Tea Bullet Journal Theme

Bubble (Boba) Tea Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

Hello Planning Mashers!

Welcome to yet another Plan With Me post, where we’ll be doing my July Bullet Journal setup.

As you guessed from the name of the post, I chose boba to be my theme for July, and since I know a lot of people had their take on the theme. In this post, we’ll also have inspirations from other creators.

And to sweeten the deal I decided to also add a free printable boba mood tracker, so be sure to scroll until the end!

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After my huge success with the June makeup theme, I wanted to create something just as good-looking.

For a while now, I felt like inspiration left me for a bit and there was always something wrong with my Bullet Journal pages.

June Bullet Journal setup was the time when I finally felt like Big Mamma Masha was back in town. I loved my June pages and all the makeup doodles. So I want to do something just as cool for July.

Yes, I chose my theme to be boba tea! I love my boba tea, especially after living such a long time in Asia. I was really looking forward to drawing the cute boba teas!

The result is kind of uncertain. I think the idea was great and my doodles were cute, but I kind of messed up on the colors I used. 

So… I’m not sure if I like this theme at the moment. That’s why I actually did a second take on it and I think I’m loving it so much more!

It might sound wasteful, but if I don’t like the theme much I end up not using my BuJo and it just doesn’t bring me joy. 

Below are the two versions of my take on boba setup, let me know which one you like more!

And of course, there’s a Plan With Me video (of the first setup) and inspirations from other creators at the end of the post, so be sure to read until the end.

Oh, and the best part – there is also a free printable for you here!!! I’ll explain more details at the end of the post.

Cover Page

You know the feeling you get when you have a certain vision, but when you put it on the paper it looks different? 

Well, this is my story with this cover page.

It looked a little bit different in my mind, so when I was done, I wasn’t certain if it looked bad or it’s just me being too demanding because I had a completely different thing in my head when I started drawing it.

Another annoying thing is that I can’t decide how to color my bobas exactly. I wanted them to be bright and happy colors, but now I feel like I might have overdone it. Maybe I should just color straws and the tea itself…

In my second take of the boba theme, I actually committed to coloring just tea and the straw and I think it came out looking so much better because of it. 

Monthly Log

The most recent happy mail from Archer and Olive brought my rainbow notepad and I just had to use it! 

With the bright colors of the boba I had in my head, I feel like beautiful colored notepad pages would look amazing.

And I must say – I think it worked wonderfully on this page! 

I probably shouldn’t have used pastel colors for my lettering though, because it kind of makes it look very different from everything else on the page.

In my second attempt at the theme, I stuck to just one color scheme.

And I used stickers for dates, that makes it look much cleaner I think. These stickers are available in my shop, by the way, if you want to speed up your process as well.

Monthly Tasks

The same format I used in June. It worked so well I decided to keep this page.

I love everything here, except for the colors of boba. Those yellows and greens specifically really look not fitting.

So for my second take, I decided to first – do with just purple paper, keeping it all in line.

Secondly – I’m going with a very matching color scheme and I’m really loving how it’s all matching.

Habit Tracker

Tracking fewer habits really worked very well in June. I can’t say I followed each one every day, but I do see how I did so much better than in previous months, especially on my reading.

That’s why I created basically the same habit tracker as before, with just some boba teas at the bottom for decoration.

With my new tracker, I went with the same format, but I decided to go for fewer and more neat-looking bobas at the bottom.

I also decided to color them in bright colors and I must say I love how it came out! The Karin markers I used are really so full of color! I definitely should use them more.

Mood Tracker

This page took me forever to set up and I still managed to screw it up.

First of all, of course, the misprint in the work tracker, and then how my lines went all wonky with the colorful boba at the bottom.

Generally, I kind of like this page, but I think I can do better.

For my second take, I really think I did better! I went for a neater approach and I think it paid off.

There is only one thing – on this page, I have 30 boba teas, not 31. But I love how neat the page looks so I’ll just skip one day and have an extra one for the next month.

I love this mood tracker but it took forever to create it. So to make it easier on you, I decided to create a free printable one.

You can find it at our Resources Vault, and if you’re not part of Planning Mashers yet – the link to sign up is at the end of the post!

Gratitude Log

Here comes one of the most impactful, but also one of the most boring pages of all my monthly setups.

I actually quite like how this header came out.

But of course, in the new setup, I had to go with a new style and it came out nicely as well!

Plan With Me

Here is the plan with me video for the first take on the boba theme.

I must say I probably made my second theme look neater because I didn’t have to record it and I could draw with my eyes 2 cm away from the paper.

Ever since school I had this horrible habit of writing and drawing with my face almost at the same level as the paper, so now that I have to be so far away for recording it’s kind of difficult for me.

But I’m definitely grateful to YouTube and everyone who supports me there for not just watching my content, but also pushing me to get used to a better posture!

Boba Theme Bullet Journal Inspirations

You saw my own takes on the boba theme, but there are so many more absolutely different ways to approach this theme.

That’s why I always try to include pages from other creators.

Credit: @lotus_study

Super cute cover page with tons of little boba teas!

I like how the color is a little bit offset – it really created a pretty unique effect.

Credit: @cynthiabujo

A beautiful cover page and I love that she used muted pastel colors for it.

Note how she basically created a pattern with these little doodles.

If you want to learn more about drawing patterns and using them in your Bullet Journal check my post 13 Creative Patterns To Use For Your Geometric Bullet Journal Pages.

Credit: @zainabullet

Who said you have to be good at drawing to create beautiful pages? Here is one more proof that stickers can work just as well.

Speaking of stickers, I actually have printable boba tea stickers in my shop, which you can print and use as many times as you want – perfect if you want to set up a full boba tea theme.

Credit: @ms.bujo

Another cute cover page, and I think it’s not even an A5 journal.

I love how simple and cute these doodles are and how the artist added the little filler elements to make it look even better.

Credit: @pisces_bulletjournals

One big boba tea or a lot of small ones? Why not both!

And I love that on this page there is also a color contrast between the big one in the middle and the cute smaller ones.

Credit: @michelleyuen_

I love the variety you have on this cover page!

They all are different colors, some have faces, some don’t. The cups are different as well. Very creative approach!

Free Printable

I really loved this theme, even though it took me a few tries to figure it out. 

But I thought I might want to spread the joy so I created a free mood tracker, boba tea themed. It’s something very similar to the tracker I actually created for myself this month.

You can find it at our Resources Vault under “Trackers” section.

In case you don’t have the access yet, be sure to join Planning Mashers and get this mood tracker, and tons of other printables. Just use the form below.

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