51+ Animal Crossing Bullet Journal Inspirations

Animal Crossing Bullet Journal Inspirations

Hello Planning Mashers!

Ready for a fun post? Today we are looking into Animal Crossing Bullet Journal pages! It’s also my May Plan With Me post.

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Quarantine has been hard, but boy oh boy did it get better with Animal Crossing!

I finally managed to hunt down a Nintendo Switch (I tell you guys, it’d have been easier to find  Bigfoot!) and started my little island mid-April. I must say – this is so addictive!!

The game has an alarmingly cute design of characters and it’s actually so interesting! As soon as I got it, it felt like it became my new found career since I had almost no self-control to put it aside! #NotSponsored #ButMaybeCouldBeSponsored? #PleaseNintendoCallMe

After several sleepless nights and the realization that I actually need to work to pay for food and basic needs, I took back control of my life, thanks to that rational voice in my head that sounds like a cross between my Grandma, my husband, and Tywin Lannister.

However, I really wanted to bring some of the happiness from the game to my Bullet Journal pages. So here we are! I chose Animal Crossing as my May theme and I can’t wait to share!

I also took it one step further and I’m adding lots of Animal Crossing themed Bullet Journal inspirations from other creators as well. So if you’re thinking of adding the game to your BuJo pages, this is a good place to get you inspired.


For my journal setup I decided to doodle so I’m using my usual doodling supplies – Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Zebra Mildliners.

But I’m also loving all the creative stickers and washi artists are coming up with, of course, all my favorites are from Etsy.

Below are just a few of the ones that are calling for me right now. So if you wanna create an Animal Crossing theme, these will be super helpful to decorate your journal pages. You can just click on the image if you want to check it out.

Stickers by Plantful

Stickers by IllustrateChrissy

Stickers by EGGUINO

Washi Tape by PolymerNai

Stickers by leskoletsgo

Stickers by TuffAndTiny

I however had to DIY it all, so I used some washi tape from Simply Gilded and stickers of my own design.

You can get these stickers and tons of other goodies if you join my Patreon! You can get rewards from just $1 a month and it includes tons of goodies: weekly spreads, printable stickers, full monthly setups and so much more.

If you join our Patreon family you get access not only to all future rewards but also to everything I’ve already created, including the Animal Crossing stickers I used in my weekly setups.

May Plan With Me

Now that we have all the supplies sorted out, let’s talk about my pages.

Cover Page

I really disliked the cover page I created initially. It just didn’t have enough color and turned out to be nothing like what I expected it to be.

See, that happens. No need to panic though!

That’s why I decided to follow one of my best tips to fix Bullet Journal mistakes and decided to just cover it up.

My original doodle was pretty big, so I had to get creative. And I ended up with the idea of adding a photo. This little scene is a photo of my house, I created it like a polaroid photo and added it to the page with washi tape, just like I would add a real photo.

I thought it worked out pretty nicely. If you wanna see what my original cover looked like – I’ll be posting my May Plan With Me on IGTV and you’ll see why I didn’t like the cover too much. 

HOWEVER! It shall never be posted here, for I refuse to acknowledge it’s cursed existence. 

Monthly Log

I’m following the same format as always with my monthly log.

As you can see, I added three different colors for three important types of events. I expect that I’ll be leaving in May probably, so that’s why there is a travel leaf. But I don’t plan to socialize in any way and I’ll try to stay quarantined, so no events leaf.

I love that I had enough space to add my mini monthly tracker. I added just one more habit to my usual list – taking my vitamins.

Mood Tracker

I loved how much mood tracker helped me in April, so I’m definitely keeping it for May. Thankfully, there are so many cute doodles from the game I could use.

Journaling Pages

Journaling is a fantastic practice and these days I’m discovering it all over again. It’s really something that helps me to get through it all.

So I’m keeping it for May and I actually assigned more pages for journaling so I could do more than just two lines a day.

