is always fun, so why not put all your wishes on paper. Apart from just a fun page to create this also will trigger the power of attraction if you believe in that.

Your brain will subconsciously look for ways to make this come true, and you can also concentrate on these things and build a plan on how to make these things come true.

Meditation is a very powerful practice, but learning to keep your mind at peace can be very hard. Creating a meditation log can help you make it an everyday habit.

  • Things I Love About Myself

We all sometimes struggle with self-love. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes has the “I’m no good” moments.

Create a list of things you love about yourself, your strengths, and things that make you you. This is always a great exercise to up your self-esteem and reminds yourself how amazing you really are.

Our brain is an incredible thing and when you let it wander at night it can come up with some amazing things, from amazing tales and adventures to tips on how to solve your real-life problems.

Logging your dreams can be a very fun and useful activity.

This is like your mantra, your beliefs. But not for the year like for example word of the year, but for your whole life. Some core values you want to live by.

Doodling is an amazing practice that is great for more than just creativity – it’s also a way to relieve stress, meditate, and just relax.

Try creating a spread with doodles on a certain topic, or maybe take part in a monthly doodling challenge.

Not sure you can doodle? Well, you absolutely can! Check my post Learn To Doodle: Beginner’s Guide To Bullet Journal Doodles.

Doing once things for people might not cost you anything, but it brings so much joy to others and is just one more way to put more positive energy into the world.

Plus, of course, it really feels nice for you as well.

Who are your idols? Why do they inspire you? What do you like about them?

Create a spread about your idol and use it as inspiration to be better and strive for more.

Affirmations are a great practice that can help you become a better self, believe in yourself more, and just generally be happier and start your day positively.

Create a spread with your daily affirmations and keep telling this to yourself every morning.

Mood trackers are great to monitor your mental health and see when you might need some extra help. 

For me, this is definitely a must-have page for every monthly setup.

I don’t know about you but I’m totally addicted to listening to podcasts. It’s such a convenient way to consume information, you can listen to them when you’re commuting, cleaning the house, or doing the dishes.

Plus thankfully at the moment, there are podcasts about pretty much anything.

Create a spread with a list of your favorites, or maybe a list of podcasts you wanna get to listening to at some point.

  • Things That Make Me Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, wouldn’t you agree?! Create a list of things that make you laugh, like your favorite comedy movies, stand-up comedians, or maybe just some funny memories you have.

Creating my ideal day spread is kind of like creating a routine but for the entire day.

Write down what your ideal day looks like – what time do you wake up, what do you do, what time do you go to bed.

I’m not saying you have to start lining each day like this starting tomorrow, but this can be a good guide to use as a reference. Start working bit by bit on including more of the things from your ideal day into your everyday life.

Journaling is an amazing practice for self-awareness, mental health, and general stress relief. 

But if you’re starting to journal the first time it can be hard – what should you write about? How do you get started?

That’s why it can be a good idea to create first a page with journaling prompts little questions to yourself. Then maybe when you start journaling you can just look at this list and start by answering these questions.

There are many interesting personality tests out there, and many of them can help you understand more about yourself and your behavior.

Take a test and create a spread about it.

We all have of those – smoking, spending, too much sugar. Create a list of habits you want to break and start working on it one habit at a time.

Let’s all admit it – we spend too much time in front of a screen. TV, iPads, computers, phones – our poor eyes barely get any rest!

Try monitoring how much time you spend in front of a screen and create a spread in your Bullet Journal for that. Even cutting it down a little bit can be a great help.

My miracle morning is an amazing book by Hal Elrod. It explains how much you can get done in the morning and how changing just a few things in your morning routine can help you be more productive and transform your life completely.

Create a page with your own miracle morning and see your life-transforming.

If you’re struggling with your mental health it might be a good idea to add a spread with triggers – things that just make you feel worse. That will help you avoid situations that will impact your mental health in a negative way.

A simple little spread to make sure I keep my skincare routine organized.

Something else I could add here is the name of the brands I use for my skincare, maybe some things to do weekly.

Here is an example of my ideas day page.

As you can see it has all the daily tasks assigned to certain time slots and it also includes my morning and evening routine.

Is this how my days look? Hell no! But this is my ideal to strive for and I’m working to make this happen.

This is a version of a gratitude log. I used doodles of some things that I do for self-care to create a letter G for “gratitude”. The idea is to write my gratitude around this middle decor.

A simple circle mood tracker. I decided to add two sections to each day because my moods often fluctuate. 

If you want to get a circle habit tracker, which you can also use for mood tracking, be sure to check out Resources Vault. If you don’t have your access yet, be sure to sign up in the form at the end of the post.

Simple little spread with tips on how to find time for self-care.

With the tempo of life being so crazy in the modern world, it’s easy to forget about self-care or keep saying that you just don’t have the time for it.

But there is always time for self-care, so this is a fun spread to remind you of that.

48 days of daily meditation, this really was a big achievement for me, and filling out this tracker helped me to stay motivated and not give up.

A sweet little list of things that make me happy.

This wonderful spread always reminds me of how amazing the world is and gives me an idea of what is one small thing I can do to cheer myself up.

Love this quote so much that I had to add it to my Bullet Journal.

This is definitely a quote that helped me to go through 2020 when I had times when it seemed like the world is ending around me.

Another ideal day page in my Bullet Journal. As you can see this is a totally different routine and I went a bit freer with the timetable by not assigning times for each part of the day.

Healthy Lifestyle Spreads 

Personally, for me, living a healthy life has always been trouble. I love my junk food and I don’t necessarily enjoy doing sports. Basically what I’m saying is – I always lacked accountability and motivation to make that strong-willed effort for the big change.

Bullet Journal really helped me to find that! Ok I’m not saying I got healthy in one month, but these spreads helped me to – bit by bit – make small daily changes to my lifestyle. I hope these ideas can help you out as well!

Meal planning is the key to acting better. Without a plan, we are likely to make worse choices with our meals.

Create a meal planning spread, or maybe add a meal planning section to your weekly spreads or a monthly setup.

Keeping a grocery shopping list can be your key to actually following the meal plan. A cool trick here can be adding groceries on a post-it note, so you can easily replace them for the next week or take them with you to the grocery store.

Personally, I have no idea about healthy foods – what’s good and what isn’t? Apart from the obvious sugar I probably couldn’t tell.

If you’re a beginner like me make a list of healthy foods that you should include more often in your day-to-day meals.

I love smoothies – they are delicious, full of energy, and very healthy. There is only one problem – they can get pretty boring.

So to make sure you add variety to your morning drink – create a spread with some of your favorite smoothie recipes.

Cooking is hard, cooking healthy food that tastes good is even harder. SO this could be a fun idea to write down your favorite healthy food recipes so next time you cook you know exactly what to make.

