The Most Aesthetic Notion Templates Of 2023 (A Live & Growing List)

These notion templates are specially designed for students, they are aesthetically pleasing and very useful for viewing your homework visually. You can list and manage your assignments, courses, to-do tasks, etc. in a neat way.

I've actually tried all of these templates and went into deep trial and testing, and spent a lot of effort doing so, just to share them with a wide range of common enthusiasts on the internet. Really aesthetic templates, if you like my work, please leave a message inside the comments, and if you think your own template is good enough, please leave me a message too, and I will consider adding yours to this list.

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 1

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 1 - screen shot

This Notion template is perfect for anyone who wants to keep track of their daily tasks in a visually appealing way. The light gold and light coffee brown color scheme is elegant and chic, and the embellished aesthetic photos add a touch of glamour. Plus, the template is extremely user-friendly and can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a simple to-do list or a more complex system for tracking your goals, this Notion template is a great option.

On the left side there are Spotify playlists, so you can listen to your favorite songs when you enter this home page. It is possible to literally click play directly, we need music to relax when we study.

For students, this template integrates a to-do list, a list of all assignments, and a list of specific lessons. Very useful.

For the to-do list, we have a to-do list for the week, a to-do list for the month, and we have an important dates section so you can see the upcoming holidays and look forward to them. On the right - the other side - we also have a monthly calendar so you can visualize everything that's coming up. At the bottom, we break down the days of the week, so you can write down all the courses. There you have it, the specific days and any upcoming tasks you want to view and delegate based on the days of the week.

At the bottom there are specific courses, for example, if you want to include which professors you have, your syllabus, you can put it here so you can easily see what's going on in all your courses.

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 2

 Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 2 - screen shot

The second Notion template give me the feeling of freshness tender green. The feeling of nature field is very, very lovely and lively. This is the case of color matching. It really gives an aesthetic pleasure. It has a lovely and lively color scheme with the figure cover at the top and the motion picture on the far right all in a soft green color scheme.

On the far right you can see the percentage of completion for a day or a year, and at the bottom there is a sentence that says: do it with passion or not at all. In the middle we can see the schedule so you can allocate time to different sections and decipher what you want to do for each day of the week and include the lessons you want. At the bottom there is a task section, so here you can list all the things you want to accomplish.

And on the left side there is a table of contents b containing the following sections.

task: Here you can put your to-do list

school hub: It's empty because it's actually based on what you want to put in and what you've done at school

bookshelf: Here you can put what you're reading, what you want to read, have a master list of books, and books you haven't finished, what I really like is that you can have a gallery so you can actually see all the book covers, I think that's especially useful, and then you can get a more detailed look at the books you're reading.

language hub: at the top this is your pledge that you're committed to learning the language and you're really just signing a contract with yourself to learn the language. Then there's the vocabulary section, because it's really important to learn new vocabulary when you're learning for the first time. And then there are some resources that you can bookmark or link to whatever is most useful to you.

archive: There is also an archive section, so if you no longer need something, just dump it here and you can still access it if you need it.

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 3

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 3 - school life dashboard

This notion template is a gorgeous dashboard and I really like the aesthetic. As we can see this is about the school life dashboard. From the top we can play some music to boost productivity, and there are eight different sections here.

school: You can enter as many syllabi and PDF files of different resources as you may need, as well as emails and times, where I will click on another one so you can see what it looks like, even for different courses.

You can also write down upcoming assignments. You may have talked about upcoming tasks here, but it contains tasks for all the different courses, and you also have a section for upcoming tasks.

There is also a playlist section and more space at the bottom, so you can add more content later as needed.

There's a timeline section and a guide and personal directory in the top right corner so you can drop off the links you need to access quickly. Next, we have the Let's get started section. So here, basically, there's a to-do list, a completed list, a reminder list, and I like the way the top shows you're doing great. This is the live directory.

References: Basically any quotes or interesting facts that you find, you can enter them there.

