How To Organize Your Bullet Journal Supplies

How To Organize Your Bullet Journal Supplies

Hello Planning Mashers!

Today I want to talk about my favorite thing – Bullet Journal supplies! Or more exactly, how to organize your stationery collection.

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If you have been Bullet Journaling for a while I can bet you have quite a collection of pens and other supplies.

I have quite an extensive collection myself, and I know how easy it’s to first clutter your space and second – get so lost with supplies that you forget about and never use again.

Of course, we don’t want to do that! We want all supplies well organized and easily accessible, so you can use them in full and be even more creative in your journal.

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I’ve been going through a lot of stationery storage solutions myself and now that we’re all on lockdown with the quarantine, I feel like it’s the best time to go for it and tackle such a big project.

Let’s do this together!

Here is how we’ll do it. First, we’ll talk about your desk and drawer storage solutions.

Next, we’ll look through carts and caddies to make your supplies movable.

After that, we’ll talk about little pouches for your journal and must-have supplies to easily carry with you when you are planning outside the house.

Along the way, I’ll also include DIY solutions if you’re feeling up to the task.

I hope you’ll find here a good solution for you and reorganize your office into what you always dreamt of.

Psss, if you wonder about my stationery collection be sure to check this video where I unpack part of my supplies.

Let’s dive in!

Desk and Drawer Stationery Storage

Let’s assume you have a desk for your creative activities. As our first step, we’ll look through organization solutions.

Pen Storage Tower

This is one of my favorite ways to store pens and definitely my dream storage solution! 

This one allows you to see all your pens and colors, while also storing them horizontally so your pens don’t dry out.

These can stack, so you can store even more things there. Plus, they’re transparent so visually they won’t be taking up that much space.


Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizer, 6 inch x 6 inch

  • Keep your work space clutter-free and your supplies close at hand
  • Perfect for a craft room, child’s room, home office, garage or basement
  • Modular organizers stack together with clips, letting you create a custom storage system

There are also these acrylic storage containers that work just as great! 

I like these because they’re divided into smaller sections, so you can really organize your pens by smaller categories.

DIY Storage Tower

If you can’t spend money on expensive storage, this option is for you.

Cristina from My Life In A Bullet came up with a wonderful DIY storage.

All you need to create your own Storage Tower is foam boards and a hot glue gun. All this costs only around $10 and you can use your hot glue gun for so many other projects!

Two and a half hours of work and you’ll have your dream solution.

Drawer Organizer

Drawers are so great to store your supplies, but let’s be honest – things can get so disorganized and mixed up there that you won’t find anything.

That’s where your drawer organizer comes into play! This will divide your drawer into convenient sections where you can store all your little supplies from pens to erasers and paper clips.

Desktop Organizer

Some supplies you might want to have easy access to. Your go-to pen, sticky notes, whiteout – something you always use and need to have nearby all the time.

For this, I recommend a simple desk organizer. Try an acrylic one or a metallic net one so visually, it takes up less space.

Sooyee Clear Acrylic 3 Compartment Pen and Pencil Holders Cups Business Card Holder Box Office Supplies Desktop Organizer Storage Caddy 5.4×3.8×4.4inch Pack of 1

  • Features 2 tall cups for pens, pencils, markers, scissors, and similar items. The low front compartment can be used to hold paper clips, thumbtacks, and business cards.Keep your desktop and office gadgets organized!The pencil & pen holder brings a clean and modern look to your workspace that is visually gorgeous and it enhances and complements any décor adding an elegance to the work environment.
  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA: Use high-grade Acrylic materials,clear as glass, looks exquisite.Unlike ordinary cheap plastic.Whether for yourself, a friend, a co-worker or that special someone, add some fun and something whimsical to an office or home with this acrylic pencil holder.
  • IT ADVANTAGES:Acrylic, high quality, unique designed, durable, eco-friendly,transparent and clear what you need. Easily cleaned with soap and water.Size:5.4×3.8×4.4 inch.

Rose Gold Desktop Organizer, Cute Desk Caddy Mesh Desk Accessories, Office Supplies Holder with Drawer for Office, Home and Dorm

  • Elegant Design: Stylish and compact, this cute desk organizer caddy holds office supplies and rose gold matches any office decor, which is a beautiful addition to your office
  • Sturdy and Durable: Made of high quality scratch resistant steel wire mesh, and the reinforced metal rim offers a long lasting performance
  • Functional Desktop Organizer: Features 4 compartments and 1 sliding drawer for organizing your pens, pencils, scissors, memo pads, sticky notes, paper clips, push pins and other accessories

DIY Desktop Organizer

You can DIY pretty much anything these days, especially when it’s such simple things as stationery organizers.

