How To Evernote: Your Guide To Note-Taking

How To Evernote: Your Guide To Note-Taking

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Are you looking for a solution to somehow keep track and stay up-to-date with your busy life, whether it be at home or at work?  Sounds like it’s time to talk about that elephant that should be in your browser: Evernote!


With Evernote, users of all walks of life can access their online application for FREE! Add lists, write notes and keep track of your week all with Evernote.


Curious to learn more? We thought so! Soda PDF is here to provide you with a helpful guide to show the perks and benefits of taking (and keeping track) of your notes with Evernote.


What Is Evernote?

If you’re used to taking notes with a pen and paper, you might want to reconsider this practice after learning all about the wonderful world of Evernote.



Evernote is like your notepad but only better. Create notes or reminders, organize them into Notebooks or work off one of their suggested templates depending on what you need help organizing.


Whether a student, a creative type or a workplace professional, we could all use some help staying on top of tasks and Evernote is the application to ensure we do! Our guide will show you the many benefits an Evernote account provides.


So say goodbye to paper cuts, spilling coffee all over your chicken scratch, losing important pieces of paper with precious information and getting lost in pages of your notebooks.


Save some trees and throw away those notebooks because Evernote is the only pad you’ll need to keep track and organize your notes. Whether through a web browser or mobile device, get access to your notes anytime you need.


How To Get Started With Evernote

To begin, simply sign up at Evernote by providing an email and creating your password. Once you’ve registered, let the note taking begin!


Evernote ensures their users get started on the right foot with a helpful, welcoming walk-through. Once you’ve created your FREE account and have signed into Evernote, you will need to decide what you’re purpose for using the program is:



Once you have decided what your Evernote account will be used for, you’re ready to start taking notes and using the application. How easy was that?


Not sure what you want to use Evernote for just yet? No worries, because Evernote is full of templates to help you shape what areas of organization you need.


And if you do know what you want to use Evernote for, say keeping track of notes or tasks at work, then you can proceed to start creating a note and adding more templates to your liking.



Evernote organizes your notes and provides its users with a ton of templates for whatever they need to keep track of. Whether its a meal plan for busy parents, a three-act organizer for the creative types, or project planners for mapping out business strategies, Evernote helps their users stay organized no matter what their lives entail.


Just take a glance at all the templates Evernote has to offer:



Whatever you want to organize and however you want to organize yourself (or a team), Evernote and their long list of helpful templates are here to help.


Should you want to create your own Templates in Evernote, you sure can! Just be aware that creating your own templates is a Premium feature, but accessing Templates created by Evernote is entirely free to use.


Here’s a few of the standard Templates that just about anyone could use on Evernote:


To-Do Lists

We all use a to-do list, whether we’re conscious of the fact or not. How many times have you listed, either in your head or on a post-it note, all the tasks or objectives that need to be tackled in the day? Countless times, I’m sure.



Well with Evernote and their To-Do Template, users can now list all of their need-to-get-this-done-immediately tasks and organize themselves accordingly.


Best part is that you never have to worry about losing or tearing up that piece of paper, because with Evernote you can go paperless and share your list with anyone, perhaps your spouse or significant other, as you both tackle the to-do list simultaneously!


Weekly Planner

Do you at times feel overwhelmed at work with all of the projects that you need to get done? Ever imagine how much easier life could be if you had a Weekly Planner to help you map out your tasks and feel less stressed about upcoming deadlines?



Evernote’s Weekly Planner template is ideal for anyone who needs help planning out their next seven days, whether for business or personal reasons. Add your tasks to the left or right of the day, color coordinate your tasks and add notes to each.


Evernote makes each and every week as exciting as the next, because now you’ll feel confident and focused on your tasks at hand, rather than not knowing where or how to get started.


Project Planner

If you’re a manager, or someone who needs to coordinate with various teams or departments, then Evernote’s Project Planner template is perfect for you.



Write out your action plan for your project and add tasks, insert graphs and make the planning and execution of your projects colorful, organized and easy to follow for anyone who is required to help out.


Though these templates are the most common, Evernote has a plethora of free templates for users to browse through or even create their own from a Blank Note. The choice is yours as a user, but Evernote ensures that whatever notes or writing you need to keep track of, whether business or personal, their Templates and helpful tips will keep you organized and feeling extremely efficient.



Evernote enables users to add Tags to their notes by clicking on the bottom of their note like so:



By adding a tag to your notes, you can easily sort all of your notes or writings of similar content or context into searchable fields that efficiently allow the user to organize their work based on a keyword.


Click on the Tags field on the left side of your Evernote to see all of your notes sorted by these tags. Yes, it’s that easy!


Insert Attachments

Have a document that you need to attach to back-up your arguments for an upcoming meeting? Did you find a helpful recipe for your meal plan this week? Wish you could insert those files into your notes? Well, with Evernote, you can!



Upload just about any file type, including PDFs, to your notes and then easily search for them by using the search bar. Your notes, weekly planner, meeting minutes or to-do lists can be more than just words on a page. Add attachments to give your work more depth and insight for yourself and for anyone who is lucky enough to have your notes shared with them!


Web Clipper

One of the finer tools Evernote provides is their Web Clipper, a browser extension in which you’re able to add web pages or related articles directly to your notes!


Simply download the extension browser and then that friendly green elephant (Evernote’s logo, in case you didn’t know) will appear in your toolbar. Clicking on the elephant will allow the user to add these clippings from the web to their notes, making any research one needs to do for a project a whole lot simpler and effective.




Once you’ve created your notes, organize them into Notebooks with Evernote. For example, are you the one responsible for taking notes during meetings? Next time, simply open up Evernote, create a new note and proceed to start typing away.



Organize all of your meeting minute notes into a Notebook titled, well, Meeting Minutes or Meeting Notes and add all of those wonderful notes there.


It’s really that simple, but boy does it save you so much time and avoids causing any headaches. Plus, you can even share your Notebooks with colleagues or friends and family depending on whether the information is privy to them or not.


Send Your PDFs to Evernote with Soda PDF

Our favorite feature of Evernote is by far the fact that users can send their PDF files from Soda PDF desktop to Evernote within our application.


Did you just get a PDF document that encapsulates all of those meeting minutes you’ve been keeping track of? Open that PDF with Soda PDF Anywhere and send it to Evernote like so:


From the File menu, click Send then select to Evernote:



Log into your Evernote account within the Soda PDF application:



Authorize Soda PDF access to your Evernote account for a day, month or year:



Once signed in, your document will be automatically attached. Click Add Note to send off to Evernote:



Evernote will send you a friendly reminder email within seconds of allowing Soda PDF to be linked to your account:



Log into Evernote and behold that PDF file you just magically sent over:



From there, users are free to organize themselves as best as Evernote provides, whether through Notebooks, Tags or sharing your files with others. Soda PDF and Evernote work as an efficient and effective pairing for your documentation needs, keeping you and your files as organized as they can be.


Evernote is fantastic for organizing notes as you’ve seen, but don’t users wish there was an application as brilliant as Evernote for organizing and managing your documents? Fortunately, there is!


The Best App For Your PDFs

If you’re looking for an application to manage your PDFs, or if you want a one-stop shop to edit, create, convert, annotate and make the most of your documents, then Soda PDF is for you!


Download a FREE trial and see the power and functionality Soda PDF can provide to users looking to convert their Microsoft Office files to and from PDFs, or simply edit previously published PDF files within our Desktop app.


Discover Soda PDF Anywhere today and get to work on those documents, and even send your precious files to Evernote if you so choose!