It’s crazy how much habits actually influence us. Little things you do every day accumulate to big changes in your whole life. Use a habit tracker to make sure you develop good and healthy habits.

Be sure to check my post Bullet Journal Habit Trackers to learn different types of trackers and how to use them for your benefit.

Trying to lose a few pounds and get your body ready for the beach season? Well, a calorie tracker might be just the thing for you.

For me personally counting calories doesn’t work, but it can be a powerful tool for a healthier body so if it’s your jam – definitely add this page to your Bullet Journal.

When you want to snack what do you eat? I try to stay healthy and have a banana, but it gets pretty boring pretty fast so I come back to my chocolates in no time.

So create a list of healthy snacks and make sure you have them at hand. This little thing can help so much! I know for sure most of the calories and all the bad things in my diet come from snacking on the wrong things.

When it comes to vitamins it’s all about being consistent and knowing exactly what you need. A tracker can help you with both!

I can tell you when I was growing up flossing was not a thing, so even now I need an extra reminder to actually floss. Maybe you too, and if so – this page is perfect!

Losing weight is not an easy task, it can definitely make you feel hopeless or desperate sometimes. But you know what will always keep you motivated?

A weight loss tracker! A way to see your progress and push you to do it just one more day.

Definitely, a fun way to keep up with your exercises. It’s kind of like a yearly mood tracker but for workouts.

You can just mark the days when you worked out, or maybe create separate colors for different types of workouts and keep track that way.

Not ready to commit to a yearly workout log? Just create a workout tracker for a month, or maybe just for a week.

Sometimes moving in small steps can be so much more effective than suddenly change things up and commit to something new for the entire year.

  • Monthly Workout Challenges

This is a fun idea I got from Erin at The Petite Planner. To add a bit more fun to your workouts and maybe to motivate yourself – create different workout challenges each month.

This will make working out more interesting and will always keep you on edge to complete the challenge.

Our levels of energy can absolutely be depleted, but often you just keep going without noticing.

No good!

Keep an energy tracker that forces you to ask yourself how much you have left and if you need to maybe do some self-care to recover instead of pushing through.

Obviously, with me spending all my days in front of a screen, my vision is going down. But how much? And did it already reach the worrying levels?

I wouldn’t know because I don’t have a page like that. But you might want to! Just check your eyes on a regular basis and keep track.

Drinking water is such a basic necessity, but let’s be honest – you probably don’t drink enough of it. I sure don’t!

With all the sodas, smoothies, and boba teas, simple water just sounds so boring. So I use a water tracker to make sure I drink all the water my body needs.

If you want to start tracking water easily in your Bullet Journal, I have in my shop water tracking stickers, that will have you to make it a very simple and fun process. You can check the stickers here.

I found that this is probably the tracker that helps me the most to stay healthy. With me working at home I sit far too much time and barely ever remember to stand, not even walk.

So having a step count tracker can be a good reminder and motivation to stay active. Even small things like an extra few steps a day can make a difference in a long run.

Going to the gym? Then you probably need to keep track of what kind of muscles you train on which days, or what kind of classes you attend.

This page in your Bullet Journal can help you with that.

  • Sugar / Coffee / Alcohol Free Days Tracker

As much as I love all of these things, they are not really that good for your health. 

Keeping a track of my consumptions helped me to see that some of these (I’m looking at you sugar) need some more control, and ultimately it helps me to establish some healthier habits.

If you’re embarking on a body improving journey having body measurements spread can be useful – it will keep you motivated and of course, allow you to see how much progress you actually made.

Body measurements are actually much more reliable when it comes to tracking your diet and workout results than your weight.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so maybe if you’re trying to lose some weight creating a spread with before and after pictures can be a much more empowering and motivating thing.

Having a plan is always halfway to success, the same is true for your diet. Your Bullet Journal is of course there for you to help you keep up with your diet plans.

Whether you’re trying to lose some weight or just east better – having go-to meals can be a difference between a healthy dinner and ordering a pizza.

For healthy lifestyle habits, it’s important to not just know what to eat, but also what to avoid. Once I sat down to do my research I kind of got surprised how many things I thought were good but happened to have to be taken in moderation.

Oh, moderation – it’s not really a word I use often.

Good night’s sleep is really the most important thing. It’s important for your physical health and your mental one, so definitely try using a sleep tracker if you feel like your sleeping habits are far away from healthy ones.

When taking supplements one has to be careful to take the exact amount needed. Of course, your Bullet Journal can help you with tracking these things.

CBD can be very helpful with a lot of things, so maybe it’s a fun idea to track which times you take CBD and how it makes you feel. So you can figure out exactly how it helps you.

Tracking your shark week can be very beneficial for your help, so why not create a spread for that in your Bullet Journal.

Might be something you’d want to track in different situations. Of course, your BuJo can help.

You can just add it as a part of your period tracker, or maybe just mark ovulation days with special color in your monthly log.

Whether you did training or just doing your research on the internet- it might be useful to write down some basic simple things anyone can do. This literally might save a life one day!

You don’t want to miss any of your doctor’s appointments, so why not create a schedule for those? Especially if it’s something you do regularly and often.

  • Yoga Poses to Relieve Pain

I suffer from very strong back pains sometimes, and yoga really helped me with those. Knowing which poses help you with pain can help you a lot in an extreme situation.

If you suffer from chronic pain it might be helpful to track when and how intense your pain is. It will be so useful in managing those pains!

This is really something very important and you’d want to keep track of yours, especially if you have certain health concerns.

But even if you don’t it might be useful to figure out in general what your normal pressure looks like.

Stretching is an important part of your workout. Whether you just do stretching or do it after a workout – it’s useful to have a tracker and always keep it in mind.

Healthcare bills can go pretty high, so it might be useful to keep track of your health expenses. This might also help you figure out different ways you can actually cut on your expenses, plus to see what are some health issues you’re usually facing.

Sp[eaking of paying for your health expenses, it might be useful to create a spread about your medical insurance. How much you’ve already spent, what kind of coverage you get. ANd maybe a list of other options you might want to consider switching to.

For more ideas, you can check my post 51+ Health and Fitness Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

There are many ways to set up a sleep tracker, and this one is probably the easiest one – you don’t need to write too many numbers and still, you get all the information needed for successfully tracking your sleep.

A very simple page with a weekly meal plan. As you’ll notice I also added an area with snack ideas.

I snack a lot during the day and without a plan on what exactly the snacks will be I end up just eating chocolate and candy.

You don’t actually need to create a separate page for a meal plan – you can always just include it into your weekly spread. As you can see it doesn’t really take that much space from your weekly but will be very useful to see it right there with your daily tasks.

A weight loss tracker, and now I notice that there is an important thing I didn’t include here – my “after” measurements. After all your measurements are a much better indicator of your body changes.

