31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Hey Planning Mashers!

In October I set out to do a fun 31 days of Bullet Journal page ideas video series, where each day I shared a Plan With Me video of a new spread. Today, I put it all together so I can share it with you! Here are 31 page ideas and easy ways to create these spreads in your BuJo! 

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Bullet Journal offers so much freedom that with all the possible pages it’s hard to choose which ones to use. In this video series, I tried to think of pages I find the most useful, as well as pages you guys suggested.

For each of these spreads, there is a free worksheet in our Facebook group. It can be doodle tutorials, or page inspirations or a full-on printable. Be sure to join our community and get your access.

About Me Page

The About Me page is such a fun and useful spread! It’s a little bit of a reflection page because while creating it, you start thinking more about who you are and what you want in life.

Plus, it’s a great thing to add to your Bullet Journal for future self. Looking back in your old About Me page, it’ll be interesting to see how much you’ve changed.

I created quite a few About Me pages in my Bullet Journals. Below you can see some of them, as well as a Plan With Me video for my latest page.

Places To Visit

I love discovering new places and new cultures, but my biggest problem is that I usually forget what is it exactly I want to see. With so many wonderful sights to see everywhere, it can be a little bit overwhelming to keep track of things. That’s when this page comes into play.

You can interpret this in any way you want. It can be countries to visit, sights in your city, events or just restaurants to try!

I was thinking of the countries I want to visit, so I went with the air balloon design for my spread. I think there is something so magical and romantic about flying away in an air balloon!

TV Tracker

In this time when TV shows are as high quality as some movies, I’m sure I’m not the only one who says I binge much more TV than I watch movies.

If you’re a TV show addict as well, this spread will be so useful! There are a few ways you can use a TV tracker.

My approach was to create a tracker with the list of shows to watch. I just got myself a Netflix account and I really needed to list out the things I should check, otherwise, it’s so easy to get lost in these hours of entertainment they have there.

Another way to use a TV tracker can be by tracking how many episodes you already watched (or seasons for me, since I can never ever stop on just a few episodes). You could even modify my tracker for it.

Just draw one of these TVs with the name of the show inside and on the right side, create a little table with episodes, or maybe just seasons. You can fill the boxes as you go.

I actually had a tracker like that before, check out the concept in the image below.

If you want to have a TV tracker, this one is also a free printable in the Resources Vault! If you’re not part of Planning Mashers, make sure to join in the signup form at the end of the post and get access to a wonderful community and TONS of FREEBIES for your Bullet Journal.

Countdown Page

There are so many fun reasons to do a countdown, you can count until your next trip, a big holiday or even a work promotion.

I love countdown pages because they help me wake up every day with a little feeling of wonder and excitement. Plus they are very useful to keep you on track.

For example, when we were leaving China, I created a countdown page to the day we leave. Since every day I had to color a circle, it really helped me to feel the time better and organize all my tasks in the right way, so I could spend the last days enjoying Beijing, not worrying about the things we didn’t have time to finish.

Since the video series was taking place in October, I, of course, made a countdown to Halloween.

Gratitude Log

This is my absolute favorite page and I have it in one form or another each month. This is the spread that helps me fight my “glass half empty” attitude, be more mindful of the loved ones and of course, generally, become a happier person.

Here are some ways you can create your Gratitude Log: a word a day, a doodle a day, a line a day or you can just do it in a diary format.

This month I decided to do something a bit more unusual – I created a hollowed out letter. It’s G that stands for Gratitude and it’s surrounded by doodles of the things I’m grateful for.

The idea is to write gratitude around the centerpiece, and since I’m using a B5 notebook it really gives me a lot of space to fill.

Self Care Bullet Journal Page

I love creating self-care pages, just take a look at my list of 23 Self Care Page Ideas and you’ll know that there are so many ways to add self-care related spreads to your BuJo.

I really struggle with self-care. I’m definitely a goal-oriented person, so once I decide on something I just go for it, forgetting about everything else, self-care included.

This isn’t really a healthy approach, because no matter what’s happening, you should always take care of yourself and make sure you’re on your 100% and ready to face the music.

That’s why I think self-care pages are so important – they help to remind ourselves about the “me time” and that self-care isn’t selfish and doesn’t have to take a very long time. 15 minutes with a face mask might just be the break you need.

Of course in October I had to create a Fall Selfcare spread with just some special fun things you can do to make sure you can enjoy life and the beautiful changing nature around you.

Level 10 Life

Level 10 life is some of the best ways to work on your goals and generally check up on your progress. You can read more about it in my detailed post on How To Set Your Goals With Level 10 Life, as well as get more inspirations.

