Where can I find Pomodoro technique training resources?

Pomodoro Technique Training Resources

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that helps individuals improve their productivity by breaking down work into focused intervals, usually 25 minutes, followed by short breaks. If you are looking to learn and implement the Pomodoro Technique, there are various training resources available that can help you get started.

Here are some of the best Pomodoro Technique training resources:

Official Pomodoro Technique Website

The official website for the Pomodoro Technique is a great resource for anyone looking to learn about this time management technique. The website provides detailed information about the Pomodoro Technique, including how to get started, best practices, and FAQs.


Several books have been written about the Pomodoro Technique, which provide in-depth information about the method and how to apply it effectively. Some of the popular books on the Pomodoro Technique are:

  • The Pomodoro Technique: The Acclaimed Time-Management System That Has Transformed How We Work by Francesco Cirillo
  • Pomodoro Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to Get Focused, Work Productively, and Beat Procrastination by Damian Campbell
  • The 30-Day Productivity Plan: Break The 30 Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Time Management - One Day At A Time! by Damon Zahariades

Mobile Applications

There are various mobile applications available for both Android and iOS devices that can help you implement the Pomodoro Technique. These applications provide features like timer settings, task lists, and progress tracking. Some popular mobile applications for Pomodoro Technique include:

Online Courses

If you prefer a more structured approach to learning, you can also find online courses that teach the Pomodoro Technique. These courses are often led by experienced instructors and provide a more interactive learning experience. Some popular online courses for Pomodoro Technique are:

  • Pomodoro Technique Mastery by Udemy
  • Time Management Fundamentals by LinkedIn Learning
  • The Complete Time Management Course by Skillshare


In conclusion, the Pomodoro Technique can be a useful tool for improving productivity and managing time effectively. There are various resources available that can help you learn and implement the technique, including the official website, books, mobile applications, and online courses. With the help of these resources, you can start using the Pomodoro Technique to improve your work habits and achieve your goals.