43+ Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations (+ December Plan With Me)

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Setup

Hey Planning Mashers!

Are you a Potterhead like me? Then you’re in the right place! Here are 43+ inspirations for Harry Potter Bullet Journal theme, plus my own take on it.

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December might be the most magical month of the year, so I thought it’d be fitting to give a try to Harry Potter Bullet Journal theme.

I was super excited to finally bring the wonder of the HP world to my Bullet Journal pages and I can’t wait to share it with you! Below is my monthly setup, as well as a Plan With Me video!

I thought, however, you might also be interested in other styles and takes on this magical theme, so there are also 43+ inspirations bu amazing creators from all over Instagram.

Finally, I also created a sheet of free printable Harry Potter stickers, which you can find in our Resources Vault.

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Supplies Used

Before we dive in, let me run through some of the supplies I used in this setup.

Nuuna notebook and Cocoa Paper cover. Two tools that stay together all the time. Despite decreasing paper quality, I’m still loving my Nuuna with its white paper and smaller dot grid. And this cover keep is undamaged whenever I take my journal.

Pigment Pen by Faber Castell. The fineliner I’m using at the moment. 

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters and Brush Pens. These are some of my favorite tools for adding color to my Bullet Journal pages. I use Highlighters to color and the thin tip of the brush pens for more elaborate things.

Tombow Fude Brush Pens. If you see thicker black lines, it’s probably the work of these babies. I think they are an absolute must-have and I really can’t imagine what I did before I got them.

Metallic Stencils. In this setup … SPOILER! … I’m doing a circle monthly log and circle tracker, so these stencils really saved my life with the setup.

Westcott Stencil. Since I needed some good and even circles, this stencil helped me achieve that. 

Now that we covered the supplies, let’s get into my Plan With Me.

December Bullet Journal Setup: Harry Potter Theme

I’ve been wanting to do the Harry Potter theme in my Bullet Journal for a while, but I always was a little bit afraid. What if the doodles will be too hard and I won’t be able to draw them well?

After creating a few Harry Potter-themed pages for my October challenge, I got my confidence and was ready to roll. Of course, I had to choose December as my HP month!

Cover Page

For the cover page, I went all in and spend honestly quite a lot of time, but I’m really happy with the result.

Every time I test what house I’d go to, the hat tells me it’s Gryffindor, so I decided it’s time to embrace my destiny and be a proud Griffindor! As reflected in my cover page.

Monthly Log

I liked the format I had in November, with a small monthly log and goals on the same page, so I went with a similar format.

However, I added a twist and this month the monthly log is actually a circle, in the shape of a time turner.

Habit Tracker

This whole page is inspired by Harry Potter candy.

I went with a circle habit tracker. This one would work very well if you have just a few habits like I do, but might be a bit more difficult for more habits.

The idea is to have a color assigned to each habit, and once I complete the habit during the day, I color one of the sections in the according to color.

I had enough space here to also include my to-do list.

Gratitude Log

The page that is always present in my Bullet Journal setups.

This time I also added a quote here, which I think works very well with the whole idea of a habit tracker. The idea is that no matter how bad your day is, there is always something in it to be grateful for.

Time Log

After using one in November, I really saw all the benefits and just had to include it in December as well.

I modified a little bit the categories I want to track, but generally, I tried to keep the same colors.

Gift Ideas

December is, of course, the Christmas month, so I had to include a gift ideas page.

Finally (after 8 years for me and 10 for the hubby) this year we spend Christmas with the family, and I really want to make the best out of it. It’s pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to being little Santa Masha this year.

Quote Page

Usually, I’d have a monthly review page, but this month it’s a quote.

First of all, because there are so many amazing quotes in Harry Potter books, that there is always a place for some in my BuJo. 

But also, because it’s the last month of the year and there will be tons of yearly review kind of pages, so I thought I’d include my December review in that block at the end of the monthly setup.

Weekly Spreads

I played a lot with the productivity aspects of weekly spreads this month because we all know you really have to be at your best with time management in December!

Plan With Me Video

Finally, here is my Plan With Me video for December. I did get a bit more chatty, I think because for once, I actually got a good night’s sleep before recording. I hope you don’t mind that!

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

Time for inspiration from other creators. I must say I was so impressed by all these spreads. They are all on the same theme, but so very different!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Cover Page

Credit: @debjanicreates

Credit: @thebluebujo

Credit: @bujo_artichaut

Credit: @meghanmakingstuff

Credit: @potterbujo

Credit: @alionsworld

Credit: @elvish_ink

Credit: @quirkyheart

Credit: @witchi_art_bullet_journal

Monthly Log

Credit: @grace.journals

Credit: @potterbujo

Credit: @begumjournals

Credit: @chardangerfield.art

Credit: @potterbujo

Credit: @yaya_stupefix

Bullet Journal Trackers

Credit: @carlinginink

Credit: @debjanicreates

Credit: @punkyjournal

Credit: @potterbujo

Credit: @rachelmayplans

Credit: @tristartist.nl

Credit: @meghanmakingstuff

Credit: @the_nerdy_bujo

Weekly Spreads

Credit: @katykatehadfield

Credit: @bujo_of_ryo

Credit: @byaligeha

Credit: @enemesis_4

Credit: @the_nerdy_bujo

Credit: @meghanmakingstuff

Credit: @punkyjournal

Credit: @debjanicreates

Credit: @blackandwhitebullet

Credit: @mydailybullet

Credit: @the_nerdy_bujo

Credit: @katykatehadfield

Credit: @punkyjournal

Other Spreads

Credit: @meghanmakingstuff

Credit: @stephiejournals

Credit: @kobieta_z_pasja

Credit: @meghanmakingstuff

Credit: @thebluebujo

Credit: @bujo_of_ryo

Credit: @potterbujo

Credit: @hayleyremdeart

Free Harry Potter Themed Stickers

Want a jump start on your Harry Potter themed Bullet Journal setup?  I got you covered with a hand-drawn set of free printable stickers.

Once you open the Resources Vault you’ll be able to download a PDF file, which you can open with Adobe Acrobat (completely free and safe download). The file is US Letter.

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Next step – use some sticker paper and print it out! Just make sure you choose “fit” in “Size Options”. and TA DAAAA! You got your sheet of stickers!

If you’re using just a normal paper to print them out, a great option would be to use a special adhesive tape to stick them to the pages.

Final step – use an X-ACTO knife or a pair of scissors to cut them out.

Well, I hope you’re all set now to create your own Harry Potter Bullet Journal theme!

Have you ever done one in your BuJo? Let us know in the comments.

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