7 Inspiring Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Bring You Joy

7 Inspiring Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Make You Happy And Motivated

Why You Need Positive Pages In Your Bullet Journal

Many people ask me – why do I add pages like that to my Bullet Journal? Isn’t it just supposed to be about planning? Well, the answer is no, it’s not just about planning. The beauty of the system is that it’s about whatever you want. So for me, and millions of other Bullet Journalists, it’s also my special happy place.

And your happy place should be exactly that! A shelter from negativity and (sometimes) the real world (which can get a bit too real sometimes!) Fill it with all the beautiful, positive, happy and great things that happen in your life or go through your mind! This will make you even happier about these things at the moment and works as a cure against the blues and bad moods when you revisit them later.

Second and probably the most important effect – it changes your life perspective. By creating positivity pages, you force yourself to see more good things in your life and the world around you. That trains you to see every day in a bit of a better light.

That’s why I add those non planning pages to my journals and I think you should too! Everybody should actually! There is a little trick to it though. Try making those when you’re actually in a happy mood, so it’s easier to concentrate on the good things in life.

Happiness Page

The first idea is the most obvious one. Just a list of everyday things that make you happy. It’s great to slow down for a bit and just think of all the little things you have in your days that bring you joy.

This later will also work as a great reference. When you’re feeling stressed and sad – just look back at this page, remind yourself of things you love and even try to do some of them! As you can see I have doodling in my list, so I would just go and doodle a bit to have a small break from reality.


Words have immense power! A good quote can motivate you and cheer you up in whatever situation you are.

Every time you hear or read something that touches your heart inspires you or motivates you, just create a spread with these words. If you’re looking for some interesting quotes, feel free to check my “Quotes” Pinterest board. Speaking of motivation…

Motivational Page

This is a new format I’ve been using lately, and I must say these pages really help me a lot! This is basically a list of slogans, doodles, and cheers with the sole purpose of motivating you to do something.

For me, this was about having a healthier and more productive daily routine. I wrote here all the things I should do and all the reasons why I want to do it. This motivated me greatly and every time I come back to this spread it makes me smile.

Self Care Spread

The matter of self-care is a whole separate topic, you can read more about it in my post on 5 Ways To Make Yourself A Priority and Why You Should. But I had to include it in this list anyways. Creating a self-care page reminds you of all the things you like doing for yourself, and I guarantee that that’ll improve your mood.

When you’re having a bad day, it’s very hard to even think of what you can do to feel better. I know from my personal experience, it can get hard enough that you just want to lie down and not move. Looking at a self-care page will give you an idea and a push to make exact steps for improving your mood.

Gratitude Log

In a busy modern world, it’s so easy to sink into your own life and take things for granted. Gratitude log teaches to notice the little things and be thankful for all the miracles around us. Every day, think of something you’re grateful for. This will shift your perspective and make you look for happiness everywhere.

You can do your gratitude log in any format you wish. It can be daily gratitude, it can be some monthly gratitudes, or you can simply make it a one time exercise and, for example, write everything you can think of in 30 minutes or something. Whatever format you choose, it will be a great spread to cheer you up in your low moments.

Compliments Spread

It IS a great idea to create a compliments spread with all the nice things others said about us. Hey, we all get a bit awkward with compliments. I get it. It’s kind of embarrassing – but awesome! Maybe the idea of writing them down sounds a bit… conceited? Sure. But at the right moment, remembering those words could mean the world to you.

It’s a proven fact that us humans, tend to remember and focus on the negative things we hear about ourselves and forget the good things faster. The idea behind this beautiful Bullet Journal spread is to keep those good compliments, which will be great mental support for your dark days. So keep it up and I’m sure you’ll be surprised how high people actually value you!

Accomplishments List

We all work hard and do a lot of things. But, don’t you ever get that feeling that you actually did nothing, didn’t do enough and are still at the same place? The great medicine for these feelings is the accomplishment page.

Create a list of all the things you achieved. It doesn’t have to be something big, every little thing counts. Did you read a book? Did you walk 15.000 steps? Did you finish writing that article? These are all achievements! Real life doesn’t have a Google Play pop up that informs you about these, so, why not make our own? Create this list to remind yourself of how much you actually did and how much further you are right now.