This page helped me to gather small little things I can do every day to improve bit by bit my health. It’s surprising how much just changing your daily habits can improve your health overall.

Entertainment Collections

Living these days is extremely fun – you’re never bored! At any time you can find something interesting and fun to watch or do. Aren’t you getting lost sometimes in all that?

I have like 6 tv shows I’m currently watching, and these are just the ones I remember! These Bullet Journal pages can help you keep track of all the things, or just gather ideas on what can be your next entertaining adventure.

I used to read a lot. Like so much! And now I can’t even remember what are the books I’ve read and what they were about. Other things kind of replaced this information in my brain. If only I had this list!

I also often get recommendations of things to read. But somehow every time I think of reading a new book I can’t remember any of the recommendations. Having a list like that might be helpful for that!

Remembering what the book was actually about, what things you loved, what are something you learned – I found that all this is very useful, because ultimately as time goes the knowledge you got from a book kind of fades away.

I like doing my book reviews in sketch notes, it’s a fun and very visual way to put information on paper. Learn more about it in my post Introduction Into Visual Note Taking.

Summer is usually the time when things slow down a little bit, so you might have more time to spend with a good book for example. Why not add a summer reading list to your Bullet Journal this season.

If you read at all eventually each year you’ll have your top favorites. Create a list, fill it out each year, and eventually, it will turn into a list of your favorite books altogether. 

There are so many amazing movies out there, it’s easy to get lost and miss out on some gems. Make this list to be sure you have something to watch on your next movie night.

With the number of movies out there, it’s easy to forget what are the ones you watch, so this list might help you keep track.

This is probably a great page if you’re a movie buff and want to always remember the impression and other little things you noticed while watching a certain movie.

Who else is watching like 5 tv shows at once? And now sure where exactly you stopped? TV show tracker can help you with that!

Even though on Netflix and other streaming services it’s usually pretty clear what exactly was the last episode you watched, it’s still a fun collection to have in your journal.

Just like with books, I keep hearing recommendations but never remember what exactly are the things I wanted to watch. With this collection, I’ll always know what to binge next.

Never forget about a show with a premier tracker! It will always remind you that the show you liked so much last year is finally back and it’s time to binge the new season!

Personally, rating movies and shows gives me a lot of pressure and anxiety, but if it’s your thing – you can definitely use your BuJo for that.

Have a favorite concert venue? Keep their schedule in your journal to see if there are some events you’d like to attend.

  • Quotes from Favorite Books

Words have so much power in them, and a good quote can motivate you, teach you or change your life completely. So why not write down some of the impactful quotes you stumbled upon in the books (or movies, or any other media).

I like keeping my quotes in separate quote pages rather than in a collection. If you want to learn how to create those too, check my post How To Create Beautiful Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal.

  • Favorite Olimpic Athletes

Olimpic games have so many things to watch, that you just have to be a bit pickier. Make a list of the athletes you want to follow, or maybe just the types of sports.

For me, it’s probably always winter Olympics and figure skating. You can take me out of Russia, but sometimes you can’t take Russia out of me.

I find that music is very important and it actually helps to remember events and things if you have a song connected to it. So why not add a song of a week collection?!

A fun collection with your top song playlist. It’s always fun to have a spread like that with your go-to songs. It can be very helpful for the time you’re feeling down and need a little pick me up.

If weekly songs are too much, try doing a monthly playlist! It will be fun to look back at how your musical tastes have been changing during the year.

  • Favorite Stand Up Comedians

With the amount of entertainment available right now on-demand, I often forget the names and other details of some comedians I liked. It can definitely be – you know, that guy who did that joke about alligators. And as I’m writing these lines I still can’t remember what was the joke and who is actually that guy.

So yeah, it might be a good idea to have a list of your favorites, so you know who to watch next time you need a laugh.

Sometimes it happens – you just get bored. And usually to kill the boredom I know I turn to Netflix (or Amazon Prime since they have all the seasons of my all-time favorite shows). It would be fun to have a list of other simple activities that bring you joy.

I love good documentaries, they are always an interesting watch, you learn a lot. Plus it’s fun to rewatch them and recommend them to others as well. Having a list really helps me to remember all the things I’ve watched and liked.

I bet there are tons of things you’d love to try, new hobbies, new restaurants, new activities. Put it on the list and it will be a great reference for the next time you feel like you want to do something fun.

It’s always great to have a list of your favorites, so you always know where to go for a cozy afternoon with a book and a cup of coffee.

Always know your go-to favorites with this collection! I definitely need this one, because I keep forgetting all the wonderful movies I love.

Let me know in the comments what are some of your favorite movies.

I’m not much of a sports person, but I do watch football (or soccer like you’d say on the other side of the pond) World and Euro cups. It helps to have a tracker to make sure I don’t miss any matches I wanted to see.

This is kind of a fun game we’ve been playing every year, where you predict the winners and whoever guessed the most right gets the prize.

It’s usually something small, like for example everyone takes the winner out for dinner. But it does makE the reward season a bit more fun.

  • Favorite Board/Cellphone Games

I love playing games and with cellphone games in particular it’s easy to get lost with all the variety. This list can be a fun way to keep track of your favorites.

Make your dates more fun and full of new interesting things by keeping a list with ideas. It won’t just make your dates more entertaining but will improve your relationships as well.

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely guilty of going to the same places and eating the same food all the time. The list of restaurants to try can help you bring more variety to your eating experiences.

Essential oils are great to relax and build a calming atmosphere around you. Create this collection to always remember the favorites that worked best for you.

Probably if you make a research you’ll find out there are so many fun and interesting events in your area. Having this list can help you not miss out on the fun.

I mean yes I know you can just save the links in your browser, but wouldn’t it be fun to also add them into a special collection in your journal?

Not anything I’ve ever done, but I know people have a lot of fun with these, so why not create a separate page for your journal. It can even be kind of a guessing game – see who guessed the most of the draft.

I’m not that much into music, to be honest, I’m more of a podcast kind of girl. 

That’s why this list is still unfilled – it’s not easy for me to come up with my top songs, and even more to remember their names and singers.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been reading that much, but having a book tracker really helps!

Plus it’s always fun to doodle books, check out my post with 7 simple ways to doodle books if you wanna use them in your book tracker.

A movie tracker is always a fun page to add, so of course, I had to create this collection.

It’s also a good reminder for me to actually watch more movies and not just binge old classic show reruns.

One more book tracker in my journal. This is probably my favorite one – I really had so much fun creating this one.

Home & Family 

I don’t live in a big family, right now it’s just me and my husband. But even I get sometimes overwhelmed by the number of small tasks we have to do to keep up the household.

My biggest helper in relieving this stress is, of course, my Bullet Journal.