I found this little tutorial where all you need is some old boxes and some pretty decorative paper.

Such a lovely way to add color to your desk and just get crafty!

DIY Pen Storage

This is another DIY pen storage solution, and all you need for this project is a shoebox and some cardboard tubes like the ones from paper towels or toilet paper.

Mason Jars

Speaking of – you can easily repurpose your mason jars into an amazing pen and little supplies storage.

Color the jars or just the jar cap into bright colors if you want to add some happiness to it. Check this post on Mom Dot for a step by step tutorial on how to paint mason jars.

They’ll work great for storing pens, colorful makers, as well as small things like paper clips, binder clips, and pins. 

You can get some pretty affordable mason jars on Amazon, or get something pre-made from Etsy like the image below.

Mason jars from ADashOfCharm Etsy Shop

Washi Storage

How crazy are you about washi tape? I’ve been obsessing with it and my collection grew to be absolutely insane!

There are a few fun ways to store your washi and these storage systems are probably my favorites.

I had a few when I lived in China and it was so convenient – your washi is well displayed and you can organize it by color or theme.

Crafts Organizer Storage Box for Washi Tape, Art Supplies and Sticker, 15 Compartments, 45 Rolls 2 Inches Diameter Tape Compatible,Clear

  • Clear storage box size: the total size (LWH) is approx. 10.86 x 6.5 x 2.2 inches, including 15 grids, each grid size is 1.96 x 2.05 inch; Note: not for any tape whose diameter is over 5 cm/ 2 inch
  • Sturdy material: the craft organizer is made of clear plastic, sturdy and durable, you can see the items obviously in the box, lightweight and easy to carry while travelling
  • Enough compartments to store: including 15 compartments, you can divide washi tape by brand, color, or project for easy access and convenience

This is a different one and I like it because it doubles as a washi tape dispenser. 

You can probably use this one just for the few washi tapes you‘re using the most for quick and easy access to them while you’re planning.

I couldn’t take any of these with me from China (imagine moving across the sea when you can only take two suitcases with you!), so I had to think of a different way.

My choice fell on these washi tape cases. 

They are transparent so you can always see the design and colors of your washi. They also are very light and convenient to transport, which made it my storage of choice, while I’m still working on my full-time office.

Washi tape case from Thirty One

DIY Washi Tape Storage

I love the idea of Amber from blog – she uses an old embroidery ring to store her washi tapes.

That way you can easily see all your washis and it doubles down as a decoration piece!

If you want to customize it a little bit more – try painting your ring into a color matching to your office space.

DIY Washi Tape Storage by Amber Simmons

There is also this awesome DIY to create drawer storage for your washi tape. All you need for it is a wrapping paper roll and some pretty paper!

Great way to display your washi and keep it hidden in your desk while you’re not using it.


Pencil Cases

Ok this is pretty obvious one, but you can also store your supplies in pencil cases. 

And I’m not talking about cute little Barbie ones you had in school, you’re a big gal (pal?) now so you need big pencil cases!

My choice are these ones from Amazon!

They are huge and can fit up to 136 pens – quite impressive, right? You can organize within by color or by brand.

They are also super convenient to store your pens organized and easily accessible – just pull out the one you need and all your pens are there.

I also love them because they allow you to see all the pens so you won’t have any hidden ones that you forgot about.

Pencil Case Holder Slot - Holds 202 Colored Pencils or 136 Gel Pens with Zipper Closure – Large Capacity Pen Organizer for Watercolor Pens or Markers – Perfect Gift for Beginner and Artist Blossom

  • LARGE PENCIL ORGANIZER – Top quality Pencil Case that has a multi-layer compartments and large capacity that can store up to 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pen markers. The cover is made of the best polyester Oxford fabric on the market that will never rip apart, wear out or let you down.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN – Our colored pencil case storage bag has 64 slots that can hold up to 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pens without any problem. The elastic slots band makes it easy to fit and remove your pencil and you can easily see & organize the different colors of your watercolor pencils.
  • VERSATILE – It is used widely for painter, makeup artist, writers & professional for storing various tool like Prismacolor / Crayola / Marco Raffine colored pencil, watercolor pencil, gel pen, marker, eraser, or cosmetic brush & could also apply to ordinary pencils in offices & art galleries

Another pencil case I’m loving these days is a standing one!  

