Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine Planner Review

Archer and Olive and Amy Tangerine Planner

Hey Planning Mashers!

Have you heard about Archer and Olive and their Amy Tangerine planner? Today we are diving into this planner in detail!

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If there’s one thing I love it’s probably planners. And corgis. And chocolate. Oh yeah, and my husband of course, in case he is reading. But yeah also, and very much – planners!

While I’m sitting here in isolation, I have 5 planners with me, and probably the same amount is waiting for me back home.

Do I have a problem? Maybe.


It means that I’m good when it comes to reviewing planners, you can trust my vast experience.

Today I wanted to talk about a dated planner – a beautiful baby that came out of a collaboration between Archer and Olive and Ami Tangerine.

I’m more of a Bullet Journal girl, but when I saw this beauty, I knew I had to have it!

If you’re into dated planners or just in pretty planners – you might wanna consider getting this one. Let me tell you all about it!

General Information

As all Archer and Olive notebooks, this one comes in the prettiest box. I’m so happy that now I’m in the USA for a while, I can get the planner in its original packaging. Usually, I have to ask my relatives to bring it for me, and for practical reasons, they tend to discard the box. Which always breaks my heart.

But let’s open it up and see what’s inside!

Well, inside there is a super cute planner! It’s the perfect blend of everything I love about these two brands! 

The cover and lettering and fun and happy Amy Tangerine designs, while inside you know that you get an amazing Archer and Olive quality.

Let’s go through some general characteristics of the notebook:

  • 160 GSM paper
  • Ribbon
  • Back pocket

Inside The Journal

Inside, the notebook offers a lot as well. I can’t wait to show you all the pages! All of them are such positive and bright designs, it just makes me happy to look through them.

First Pages

To begin with, we have a wonderful letter from Amy herself. She’s talking about journaling and memory keeping. Sweet as always!

The next page is the first cover page in this notebook that sets the mood for the whole notebook.

Then we have some more positive quotes and a year at a glance spread. Notice how each month has its own color.

Yup, the journal is color-coded! How awesome is that?!

We have a few more spreads before we dive into monthly setups. This is your year planning page. Fill this one out when you’re starting the planner to see where you’re going and what is your plan for the upcoming year.

After this, there is one dot grid page for you to do whatever you want, maybe create a year in pixels mood tracker, or do an about me page.

Monthly Pages

Each month starts with a little colorful cover page. Each cover page is different, but every time it’s a colorful and uplifting quote page.

The monthly page is your standard calendar view and it has some space for notes or whatever else you might need on the right. The calendar is set for a week starting on Sunday.

After that, we go to weekly spreads. All weeklies are vertical, they have a little calendar on the bottom right and space for anything else on the bottom left.

Every week starts on Monday. Plus there is a little cute saying on each page, it’s a bit of positivity and motivation and it’s different for each spread.

At the end of each month, there is one dot grid page. You can use it to do your monthly reviews or maybe to add a monthly habit tracker.

Final Pages

Once you get to the end of the journal, there are several surprises waiting for you.

First, it’s the “End of Year Plan” page, which is basically your yearly review. It’s the same categories as at the beginning of your journal, so by filling these out, you can see how far you went.

Next are “remember this” pages. It’s basically 13 dot grid pages that you’re free to use any time you want. Since the header on the first page says “remember this” they could be a good place to create monthly memory pages, especially since there is a page for each month.

Pen Test

I always say you should pen test every pen in every new journal, but to be honest, Archer and Olive notebooks have 160 GSM paper and it’s practically the best on the market. 99% of pens work perfectly in these notebooks.

So for me, a pen test is more of a fun page to create: I can see all the colors in my collection.


The planner also comes with a little surprise! Two sticker pages designed by Amy Tangerine. These will be a great addition to your planner pages.

Have you ever tried a dated planner? What do you think of this one?

Let us know in the comments!

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