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  • Is Roam Free? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Roam Research's Pricing Model

    For me, taking and managing notes in a more organized way is important for students, professionals, and anyone who wants to be more productive. That's why I personally prefer using Roam Research. This note-taking software allows me to create and manage my notes in a graph-like structure, making it easier for me to connect ideas […]

  • Exploring The Best Roam Research Alternatives of 2023

    I think there are many alternatives to Roam Research, despite it being a popular note-taking app with its graph-based structure for organizing notes. I personally use other apps that offer similar features and functionality. Criteria for Choosing an Alternative When looking for a different option to Roam Research, consider the following: Comparable features and capabilities […]

  • Cornell Notes: 10 Examples to Inspire You

    What is the Cornell note taking method? The Cornell note taking method is one of the most popular methods for taking notes. It was developed at Cornell University in the late 1800s and has been widely used ever since. The idea behind this method is to keep your notes organized so that you can easily […]