Having a routine is always helpful and makes things much easier, just check my post on How To Create Routines For Success And Structure.

Cleaning is not the most pleasant task and I know I can slack on it a lot. So I’ll take anything that can make the process a little bit easier.

Doing spring cleaning is a huge project to undertake, so having a list and an organized approach is very helpful to make sure you rock it.

Honestly time – I actually have a full journal and tons of Amazon lists (and Pinterest boards) with ideas for my ideal home. You can include here anything you want.

I add things like home decor ideas, best organization tools, must-have home gadgets, and such.

If you’re like me and always forget to do your chores, having a tracker like this can be super helpful.

After all, it is better to do your chores a little bit every day than spending your entire weekend cleaning the house.

There are daily and weekly cleaning tasks that I usually never forget, but the things you need to do once every quarter – this is much more difficult!

So make a tracker like that, to make sure you always provide good maintenance to your house.

Whether it’s watering your house plants or a lawn – having a schedule will always help you give them enough water on time.

Konmari is probably the best way I know to clean out my apartment and really declutter.

It’s of course easier to keep it organized with a checklist.

Can you say without a doubt what exactly you have in your freezer at the moment? I didn’t even realize how much food I had there until it was time to move and my new fridge just couldn’t fit all the food.

Doing freezer inventory from time to time is very useful to make sure you don’t waste food, and of course to keep your fridge clean and organized.

It’s very very important to have a list with emergency contact, especially if you’re like me and live far away from your family (literally on the other side of the world for me).

Just create a list like that in your journal so you always know where to go in an emergency and who can help.

Whether it’s a thank you for something, or maybe just sending best holiday wishes – it’s important to make sure you send all the cards to everyone. This little list can help you with that.

  • House Improvement Project

I don’t know about you but I always have this desire to improve things. And the best part is – you really can change a lot with just some very simple things, like home decor or a paint job.

If you feel like updating your house a spread with ideas and plans you have is super useful.

What kind of house do you want? This is a list with some main characteristics you want from your forever home – location, price, how many bedrooms.

Fruits and vegetables thankfully are available the whole year-round, but they are more delicious and fresh when they are in season.

I must say I always miss the seasonal produce, and if you do too – this list will help you out!

  • House Maintenance Tracker

House is a big beast to take care of, so it’s useful to have a list of all the things you have to take care of, especially if this is your first house.

Even if your yard is just a patch of green grass, it still requires a lot of work. Keeping a checklist for just that can help you keep your yard top nudge all the time.

If this is the style you chose for your home, you might want to keep track of antiques available in your area with this page. Mark here your wish list, best places to shop for antiques, maybe the budget you’re ready to spend on such purchases.

  • Appliances Warranty Tracker

I never track my appliances warranty, until it gets broken, and then it’s a hard process looking for the documents and checking dates.

Having an easy spread like this one will make it much easier and convenient to keep all your appliances in good shape.

  • Big Purchase Compare Chart

Making a big purchase is always an important decision, after all, you do end up spending a lot of money on it so you want to get the best item for the best price.

Create a comparison chart with different models and different prices to help you make the right decision.

Family contacts are very important and I must admit – if it ever happens that I don’t have an access to my phone I’d never be able to remember their contact information.

Unless of course, I had this page in my Bullet Journal.

  • Neighbors Contact Information

Your neighbors can be super helpful and make your life in the area so much easier and more pleasant.

Having your neighbors’ contact information therefore can be a very good idea.

A useful thing to track so you always know when might be a good time to sell with profit and finally being able to afford your dream house.

Holiday family traditions really make things very special, so it might be fun for your and the future generations as well to have a spread like that.

It’s good and very productive to schedule big projects like spring cleaning. It will help you get things done faster, which is always a good thing when it comes to cleaning, no?

Summer is a wonderful time when there are so many amazing things you can be doing. I definitely think it deserves a separate bucket list.

Be sure to check my post with Fun Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas to add even more creativity to your summer.

Have a family? You definitely need this list!

There are many fun things you can do with your family, whether it’s you and your husband, your dog babies, or actual kids – there are tons of fun things you can do in your free time.

Personally, I know that without a list I always choose to stay at home and watch Netflix.

Laundry is something I’m not very consistent with, finding out that I need to go out tomorrow but have all my socks dirty.

Having a schedule will help you not only always have clean things to wear, but also to keep all your other stuff like towels and sheets on a cleaning schedule.

Ok, this one is a really great page. You can track when you last bought smth or did something.

That way you can always first of all – see when was the last time you did something, but also track how long things last and how often you have to restock them.

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts, especially if you want to get that one perfect present.

Having this page will help you to always have a space to write down your awesome ideas.

The holiday season can be stressful, whether you’re hosting this year or not. Having pages in your Bullet Journal to help you figure things out and make it less stressful.

I always have issues remembering birthdays. I can’t imagine how you’d do without a birthday tracker.

This was probably one of your homework during primary school, but it’s still a fun project to do, and now with the internet and tons of online services you can go even deeper and maybe discover something new and interesting about your family.

Vehicle maintenance is not less important than your house maintenance. You don’t want to end up with a broken car in the middle of nowhere.

Plus actually keeping up with your car maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Whether you’re planning your wedding, or want to preserve memories from your special day – this is definitely a fun page to create.

I’m starting these examples with a happy note – a gift idea spread.

If you’re starting yours in advance you might want to just have it in a brain dump format, but if you’re cutting it close- this one might be perfect.

When you start cleaning the best thing to do is to divide the process by areas.

This is my version of Konmari checklist and it really helped me to declutter so much!

Bucket lists are probably my favorite thing to create each season. I mentioned a summer bucket list in the page ideas above, but I love the Christmas version just as much!

With all the holiday preparations it’s easy to forget about all the other great things you can enjoy during the season. This list will remind you to take a break and enjoy the moment.

I should probably retake this picture since seems like pencil lines are not very clear here. But this is basically me planning out my office.

I love planning out rooms, especially when it comes to my office – I always try to think of ways to make it absolutely perfect.

This one is more about self-care, but you can see I have a few house chores here.

The idea is pretty easy – I have a list of things and on the right, I’ll just write the dates when I do (or buy) the thing.

This is my weekly cleaning schedule, at least the way it was several years ago when I created this page.

With a schedule like this, it’s easy to keep the house clean. You do little things every day and it all accumulates.


Bullet Journal can be such a useful tool for every parent! Use these page ideas to make sure you’re on top of everything in your kid’s life.

I bet your kid is saying some super funny and clever things! I know I did when I was a kid – my mom actually has a journal with it all.

That journal is a very fun read for me but would be even more precious for you as a parent.

Use this little spread to make sure you never miss any appointments and plan your days accordingly.

Kids grow up so fast that it might be hard to keep up with their always changing clothes and shoe sizes. This page definitely can help!

