Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation

Summer is here and I bet that, whatever you’re doing now, all you dream about is summer holidays! I graduated a while ago and I still get the travel bug every time June starts. We all want to make the best of our vacations, and what a better way to do it than plan it with Bullet Journal?

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How often you forget something at home? Or maybe miss some must-see spots? Now we don’t want any of these little details to spoil the precious moments of summer traveling, do we! For that reason, I share with you here how to prepare for a perfect holiday with the help of your Bullet Journal.

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Where to travel?

It all starts from the big question – where our next adventure will take. Why don’t you simply make a list of places you want to visit and pick one of them? Time to start fulfilling your traveling dreams!

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Savings Tracker

Now that you have your perfect trip in mind, time to start saving up. Savings trackers like some of these below can be a great help!

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What to do?

You definitely want to get the most of your experience! So do a little research – what places are interesting to visit? What restaurants do you want to go to? Make it a fun experience and write down all your finds in your Bullet Journal for future reference.

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You know the dates, you know where and what you want to see – time to create your itinerary! It doesn’t have to be a minute by minute plan mind you, but just some general understanding on what you’ll be doing. You don’t want to go to a museum when they are having a day off don’t you? Obviously, not everything needs to be planned to the last detail. It’s always good to leave some time for whatever life might bring you.

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I especially love creating itineraries, because later when you travel, you just have to fill it up with places you visited, your feelings and your emotions and you already have a wonderful place to keep your memories! 


This is one of my favorite spreads! When I was a kid, before Christmas, I used to have a chocolate calendar. Each day, beginning on the 1st of December, I’d open a little slot, and discover a small candy, and it was wonderful! Not only because of chocolate, but also because of the amazing feeling that Christmas day was a bit closer!

Well, this works on pretty much same principle! Ticking one more day on your countdown spread every day adds that extra bit of excitement!

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Packing List

Of course in the last days, you’ll get busy packing. Why not help yourself by making a packing list! Make sure you have it all there and you’re all ready for new adventures.

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Flight Info

Always make sure you have all your flight info handy, especially if you’re planning a long trip with layovers and several destinations. It’s really easy to do with an assigned Bullet Journal spread, like some of these below.

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The only thing left is to pick the music for your upcoming trip! I love doing it for every trip I take, that way my memories get connected to the music and I can always remember the good times just by listening to the music.

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What pages do you use? And do you use your Bullet Journal for preparation to travel? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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