Some of my first Level 10 Life followed the original concept and was in the shape of a circle. I love the look and I got a special stencil to create the circle trackers (there is also an amazing circle ruler for less than 10$ which will become your go-to tool for everything circle!).

However, I still struggled with keeping it as clean and pretty as possible, so in October I decided to use a different shape. Plus you guys have been asking me to do something Harry Potter themed for a while, so I decided why not do both.

Birthday Tracker

Another fun collection you can add to your Bullet Journal is a birthday tracker. It’s always a fun and festive spread to have.

I went with the things that associate the most with birthdays – a cake and balloons!

My Ideal Day

One of the best spreads you can have in your Bullet journal for productivity. If you want to change your life this is the first step.

Once you sit down and think of what you want your perfect day to look like, it’ll be so much easier to try to follow the schedule or at least make some little changes to your existing day to improve it.

Weight Loss Tracker

If you’re on this journey, every little victory must be noted and celebrates. This tracker is exactly what will help you with that.

Habit a tracker for your weight loss will help you to see your progress, correct your habits accordingly and most importantly – to stay motivated!

If you want to add this tracker to your BuJo, check out the Resources Vault for FREE printable, or join us in the signup form at the end of the post to gain access to TONS of freebies!

When Did I Last

Another super useful self-care spread. The idea here is to write down when was the last time you did something, that you should do regularly but not too often.

My perfect example is always a mascara, which you supposed to change 3 months after you opened it for the first time, but I always end up using until it’s simply dried out.

If you add the date you opened your mascara here, you’ll easily know it’s time to buy a new one, without a horrible realization that you need to leave the house in 15 minutes and your mascara is dead.

Savings Tracker

Another useful and satisfying collection to add to your Bullet Journal. I believe it’s really important to have some savings, whether it’s for something specific or just as a backup plan.

Savings tracker is what helps you to stay organized and to actually save money (which is usually a hard thing for me).

To make it a bit more fun, I decided to do my savings tracker in the form of a treasure map.

Movie Tracker

Keep track of all the movies in one place, You can add here the movies you want to watch, to make sure you don’t miss them at the cinema, or maybe the ones you already watched. Up to you!

15 Minutes Tasks Spread

Want to get the most out of your time? This spread will help! Think of this – how often when you’re having a break you end up spending half an hour on Instagram? For me, that happened too many times.

But this spread changed the game! This is basically a list of little things you can do in just 15 minutes. And it’s surprising how many things you can actually do!

Starting from being more productive and doing little chores in the house, ending with spending your breaks on yourself with 15 minutes of self-care. This list will help you to have more done and to be more well-rested!

Workout Tracker

Another useful spread for your journey to a healthier life. And you can customize it a lot, depending on your tracking needs.

Just color the days when you did a workout. Or make the tracker bigger and write down each day what workout you did or how many calories you burnt. You can also add a color code to different types of workouts and just color your days in different colors.

This workout tracker is also available as a free printable in the Resources Vault, be sure to sign up at the end of the post to get your access.


Creating a wish list is a fun and therapeutic exercise. When you write down your wishes on paper, you manifest them to the world and yourself. Subconsciously, you’ll start working on making them come true.

Plus it’s also a fun way to spend some time with yourself and your Bullet Journal.

Memories Page

This is one of my absolute favorite spreads to create! My Bullet Journal is my book of life so I love adding to it not just my plans and goals but also my sweet special memories.

Creating memory pages isn’t only about cementing your memories on paper. It’s also in a way a gratitude log, because by assembling all the positive memories you’ll learn to appreciate all the good things.

Personally, I also found that it’s a perfect time for me to experiment more and add some other stuff to my journal, like photos, which I definitely don’t print out enough. In case you were wondering, I’m using an HP Sprocket mini printer.

Weekly Meal Plan

Planning your meal is super useful if you’re having a healthy lifestyle, if you’re dieting, if you’re fighting allergies or just too busy to think about dinner. 

It’s pretty useful to have a meal plan already included in your weekly, but of course, space is a bit limited and you might not be able to write all the information you need.

That’s when a separate meal spread comes into play! You can be more detailed with your meal planning here and include other useful things like a grocery list or snack ideas.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep is one of the most important factors of keeping yourself at 100%, and a sleep tracker can help you monitor it!

To learn more about sleep tracking be sure to check my post 21 Adorable Bullet Journal Sleep Trackers For Better Sleep Habits.

I always say that this works the best together with other trackers, like mood tracker or productivity tracker, depending on what you want to know. This helps you understand how sleep influences other areas of your life.

Goals Spread

Level 10 life is a great way to do checkups, but I feel like if you want to dive deep into your goals, you need a separate spread.