I can’t talk enough about the importance of vaccines! I was a sickly child and missed a lot of vaccines so I grew up to be an adult with a pretty weak immune system. So yeah – make sure your kids are on track with their vaccines with this spread.

Just to clarify – I’m not a medical specialist or anything like that, this is my own experience and opinion about vaccines. And in case you agree – this page will definitely help.

I think it’s so much fun to pick your children’s names! At the same time, it’s a huge responsibility and you want to pick the one that would be perfect. Having a list of name ideas in your BuJo might be very helpful in decision-making!

An easy way to keep a record of your baby’s growth is by creating a list of the baby’s firsts. Record even, add date, picture maybe some notes and the beautiful memory is set forever.

Meal planning for kids’ lunch is very important because you know they will definitely turn to junk food and candy otherwise! SO just like you do with your meal planning – make a list with ideas for your children’s lunchbox.

COnsidering when you have kids the time when they’re at school is probably the only time you can get things done, be sure you know exactly what their schedule is. Of course, a Bullet Journal can help you.

Ver important page where you can keep all the allergy information – what are the allergies, how severe is the reaction, how to deal with it.

  • Community Events For Kids

I was really surprised to know how many events there are actually for kids! And an event is always a fun way to spend some family time together. SO do your research and write these down in your journal of course.

  • School Contact Information

I know these days we can just write it down on our phones, but wouldn’t it be a very cute spread in your journal with all the school information?! 

Bedtime stories are some of the best memories of my childhood. Wouldn’t it be fun to create a spread with some of your kid’s favorite stories?

Helping your kid to learn to go to the bathroom like a big girl (or boy) is an important step in their development. Having a page like this might help you give an easier transition for your child.

Definitely might be a useful spread for a growing child who always needs some kind of clothing.

It’s always easier for kids to keep up with chores when they know exactly what they are, I still remember that from my childhood. 

Chores become much less dragging if you get a reward for them, it’s still true for me now as well, except for a clean apartment is a reward by itself for adult Masha.

Having more than one babysitter can be a difference between going out with your significant other or staying home. So this page is definitely a must-have – write down all the babysitters you could call on for help, as well as their contact details, rates, and maybe some other notes.

Sports activities are fun and a great way to develop the physical health of your kids, and of course, you wouldn’t want to miss any of their sports games. This page will help you keep up!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a list of movies I want my kids to watch. Plus it’s always great to have this list for the next time you need a bit of a rest.

Need a treat idea, or something special to do for your kids? This list will help you remember all their favorites and create a really one-of-a-kind day for them.

  • Bedtime Routine Checklist

Routines are a great habit to have and it’s especially crucial when you try to put your kid to bed. 

Back to school is a very busy and kind of expensive time of the year. Having a list like that can guarantee that you get all that your child needs and won’t be overspending on things that are really not needed.

Pets Related Spreads

Don’t forget about your other kids – your pets. Bullet Journal will help you to make sure they are taken good care of.

The fun page I definitely had when I decided to get a puppy. I decided to call him Bruce by the way, after my favorite Superhero of course.

I might be crazy but I actually did a lot of research before getting a puppy. I was trying to pick the breed that would work best for my needs and my lifestyle. I absolutely hit jackpot when I chose French Bulldogs.

Of course, we all want our pets to be healthy and happy, and for that regular vet visits are very important. Definitely recommend making a page like this to always stay on top of your pet’s health.

With Bruce, I know I should take him to have a wash once every one-two month. But I also know that I have no sense of time and I can absolutely forget to take him grooming on time. This spread keeps me organized!

It’s always good to know what are their favorites, so you can bribe them better. I know Bruce is crazy about bananas and watermelons, but not so much into blueberries.

I know that when it comes to puppies their feeding schedule changes a bit as they grow up, so the page with a schedule was very useful.

If you have a puppy a walking log can definitely help you to establish a habit of walking your precious one. Something I’m still working on.

Training your pets is all about staying consistent and with a training schedule, it will be easy to keep up with raising your little fur baby.

As a new puppy owner I know that potty training is hell, but what helped me is tracking the time and making notes. Basically – a page like this!

It’s such a wonderful idea to keep the memories of your beloved pet by creating a growth spread. Add some fun moments, maybe pictures. It will definitely be a cute page to look back at.

In case of a long day at work or maybe a short weekend trip – you’ll need a contact of some people who don’t mind taking care of your pet.


Using your Bullet Journal for school can help you up to your game immensely. Or just use these spread ideas to help your kid to succeed in his or her school life.

The first and basic page I can think of is of course a schedule of your studies.

The semester log is kind of an overview of your semester, with all the basic information you need.

The study tracker will make sure you spend enough time studying to actually succeed with all your schoolwork.

Sleep is really a key to staying productive and learning. If you have a good night’s sleep you’ll definitely learn so much better.

Sometimes you might need some motivation to get back to your studies, so it might be useful to have a spread full of ideas on how to recharge and get excited about studying again.

I find that grading systems can get pretty complicated, with assignments, extra school work, separate projects. So it might be useful to have a spread to keep track of how you’re doing with your studies.

Exams are stressful events by themselves, but you can definitely lower the stress factor a bit if you create an exam tracker with all the basic info on what you need to ace each exam.

Planning your homework can help you feel less stressed and always stay on top of all the schoolwork. This page can help!

Knowing the load of your study work can help you plan your work and not get overwhelmed by all the tasks and deadlines.

Planning is the first step to success, I truly believe the same is true when it comes to studying.

You get lots of assignments through a study year, all for different classes and with different deadlines. It can definitely be helpful to keep track of them.

There is always required reading, so keep it all on one Bullet Journal page for convenience.

There are probably a few projects you have to go through during the study year, and probably some of them include working with other students. Having a page to plan it all will help you to succeed.

It can be very useful to have a list of all the books you need for your study year. But you can also add here information like the best places to get your books, the prices for them and so on.

I’m not sure about school, but for college, you definitely will need a page like that!

A cool tracker that will be a good reminder for you on how much time you have left to prepare for the new school year.

In case you prefer to homeschool your kids, there are of course other pages that can help you with that.

For more inspirations and ideas on Bullet Journal pages for school, check these posts:

17 Must-Have Bullet Journal Pages For School

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School

My take on a semester overview with main information you might need – classes, teaches, deadlines.

You can of course customize it and add whatever information you find useful, but this can be a fun way to get you started.

Project planner and this one would work for shared projects as well, just add a section on who participates and how you share the responsibilities.

I also want to mention here that I found that a B5 size is probably better for a school journal. Since I love to have a lot of things in one place as an overview, and B5 is the type of journal that gives enough space for all the information.

I here used a B5 journal by Archer and Olive, since these are my favorite journals on the market.

