Back to School Themed Bullet Journal Setup

Back To School Bullet Journal Theme

Hello Planning Mashers!

I’ve always wanted to create a back to school theme in my Bullet Journal, and finally, the time has come! Check out my monthly setup and get inspirations on how to add your love to stationery to your Bullet Journal pages.

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First, a little warning – this monthly setup will be very unusual. As some of you know,  the hubby and I moved to another country at the beginning of September, so as you can imagine my Bullet Journal activity stopped for a bit and was replaced by huge to-do lists and my travel journal.

So I finally had time to get myself together and do my September setup on the 16th of September. To be honest, I sat down to just do a weekly spread to make sure I’m getting back on track with all my responsibilities, but you know how creating can suck you in. A few hours later I had a whole monthly setup ready!

I did recreate one of my weekly logs as a free printable, you can already find it in the Resources Vault. If you’re not one of Planning Mashers join us in the sign-up form at the end of the post and get access to a wonderful community and of course TONS of freebies for your Bullet Journal.

I’m pretty happy about the setup and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you! But first, as usual, let’s go through the supplies I used.


I decided to move for a month back to my Nuuna and I’m happy I did. I missed a lot of my other markers that I can’t use in the Blackout book and it was quite a nice change.

In case you’re wondering, my notebook cover is by Cocoa Paper, like covers for all of my notebooks. Some of them I bought myself, some were a gift from Cocoa Paper. I love them and the quality of their products, so I can sleep soundly knowing my beautiful notebook babies are safe and pretty.

As for pens, I decided to use my Pilot Frixion pens, since they have such a gentle color and really are a perfect pen for the back to school season (you can erase them!).

For the black, I used my Unipin Fineliners and if you see a speck of grey – it’s a Zebra Mildliner Highlighter.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in! 

Cover Page

For my cover page, I chose a spiral-bound notebook, inside of which I doodled some stationery suppliers and of course, the month.

Once I was done I realized there was a bit too much space on the top, so I just added a “better late than never” phrase. This reflects perfectly my September setup!

In case you want to learn how to doodle these stationery supplies, check out my post with fun and easy stationery doodles. Most of the ones you’ll see in this monthly setup came from there.

Master List

Since we’re already in the middle of the month, I decided not to set up the usual monthly pages and just go straight to the to-do list.

This is exactly what this spread will be – a huge to do list. I find that these help me the most when I have a heavy month or feeling a bit disorganized.

I basically just unload here all the tasks I have to do and then start to work through the list. This helps to create a general picture and to unwind knowing that now you have everything under control and can start working on it.

Positivity Notes

Moving into a new country is hard, especially when you already were so settled like we were after 10 years in China. That’s why I created this page!

The idea is to just write different positive things, memories or experiences I have during this month. Us humans tend to focus too much on the negative side of things and forget the good times faster. This spread will definitely help me deal better with such a big change and make it just that much more fun! 

Weekly Spreads

These were the only big monthly spreads I added this time. Now let’s move into weeklies, of which I have two.

This week is my time to get myself together, so you can see it in my weekly setup – I have a special place to write goals for each day and I left a lot of space for notes.

I realize that even though I have a bujo I usually don’t have space there to jot down some quick notes or ideas. Since this week is a brainstorming week in a way, I made sure to have this space in my weekly log.

I expect next week to be different, so I’m also using a different design.

Week 39 will be all about doing things, so I keep my daily boxes large for all the tasks. I’m still going to make sure I have a goal for each day, but I’ll just highlight them among other things on the list.

Monthly Recap

As usual, I’ll finish up with a monthly recap. 

Something I did differently this time is I added a lot of work-related things – statistics, milestones and such. Now that we left China, my main goal is to work on this blog, so I’m paying extra attention to all these things to make sure I go in the right direction.

That’s about it for September for me. What about you, what theme did you go with this month?

It’s already time to think of October though, so I’ll be sitting down and recording my October Plan With Me soon, stay tuned!

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