It’s so convenient to use and I store my go-to pens in this one. When it’s time to plan I just put it standing next to me and I can easily access my favorite colors.

Finally, I really like the idea of this case. It works so well for all the little supplies, as well as your go-to pens!

If you don’t want to have a stand on top of your desk you can always use this case and take it out for the times when you sit down to plan.


EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case Office College School Large Storage High Bag Pouch Holder Box Organizer Yellow Orange

  • [Large capacity] Upgraded size 8.66 x 4.13 x 2.56 inches with large capacity storage, can store up to up to 50 pens or 90 pencils, and can store small stationery in the mesh bag, such as Rubber, Sticker, etc. In the middle of the small mezzanine, can put a few shorter pens that are often used.
  • [deformable] 1. Easy to carry around after folding, easy to store 2. Expand to get more pens.
  • [Fabric material] 100% unbleached canvas on the front, 100% cotton on the bottom, yellow in color closer to orange.

Notebook Storage

I don’t know about you, but I have tons of notebooks! 

Apart from the journals I already finished, there are still around 5 journals I’m using simultaneously.

If you wonder why – it’s because I just love journals and if I can find a way to use one – I will!

I have my main Bullet Journal, my creative journal where I do collections, the watercolor journal where I experiment with creating watercolor pages, YouTube journal where I make spreads for different YouTube videos, and my work journal where I write work goals and research for my next blog posts and such.

Oh, and I now also have a memories journal. And a blackout book. And kraft paper journal…. I have a problem, please don’t judge me……

But back to the point – how to store all the journals?

First, you could try using a napkin holder. It’s a cheap and cute solution that’ll help you have your one or two journals nearby at all times.


Another way is to have a container bit that would hold all your journals together and make it easy to find the one you’re looking for.

I found one on Amazon but I also recommend you to check out your local home decor stores, because I got a wonderful one from Home Goods.


mDesign Plastic Storage Container Bin with Carrying Handles for Home Office, Filing Cabinets, Shelves – Organizer for School Supplies, Pens, Pencils, Notepads, Staplers, Envelopes – Clear

  • SMART STORAGE: This storage organizer fits extra supplies of staples, binder clips, pencils, pens, erasers, sticky notes, page flags, rubber bands, correction fluid and many other essentials; Use in the playroom for storing action figures, building blocks and more; Perfect for wellness or cosmetic items in a bathroom cabinet and works great in the refrigerator and freezer to keep food items neatly stored
  • PORTABLE: Bin features easy-carry built-in handles to make it simple to transport goods from desk to filing cabinet to bookshelf; Just grab and go; This storage basket is perfect for kitchens and pantries; Open top and clear construction make it easy to see what is inside and quickly grab what you need; Try it in the cabinet or cupboard, under your sink for cleaning or dishwashing supplies or for storing boxes of kitchen liners and garbage bags
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: These great organizing bins are the perfect solution for organizing a multitude of household items – such as video games, toys, lotions, bath soaps, shampoos, conditioners, linens, towels, laundry needs, craft supplies, school supplies, files and more; The options are endless; Great for dorm rooms, apartments, condos, cabins, RVs and campers; Use this multi-purpose basket anywhere you need to add storage and get organized; Ideal for home and professional organizers

Peg Board

This is my absolute dream storage! 

Pegboard is that one perfect storage. They are sturdy so you don’t have to worry about overloading it.

And because it’s all about hooks – you really can modify it to fit your needs.

It can be your storage for everything – stickers, pens, washi tapes, scissors or maybe just decor like cards and plants.

It’s really a versatile solution for any office, not just your craft studio.

If you want to learn how to add one to your craft room, be sure to check this post by Twinkle Twinkle Little Party.

Peg Board By Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Be sure to check my Pegboard Pinterest Board for more inspirations on how to organize yours.

Carts and Caddies

There’s also a possibility that you don‘t really have a separate crafting space or your space is a tiny table. I got you covered!

I’m absolutely in the same boat with you guys! When I was living in China, I didn’t have a working space so I was working on our kitchen table.