If you decide to get one (or anything from Archer and Olive), by the way, you can use code MASHA10 to get 10% off your order.

I decided to add here different buying options and whether or not the book is available at the library.

As a student, it’s important to keep track of your spendings, so this spread might help you to at least save up on your books, cause boy oh boy they can be so expensive!

The future log is one of the basic planning pages, but you can absolutely customize it to work for your studies.

Food And Drink

We already had so many interesting ideas and areas of life you can include in your journal, why not add food and drink to it as well?!

Here are some page ideas for all the foodies out there.

Of course, we had to start with this one, even I have a few written in my journal,

Hosting dinner parties, menus, tips, guest lists – there are a lot of options you can include here.

I long realized that YouTube is one of the best places to learn things, but when it comes to cooking you usually have to find your person. Somebody who cooks the way you like and whose recipes you enjoy. It can be fun to store your favorite channels in your BuJo spread.

The more I learn about coffee the more I fall in love with different ways to prepare yours. Might be interesting to write down your favorite coffee recipes. Plus this can help you have more coffee at home, instead of spending money on Starbucks. A win for your budget as well!

I know I always go to the same places and end up generally ordering the same food. A list like this will help you explore more food landscape of the area.

Always a cool list to create, especially if you’re looking for something special in your food, like for it being organic or gluten-free.

  • Food and Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet

Pairing wine and food is not an easy thing, at least it is for me. But it can be very impressive when you have people over. To just make a little cheat sheet for yourself!

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation when you’re halfway through cooking something and realize the price is missing! Keeping track of your spices can help you with that.

Food trucks are such a special culture and they do have absolutely amazing food available. Keep this list to remember what are your favorites and when and where they usually stop.

I and cooking just don’t match. But if it’s your jam it might be fun to create a wish list for cookbooks.

Now we’re talking! I love cocktails and there are many ways to mix them, so it’s cool to write down your favorites to make sure you keep the proportions you like.

Sometimes making a decision on what to eat can be a difficult chore! Make it much easier by having a list of your go-to meals.

  • Restaurants Nightly Specials

A fun way to keep track of the best offers from your favorite restaurants.

Maintaining Finances With Bullet Journal

You can ask anyone – I’m a spender. And moreover – I’m a spender with poor math skills (at least when it comes to counting if I can afford that one more set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens). Also, please enable this behavior by donating some coffee, I’ll be eternally grateful!

Where was I? Oh yes, the point is, Bullet Journal spreads help me to at least keep myself in check. Here are some ideas for your financial planning.

Of course, the first and probably most used page is a savings tracker. Seeing your savings grow month after month is a great motivation to keep on going! Plus it’s good to always be aware of how much money did you actually save.

If always savings isn’t your thing, you can always just do different savings challenges. It’s more fun and maybe will motivate you a bit more.

Tracking your spending can help you so much with managing your finances. You’ll learn where your money goes and be able to become more mindful and better at allocating them.

  • Days With Less Than 10 USD Spent Tracker

Sometimes when you’re starting to work on your finances it might be good to start small. Set a goal to spend less than $10 a day and try to do it at least a few days a week.

Just like you can track days when you spend very little money, you could aim higher and track days when you spent no money at all!

  • Monthly / Weekly / Daily Budget

Budgeting is the best way to make sure you’re never left without money hoping for the next paycheck to come as fast as possible.

The best way to grow your money is to invest them! I don’t know much about it, but if that’s something you do – having a page to keep track of your investments might be a good idea.

A great way to make sure you have all your bills covered on time. This will also be a significant help when you sit down to build a budget for yourself.

We always monitor things like bills or monthly subscriptions, but there are other expenses you also have to predict, like how often you need to buy your skincare products, or maybe update your underwear collection.

The more expenses you can predict, the easier it will be to budget and never face a situation when you don’t have any money to cover your bills.

Very very important! So you might want to create a special page in your journal for taxes.

I’m not a tax person so I wouldn’t be able to exactly explain what it is, but I know it’s something that can save you some money so it’s good to keep track of it, and maybe get a better understanding as well.

  • Income And Outgoing Money Tracker

As an online business owner, I have a lot of income sources and they all come and go at different times. Same with my business expenses for example. So this page really helps to keep track of my financial movements.

There is a chance that you have by now accumulated a lot of stuff, some of which you might not need or like anymore. But somebody else might absolutely love it! So instead of throwing things out, it might be a good idea to put them on a list of things to sell and hold a garage sale eventually.

There are many little daily expenses we can cut off and end up accumulating quite a significant amount of money. Think of what it can be and how you can replace it with a cheaper thing, or maybe cut it off altogether.

Buying in bulk is significantly cheaper and can help you save up money. I bet when the pandemic started you wished you’d buy toilet paper in the bunk!

We are getting so many coupons everywhere these days, but without a proper organization, it’s easy to miss out on good deals. Have a spread in your journal to help you with that.

  • Household Finance Information

How much money do you spend as a household, how much do you need to maintain the lifestyle you got used to? Have an overview of your financial situation on a separate page.

Oh, and as for coupons – there are also so many of them that come online and you end up never using them! Again your journal is here to help with that.

It’s important to keep track of your credit card expenses and make sure you pay them off on time. Use this spread to help you with that.

Speaking of credit cards, a credit score is one of the most important metrics, and you definitely should track that, as well as maybe add some ways you can improve yours.

How many subscriptions do you have? I know these days things can get pretty uncontrollable with subscriptions, and it;’s easy to forget some or lose track. This spread will help you to see which ones you have, how much money you spend on them and whether it’s worth it.

For more examples of financial Bullet Journal pages and how to use them check my post Bullet Journal Budget Tracker Ideas To Organize Your Finances.

Travel Journal

Lately, I came back from the most wonderful vacation. That was the first time I decided to use my Bullet Journal for memory keeping. And it turned out great!

Bullet Journal helped me organizing the trip and afterward to preserve all these precious moments! You can check what spreads I used with some amazing examples here.

I find it very fun to have a list of all the places I’ve visited. It reminds me of all the adventures I had and keeps me wanting more.

The world is full of wonders, but also we do have a limited amount of time. So I like to have a list of places to visit so next time I know I’m traveling to one of the magical places I always dreamt about.

An absolutely must-have page if you ask me. Without it I always end up forgetting something.

I’m a huge planner and I truly believe that planning at least this part of your journey will help you see all the stunning places you might’ve missed otherwise.

Food tourism is a big thing, and even though I usually just stick to what I know, it’s a shame to visit a place without at least trying the food it’s famous for.

One of the things you need to know to have the best trip is a budget. You definitely don’t want to go travel and realize you didn’t save up enough time to enjoy your trip the most.

