5 Reasons To Plan With Bullet Journal

5 Reasons To Plan With Bullet Journal

Nowadays there is a wide variety of planners and organizing methods: apps, SELF journal, life planner, the mastery journal and so many more. So… what’s all the fuss about Bullet Journal? Why is this system so popular? Let me tell you why I personally think Bullet Journal is the best planner for you!

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It’s funny how Bullet Journaling came into my life almost by accident, but then it made it THAT much better and hopefully, it will stay with me FOREVER! Now, if you are wondering if it will work for you, let me tell you – it will. It’s a bold statement, I know! But I am prepared to back it up with facts.

In case you’d prefer to get this in a video format, there is a Plan With Me video at the end of the post where I go through all these reasons, so just scroll down to check that out.

And here they are:

Bullet Journal Is Very Easy

This planning system is extremely easy to use – you just have to divide everything into tasks, events, and notes, then log it all in short condensed sentences and write it in bullet points.  All you need is a pen and a notebook. And boom! That’s it! You can log all the information you need and make it very easy to access.

Want to know how? Check out my Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journal for Beginners, all the answers are there.

Your Planner Will Be Whatever You Want It To Be

It can be a planner, a personal diary, a sketchbook, an art book – the limit is your imagination. You can use Bullet Journal for anything. You and only you decide what your planner will be.

Personally, at the moment I’m using 3 different Bullet Journals. One for planning and everyday life, one for work and study and one is for art and collections. I might have a problem, I know…..

The Bullet Journal System Is Very Flexible

The planner is filled out in a linear way, which means you make new pages as you go. This is AWESOME, because it allows you to try all the formats you want, until you find that perfect one. It’s such a wonderful way to let your imagination flow! 

I’m definitely using it a lot in my weekly spreads. Each week of my life is different and my planning needs are different. Some weeks I need lots of space for daily tasks, some others I just need a big to-do list. Bullet Journal allows me to experiment and customize my spreads to my current needs.

Also – you can log anything you want on any page. For me dividing my planner by category was always a struggle, but not with Bullet Journal.

Your Planner Is All Powerful And Almighty

In the Bullet Journal system you can add anything you want to your planner. The system can help you plan your day, track workouts, plan meals, vacations, review and keep an eye on your latest books and movies.

There is a limitless amount of spreads you can do and ways your journal can help you. It’s a mighty tool and only you command it!

You’ll Definitely Become More Organized

The idea of Bullet Journaling is to have all the information in one place. From completing all your daily tasks on time to not re-watching the same movie twice, cause you forgot you watched it a few months ago and didn’t like that much (yes, yes, this happens to me quite a lot), Bullet Journaling will help you use your time in a more productive way. And your brain will thank you for giving it a break and keeping some information somewhere else.

As I promised, see below my Plan With Me video where I talk about Bullet Journal while setting up week 45.

In the beginning, it will be a bit strange to write everything down, but don’t give up, the result is worth it!

Remember, one of the advantages of this system – you can start it any day! Don’t wait for tomorrow, start your Bullet Journal today! This planner is 100% customized and will fulfill all your needs with minimal effort from your side. 

Do you already have a planner? Which one do you use? Why did you start using it? Let me know in the comments below.

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