Now in Bolivia I have a little office, but I have a poker table for my desk.

No biggie, I’m happy with what I have and there are always ways to make things work.

The other day I was told how I’m so neat and organized and I realized that yeah, this is my secret – when you don’t have a lot of space (or any at all) you have to be super organized with your supplies to make it work.

So here are a few storage solutions that helped me immensely!

Lexington Cart

Hands down the best storage ever! This cart allows you to keep your supplies organized and mobile! 

If you don’t have your own creative area, or if you like to create while you watch that new Netflix documentary – this will be your best friend.

Thanks to the cart having wheels, you can move it around and put it exactly where you need it to be. Have your supplies always with you, or easily hide them in the corner when you have guests and need to use the dining table.

The fact that it’s got three levels allows you to better organize it. When I had mine, I’d have the top-level for my go-to items and supplies. Then the middle for my journal and the bottom one for a few of my pencil cases with pens I would take out for my big Plan With Me sessions.

True story – I love this cart so much that I’m actually taking one from the USA all the way to Bolivia. I couldn’t be happier and I’m so excited to go back and reorganize all my supplies!

Acrylic Caddy

Looking for small storage you can carry around? Try out this caddy.

Its simple acrylic design will make it easy to see everything you have in there. And it’s a perfect size for all the planning essentials.

Planner Tote

Something like this one became my best friend since the first time I saw it!

It’s a perfect place to have your go-to supplies, main notebooks, and a few extra things. Everything for a proper planning session.

Since it’s a tote, it makes it easy to carry it around. 

Craft Caddy, by Little Grey Rabbit, Large Design, Sturdy Construction, Gray Chevron

  • LARGE ENOUGH FOR TONS OF CRAFT GEAR | The premium caddy measures 13.5″ long, 10″ high and 7″ high.
  • SUPIERIOR CONSTRUCTION | 100% cotton canvas with no adhesives and a deluxe padded internal structure that is firm but flexible. Will hold its shape even without the dividers. Reinforced seams allow the caddy to hold up to 40 pounds and can be machine washed.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY-SAFE MATERIALS | Non-Toxic EVA structure and free from all harmful adhesives

This became my personal savior now I work in somebody else’s living room! Keeping my supplies in this bag doesn’t only allow me for easier and more convenient access to them but also keeps the room uncluttered and organized.

Carry Around Storage

So let’s say you always have your planner with you. Plus some pens. This can get pretty messy in your bag!

Plus I fear I’d be always worried about damaging the planner. I mean, who are we kidding? We all know our bags are black holes of random stuff that can sometimes damage your precious little journals.

I found a few storage solutions for this and I’m using something similar myself!

BUMB iPad case

Even though it’s originally made to store iPads, it’ll work wonders for storing your go-to supply kit.

It has two zippers and a special pocket to fit your journal. All together, you probably can fit up to 50 pens there, as well as tons of other useful supplies like erasers and whiteout.

A cool thing about this storage is that even though you can fit all that, it’s not really bulky and won’t be occupying your entire bag.

Note that to fit an A5 journal you’ll need to get this case in large size.

BUBM Double Layer Electronic Accessories Organizer, Travel Gadget Bag for Cables, USB Flash Drive, Plug and More, Perfect Size Fits for iPad Mini (Medium, Black)

  • KEEP ALL IN ONE PLACE: Double layer Nylon interior compartment, enough roomy to hold various items like cables, flash disk, USB drive, Power, Headphone and etc. Dimensions: L9.8″* W7″* H1″
  • EXCELLENT PROTECTION: Well padded semi flexible covers offer excellent protection for your electronic accessories. Tips: This Gear Organizer fits for iPad Mini without a cover (7.9-inch) but not enough for iPad Air & Microsoft Surface.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Medium, double layer, made of heavy-duty, durable and waterproof nylon material(No accessories Included). Zippers closure ensure your item secure.

Erin Condren Planner Folio

I love the design of these folios, they’re so bright and happy looking! 

This folio isn’t bulky at all and will be perfect for all your must-have supplies. It’s definitely storage I’d use for taking my planning kit with me when traveling.

They come in two sizes, so be sure you pick the one that fits your particular journal.

Uff, this turned out to be a long one, but I hope you guys liked it and found some ideas to use in your craft space.

What’s your favorite way to store your Bullet Journal supplies? Share with us your storage solutions in the comments!

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