Memory keeping is my favorite way to journal, and especially when it comes to travel journaling! It’s always amazing to put the wonderful memories of your trip to the paper to stay there forever.

I know how exciting going on a trip is, and you can add more excitement if you create a countdown. Plus it will help you stay organized and have everything prepared before your departure.

If you are more of a hiking person, this can be a fun way to brainstorm different ideas for future hikes.

A planned vacation is a vacation that you enjoy the most, at least for me, a crazy planner girl.

Traveling doesn’t have to be a hugely expensive trip, you can just have little weekend getaways. These require less expences, less time (in case you don’t want to leave your pet alone for a long time for example), but at the same time, it is enough of a change to rejuvenate you and be a fun adventure.

A fun page with ideas on how to make your long car trips more entertaining.

  • Souvenirs For Loved Ones’ List

I don’t really have a family or close friends living next to me at the moment (or in the same country for that matter), but when I lived back home I definitely brought something for everyone from all my trips. This list can be a good idea, especially to make sure you don’t forget anyone.

  • Shopping List (to buy during the trip)

Each country is famous for something of its own. In Bolivia for example it’s all about llama wool and I definitely got myself some awesome sweaters. I like buying things from different countries when I travel.

Before every trip, there are things you need to prepare, and again your journal is here to help you get it all done.

  • To Finish Before The Trip

There are a lot of things I usually have to finish a lot of things, especially for work. This helps me to unplug and allow myself to have some pure rest, instead of worrying about things.

  • Saving For Travel Tracker

Of course, for each trip, you need a budget, and a savings tracker can help you with that. Plus if you’re saving with purpose, it becomes much easier to put yourself on the savings spree.

Another fun collection of ideas for all the lovers of nature and hiking.

I love being a bit creative with my packing lists, but feel free to just add a few headers and not bother with all the doodles.

You’ll also notice here that I only have my carry-on here. That’s because this is just a part of my packing list for when I moved away from China. As you can imagine I needed a pretty big packing list.

Love my countdown pages, it’s always so much happiness and excitement with each day when I colored a new circle.

Here is a packing list for a smaller trip I took to Russia. As you can see I used a smaller notebook and opted out for just simple headers.

Here is a fun idea for places to visit – write down the entrance fees and the days it’s open for visitors.

Finally here is a fun little memory p[age from the time we went to Russia during the world cup. That really was such a fun trip!

Bullet Journal Spreads (about Bullet Journal)

Ok, this sounds like it’s for crazy people, but actually, these spreads can help you organize your ideas and ultimately make your journal better and prettier!

Best way to see if the paper can stand your pens or if they will bleed. Plus a great way to see how the colors look on that paper.

There is an infinite amount of pages you can add to your journal, it seems like a fun idea to have a list of a few which you might want to try out.

  • Spreads To Have Next Month

I always try to plan my new setups, be it a new monthly setup or a whole new journal. That way you always have everything well organized and try out the pages you always wanted to.

There is so much stationery available and I want to try all of it! But you can’t get it all, so instead, try creating a wish list with your dream stationery and start from there.

  • Working Space Organisation Ideas

A clean and organized workspace helps your creativity flow, as well as improves your productivity. So why not create a spread with ideas on how you can organize it better.

  • Bullet Journal Cheat Sheet

A fun page to plan out your Bullet Journal setup and make sure you’re always working on improving your journal.

For more about this page and a free printable, check out my post Bullet Journal Cheat Sheet.

When washi tape appears in your collection you get soon overwhelmed by how many you end up buying. A page with swatches of your washi tape collection will help you always know which tapes you have and remember using them.

There is also an unlimited amount of themes you can try in your journal as well, so it might be a fun idea to write down a few that you want to try out.

For theme ideas by the way check my post Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

I always find that it’s kind of difficult to pick the matching colors when I do my themes. A spread with a color wheel can help with matching colors much better.

Improving brush lettering is all about practice, so it can be fun to actually have several pages here and there dedicated to practicing.

Check my Beginner’s Guide To Brush Lettering and Free Printable Lettering Worksheets if you’re looking for more ways to work on your lettering.

  • Frames And Other Decorative Elements

It’s easy to always go back to the same decorative elements (I know I do it all the time), so it might be fun to have a spread with different ideas to add variety to your Bullet Journal.

I love those so much! It’s great practice, they can give you fun theme ideas, plus it’s always a good reference point.

There are so many amazing things you can do to decorate your journal! Why not make it a list, to make sure you remember to try them out. For me, at the moment it’s all about distress ink.

A simple way to add spark to your journal is to use a creative header. A spread like that will help you include more different header designs on your pages.

For some header ideas by the way check these posts:

21 Bullet Journal Header Ideas (step by step)

Simple And Creative Bullet Journal Header And Title Ideas

Icons is a fun way to add more creativity to your journal, as well as make it more visual.

Mandalas are a great way to get your creativity flowing, but also relax and unplug for a bit. If you’re drawing a lot of them it might be fun to create a spread with different mandala pattern ideas.

If you haven’t discovered yet the joys of this art form check my post How To Draw And Use Mandalas In Your Bullet Journal.

Lettering is a simple way to make your page look different, so it might be fun to have a spread with creative lettering styles you might want to use. I have here around 23 font ideas if you want to check them out for inspiration.

I love different monthly challenges, especially lettering ones. They basically give you a work or a quote to letter every day – it’s really a great way to practice.

  • Handwriting Practice Spread

Having good handwriting is also all about practice and taking things slow. So you might have a page here and there to simply practice. If you’re looking to work on their handwriting be sure to check my post 9 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Handwriting.

At this moment I have so many pens that it’s easy to forget and not use many of them. A spread like that always keeps all my beautiful pieces of stationery on my mind.

Printables are great to speed up your planning process, so it might be a good idea to have a list of your favorite places to get yours. I of course recommend simply bookmarking Masha Plans!

I also have a shop, where you can purchase hand-drawn printables and stickers. Plus you’re always welcome to join our Patreon family and get your monthly set of printables.

A grid spacing guide is a great way to speed up your setups by already knowing the measurements you need. Definitely, a fun and useful spread to add to your Bullet Journal setup.

This is a fun way to fill out a page in your Bullet Journal, but also to improve your doodling skills.

When you move to a new journal it’s all about planning things out. The better you plan and consider the successes and failures of your previous journal – the more you can improve your nets one.

To make sure you don’t really forget about anything, be sure to create a migration spread with all your ideas.

Karin Brush Markers have some of the most beautiful colors, but since they are water-based markers it’s important to do a pen test before using them in your journal. Not all the notebooks are strong enough and sometimes you can face bleeding.

Just a list with some fun ideas on how to add variety to habit trackers.

My Tombow collection pen swatch. I really needed this page to see what colors I already have, so I wouldn’t;t buy duplicated and would actually start using these more.