Usually, I create my goals spreads as a mind map, and it works well for me. But lately I’ve been missing some more structure, so for this video series, I came up with something more detailed.

I added two things – first of all, a “why”, so you have a clear idea on why you want to achieve this and stay strong in difficult moments, and a “how”, so you have a plan to follow and get to your goal faster.

I also always recommend dividing goals by categories, simply because that way it’s more structured and easier to work with, at least for me.

Book Tracker

This tracker was absolutely inspired by my November setup, it’s books and coffee, two things that go hand in hand for me.

You can use this tracker for writing the books to read or the books you have already read. The idea is that you write them down on the spines of the books from this stack.

I know some people like to rate their books, and if you do too – just ass a number or a star next to it, or out your rating outside of the book.

Passwords Spread

Nowadays, when everything needs a password and it has to be in ancient tongues and sprinkled with the blood of virgins, it’s a real struggle to memorize them all. So what you could do is to create passwords spread!

Here I want to mention that you should be careful when writing down passwords like that. For example to keep mine safe I wrote them down in a notebook I never ever take out of the house.

Playlist Spread

A sweet collection to write down your favorite tunes. Or podcasts in my case. Speaking of which, if you have any recommendations drop them in the comments below!

I know that many people prefer creating this spread monthly for whatever music they loved during the month, or maybe just add a few songs in their monthly review. So maybe this would work for you better.

Cleaning Tracker

This is totally the one I needed in my journal myself. It’s a huge help, especially for some of those cleaning tasks that you have to do but maybe just a few times a year. Those escape my memory all the time.

Just a note – my tracker actually has a mistake; in my bi-weekly schedule I have a week missing. So be sure to count it all over before you create your own.

Family Dinner Menu Plan

Big family dinners can be an overwhelming affair! You don’t need that, especially during the happy time with your family. Check out this menu plan to help you deal with the stress.

I made this spread at the end of October, so of course, I’ve already started thinking of Thanksgiving dinner. But this works just as well for any other occasion, just change the doodles to something else.

Things That Make Me Happy

A wonderful spread that will bring you tons of joy. The idea here is to remind yourself that you can find happiness in little things.

It’s a very pleasant page to create and it can be of great help to you when you’re down. Just flip back to this page and remind yourself of all the amazing little things.

Skin Care Spread

Skincare is super important, but I know from my own experience I do sometimes forget about it or get carried away by life and ignore it completely.

This spread, first of all, will remind you what your routine should be, and it will also show you how it actually takes no more than 10 minutes, while the result lasts for years.

For example, when I was creating this spread, I remembered that I needed a new serum, and generally, it’s been a while since I had any pilling or face masks.

Productivity Bullet Journal Spread

This is just one more way to increase your productivity. You don’t have to follow all the hacks you read about, but it’s useful to have a list of different ones and try them one until you figure out which ones work for you.

If you’re working on your productivity, check my post with 7 Ways To Be More Productive With Your Bullet Journal and 5 Bullet Journal Pages To Increase Your Productivity.

Pen Swatch Bullet Journal Spread

Pen swatch pages are super useful. First of all, you need to have one every time you start a new notebook, so you’re sure which pens you can use and which ones you can’t.

Secondly, they are useful to learn how the color will look in your notebook. Many notebooks have an ivory tint, which means that the colors in them will look different from what you have on your marker.

And finally, it’s a great way to easily see all the colors available to you. Much easier option to check on when deciding a theme than just looking through all your pen collection.

Make sure you drop by our Facebook group because I created a color chart for Tombow Dual Brush pens with all 108 colors. Print it out and start logging your Tombow collection!

Mood Tracker

Mood tracker is a super fun spread, mostly because it’s in a way a coloring page – each day you color something with the color symbolizing your mood.

You can go a few ways with it – assign a color to each emotion, or create a scale from good to bad and add colors from best to worst. For me personally, this format works better.

There are a few free printable mood trackers in the Resources Vault, you can download it there or sign up at the end of the post to get your access. If you want the circle mood tracker like the one I created for the video series, it’s available in our Facebook group.

Monthly Review

A monthly review is probably the most influential spread you can have in your Bullet Journal. It can help you improve your life, yourself and customize your BuJo better to your needs.

So it makes sense that we finish up this list with a monthly review spread. Since this was my monthly review for October, It’s actually in my Blackout Book.

There are many other ways you can do your monthly review, check out my Monthly Review and Why You Need It post to learn of other ways to do it and how it can help you.

We also have 3 different monthly review page in the Resources Vault, you know what to do.

What are some of the pages you’re using in your Bullet Journal? Let us know in the comments!

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