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 4

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 4 - screen shot

The fourth template is definitely a cute one.

The cover picture and the avatar part are very cute, and the accompanying picture is special. A little childish, but especially cute cartoon style. We see that there are little rabbits and little ducks, and the colors are mainly soft green and soft yellow and soft yellow, which is especially cute and fresh. It's a very aesthetically pleasing template.

For students, we have a weekly schedule where you can write down all your classes, all the classes that you have for each day of the week, and on the right is a course section.

So here, again, you can put all your assignments, or reading materials that you have, and tasks, and what courses they are, what type they are, and the dates they are due.

Here we have some of the study materials that are not yet completed. So basically, you can check that, mark what you've done, what you need to do, and then write an overview for the next week.

At the bottom there is only one section in which you can drop all the courses. You can again drop the work that you have to complete for that course and there is room for you to drop the syllabus and any other important information that you might need.

It's simple, but very effective for students.

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 5

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 5 - school life

This is a template from a YouTube blogger whose video about the notion template was particularly popular, and then she made one herself, which I think is great. Although the style is on the academic side, it should be enough for students to deal with most scenarios of school and study, to organize and manage the life.

Weekly schedule of classes:
On the left is the weather widget where I can see the next three days, classes of the week and my daily classes

Master Assignment Schedule:

So you can see the classes that you can put in, the status and the weights, and this is an option where you can see everything that you have in that particular semester. So these are some of the courses. Here are some if the assignments, the deadlines, the quizzes, the weights for specific tasks, what it is, the deadlines, the status that you can get and then it's an automatic reminder based on the status of the deadline. So if it expires, which means it's past the deadline, you have that funny emoji. If it expires today, it changes automatically, which I like.

Notes section:

There is a comfort level where you can basically place as many stars as you want to indicate how comfortable you are with the theme. You also have the option to write your notes directly here if you like. But let me just show you the process.

So let's assume you haven't practiced it yet. It shows you the next time you study it, January 5, but after the second repetition it's January 24, after the third repetition it's February 8, and after the fourth it disappears because you've studied it enough and you do the same thing. So you can see that the next repeat date actually changes. What you can do if you want is turn it into a reminder.

So you'll get reminders on that day - and here I'm just showing you how you can change the number of stars you put on the right to show your comfort level.

There are some Spotify playlists at the bottom - listening to some music helps you relax while you study.

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 6

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 6 - Aesthetics-Student-Planner

A template made by Ella, it's absolutely beautiful. So, as you can see, it fits that chic, elegant vibe. There are a lot of gorgeous textures and elements.

This is sooooo beautiful! May I ask how did you color the time boxes in the timetable.

Course section: You can even press, for example, course one and enter all your really important information there. I think this section is really cool. The home page goes directly to the course overview. You can calculate your GPA, which I think is cool.

Assignment tasks: I think that part is so cool because it shows you on a certain day late, late, and then there's a funny emoticon there. So that's something that I really like. Well, if you don't like the way it looks either, make sure you implement it.

Reading List: A quick notes section and a schedule, and this is the only person I've ever seen who organizes their schedule in this way.

Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 7

 Aesthetic Notion Templates - Template 7 - screen shot

This template is very calm and cold, with plants and crows, very aesthetic, made by a user from reddit, and it has Spotify integrated. This song list I think is perfect for listening as background music while studying. The green color is his main color, it looks green and lush.

It also has a lot of animated elements, for example, the cover is animated and there are a lot of little pixelated animated images in the middle of the page.

There is a calendar mode. You can manage your tasks according to specific dates.

Library: It can be a table view, but if you go to the gallery view, you can actually see the covers of these books, which I think is cool, and then you can see all the books that you've read or want to read. I also like that there and there are little quotes there.

quick tasks: Here you can quickly write down the tasks you need to complete and check the box in front of the task when you're done.


Really aesthetic templates, if you like my work, please leave a message inside the comments, and if you think your own template is good enough, please leave me a message too, and I will consider adding yours to this list.