Just a list of my favorite stationery for the moment. Definitely reminded me that I still have Sakura Koi and Kuretake Fudebiyori brush pens!

As you can see I’m kind of obsessed with creating these stationery pages. Just enjoy doodling stationery I guess! Plus it can also work as a mini pen swatch.

A little list with ideas on how to add florals to your Bullet Journal pages. Since flowers is probably the thing people doodle and use in their journals the most, it can be fun to try to push it and get a bit more creative.

Grid guide spread in my 2021 Bullet Journal setup. A very useful page and since it’s something you’ll be looking back at pretty often – it’s a good idea to have it on the left side.

Here is an example of a migration page and how you can plan out your next BuJo.

Hobbies | Interests

I understand you might have lots of other hobbies, not everyone is so madly obsessed with Bullet Journaling. So take a look at this list, you might find something useful here to organize your hobbies.

I don’t know about you, but as a crafter, I also became quite a hobbyist. There are so many things I wanna try! If you’re the same, it might be a fun list to create.

  • Golf Scores/Courses Visited

If Golf is your jam you might want to keep track of your victories and favorite places to play.

Bird watching seems to be a very big hobby these days and if that’s what you’re doing – think about adding this page to your journal.

  • Favorite Gardening Supplies

I know from watching my mom and grandma gardening can be such a wonderful and calming hobby. If that’s something you love as well, there are many fun pages you can create, like this one for example.

I’ve been obsessing a lot with makeup and there are so many ideas for makeup pages! This is one of my favorites though, it’s for you to keep track of when you bought your makeup and how long it lasts. Can also be very useful for future budgeting.

I’m horrible with plants, but probably if I had a spread like this with a guide on how to care for them, it would be easier for me to surround myself with little green friends.

A fun spread to show off your tea collection, and maybe to keep track of your favorites. Definitely, something I’ll be creating one day!

If fantasy football is your thing you might keep track of players and scores and whatever else you might need for the game. As you can see I’m very distant from any sports, be it real or fantasy ones.

You might want to keep a record of your favorite places to be sure next time you get an even better catch.

Getting things prepared for farming is always a lot of worrying, but if you have seasonal trackers will well-written things to do in all the different times – it might make it more seamless.

I love dancing, but I’m more of a casual dancer if you say it mildly. But if you prefer to actually do dances and not just sharing your butt as I do, this might be a fun list to follow through.

This spread is probably the same as a stationery spread would be for me. I actually looked at some yarn the other day myself, and I might be getting into this hobby at some point!

Whatever you’re collecting, keep track of it is always a fun idea!

You can actually create an entirely new journal for foreign language study, but if it’s just a light hobby for you – maybe start with this little page with some of your favorite phrases.

  • Favorite YouTube Channels

I’m not sure watching YouTube constitutes a hobby, but I wanted to add this list somewhere.

  • Blogs To Read (don’t forget to add here mashaplans.com 😉

A collection of your favorite blogs sounds fun! Especially if you also divide them by topic. I’m always into organizing everything.

  • Instagram Inspirational Accounts

Definitely a fun list and again something I’d divide by category, so I know where exactly to go when I need help.

You’ll definitely need some spreads to help you keep up on your Bible studies, so why not create them in your Bullet Journal?!

And speaking of Bible, you might want to create a page with your favorite verses as well.

I love essential oils, they smell good, they are pretty calming and therapeutic. You can keep track of your favorite smells and effects they have on you.


There are still tons of other pages that I didn’t manage to categorize, so you can just go through them here and see if any of them spark your interest.

You can have a separate tracker (like I did for air quality when I lived in China dor example), or you can just add a little tracker to your weekly spreads.

I don’t know how this can be done, but it definitely sounds useful to have all the nail polish colors well seen on one page.

I don’t have Alexa, but I bet it has a lot of fun hidden functions that are not so easy to remember – this page will help you with that.

  • Good Advice You’ve Been Given

Even the best advice can be forgotten in time, but if you keep it in your journal it will always be there, and it’s easy to look back and remind yourself.

That’s not something I do anymore, but it is a super fun and motivational spread to have!

I’d recommend you to have passwords in your journal only if you never take it out of the home. Losing such private information would be way too bad and unsafe!

Just a list of some random things that come to your mind and you might wanna learn more about.

I have so much more than just one! But yeah, creating a wish list in your journal is super fun, especially if it includes things that can’t all be bought in just one place.

Etsy is probably my favorite place to shop, and not just for stationery. Of course, I have a list of some of my favorite sellers who I especially want to support.

Snail mail is such a fun way to communicate and meet new people! I really love the whole pen pal idea and how creative people are with their letters! It’s almost like a whole new craft.

Tracking your online shopping will really help your finances. Also, it’s fun to know you got some happy mail coming your way.

I create these pages at the beginning of each new journal I start. It’s a fun way to check up on yourself to see where you are in life, and also to re-introduce yourself to your subscribers if you have a BuJo Instagram account for example.

I’m not a huge believer, but w0uldn’t it be fun to create a spread like that? 

Definitely a list I’d recommend! There are so many amazing scents out there, but it’s great to remember which ones clicked with you and which ones didn’t.

This is something I really wanna do, and probably will before my next big move. A capsule wardrobe will help you save time and effort. Oh and space!

Absolutely a spread I have! I have some big tattoo projects and since tattooed are forever – it’s better to prepare and plan in advance.

It’s exciting to see your hair growing more and more, especially if you’re recovering from horrible home bleach damage or a bad haircut. I’ve been through both, more times than I wish to admit.

Just a fun page to put in your journal with some great memories and milestones. It’s scary how many things get forgotten with time, so having them in your journal will help you keep them forever.

My page with passwords ideas. It was a few years ago when I did a Harry Potter theme so I use the same idea for this page.

A little trick here – I didn’t write what the login and password is for. I used different logins for different things and these are actually pretty easy to remember for me.

One of the most popular pages I’ve ever posted on Instagram, and definitely a fun one to create.

The idea here is to color in the entire camera for each time I added 5k more subscribers to my Instagram account. Crazy ambitious I know, but somehow I managed.

My secret – don’t do it for numbers, do it for yourself, for fun, and of course – for our audience!

A yearly review page with some milestones I hit that year. It was fun to create and of course, now that I look at it it brings so many memories.

Another cute tracker for my Instagram, this time it was created to commemorate my eternal love for tea.

Wow, that turned out to be a pretty long post! And I can tell you, this is just a minimum of what you can do with your Bullet Journal. 

What do you think I missed? What are some pages you always use? Leave your ideas in the comments section below!

If you already decided on what to use in your journal, but still not sure how to decorate it, head to my post with a list of theme ideas for your Bullet Journal.

Hope this post was useful, if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And remember! Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t be a Blob!