Animal Crossing Pages

I decided since Animal Crossing is my theme, I should maybe create some pages that can help me with a game. 

One page turned into 4 and eventually, it seems like that day I spent more time setting up Animal Crossing pages than playing.

Totally worth it!

The first page I created is a daily to-do list. I don’t always have time to spend hours on the game, so I wanted to write down several must-do things that I often forget about. That way I know what’s the minimum I can do to make sure my island keeps growing.

The second page is my island map. I’m a visual paper person, so a little map in the corner wasn’t cutting it for me. I know there will be more buildings I’ll need to add so I wanted to have a visual representation before I make any more decisions.

Obviously, this map isn’t done yet since I’m going to take some time to figure out what would be the best places to relocate some of my buildings and such. It’s still work in progress

This was also inspired by Mark from @menwhobullet.

The third page is just a general inspiration page. These are big milestones that I still need to cover in the game (as you can see, I’m a total beginner) and some tips and tricks I picked up from my friends and the Internet.

Finally, it’s plant time! Here are the best 5×5 garden ideas so I can grow rare flowers and make more ka-ching! Bells, I need more bells! Tom Nook’s credits are killing me!!

Weekly Spreads

As you know I’m creating my weeklies as I go, so now that May is over I’m happy to share with you guys what I came up with.

I also started a series of LIVE in our Facebook Group, where every Sunday I plan out my week and chatting with you guys if you’re there. So feel free to join in. I’d love to see you there!

All previous lives are also available in the recording, so if you wanna see my process – just check in our group “videos” section.

Memories Page

Another must-have page for me each month is my monthly memories page.

I create weekly monthly pages (let me know if you want me to write a post about those!) so this page is an easy way to summarise my month and create a cute page I’d be happy to look back at.

In case you wonder how I set those up, I have a live Plan With Me at the end of each month on my Instagram. All the lives are saved on my IGTV account in case you want to take a look at them later on.

Animal Crossing Bullet Journal Inspirations

Thankfully I’m not the only one who went crazy over the game and decided to use it for my Bullet Journal theme. I gathered here some amazing inspirations from tons of creative artists all over Instagram!

I hope this will get your imagination going and you’ll join us in creating Animal Crossing pages.

Cover Page Inspirations

Credit: @plan.tful

Credit: @elisaraedoodles

Credit: @meduseaplumes

Credit: @dotted.plans

Credit: @lelouve

Credit: @claireo.journals

Credit: @linebylagace

Credit: @bluebirdbujo

Credit: @missrocky99

Credit: @aleftyslines

Monthly Log Inspirations

Credit: @bobas_bujo

Credit: @claireo.journals

Credit: @isang.pangarap

Credit: @bujo_kieks

Credit: @bobentto

Credit: @celinehampel

Credit: @_messydesk

Credit: @nicolegracestudies

Tracker Inspirations

Credit: @plan.tful

Credit: @bobas_bujo

Credit: @bobas_bujo

Credit: @dotted.plans

Credit: @bujo_kieks

Credit: @celinehampel

Credit: @bujo.books

Credit: @ambiwild

Weekly Spreads

Credit: @aerobinson512

Credit: @dotted.plans

Credit: @plan.tful

Credit: @bobas_bujo

Credit: @madipeach

Credit: @opalclouds_

Credit: @thelamejournal

Credit: @kirakara_bujo

Credit: @bobentto

Credit: @illustratedbycoffee

Animal Crossing Bullet Journal Pages

Credit: @jules._.art.design

Credit: @menwhobullet

Credit: @plan.tful

Credit: @kacy_creates

Credit: @menwhobullet

Credit: @menwhobullet

Credit: @artsy.lesliee

Credit: @decxmberdxrnell

Credit: @leeknowit

Credit: @lunae.island

Are you inspired to try an Animal Crossing theme in your Bullet Journal? Have you ever played the game?

Share with us your experiences in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob (well, a little bit is ok these days).