How to Reach Your Goals Faster –

How to Reach Your Goals Faster -

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“Most experts and great leaders agree that leaders are made, not born, and that they are made through their own drive for learning and self-improvement.” – Carol S. Dweck

The one
crucial word that guides a meaningful self-improvement journey is ‘positivity’.
It’s the beacon that shows the path to growth, success, contentment, &
happiness in life.

growth journey is different, but the one thing that’ll ensure you advance in
the right direction is a positive attitude. Self improvement tips that reflect
this mindset not only help you challenge your limits but also encourage you to
appreciate who you are at any given moment.

Why do you need self-improvement tips:

What is self-improvement

Does the need for
improving yourself mean we aren’t good enough as we are? Absolutely NOT. In
fact, when we accept ourselves as we are, it shows we are ready to grow.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”
― Albert Einstein

What self-improvement essentially means is that we all have capabilities, talents, and potential that haven’t been explored to their full extent because of –

  • our mindset that focuses more on winning than learning,
  • our social conditioning, &
  • the beliefs we have about the limits of what we can do.

When you are open to the idea of self-improvement, it shows your willingness to accept the fact that certain areas of your life have the possibility of growth.

But more importantly, it shows your belief in yourself, that you have what it takes to achieve things that you value.


Change your mindset: How to positively redefine your life

Self improvement tips that reflect a positive mindset not only help you challenge your limits but also encourage you to appreciate who you are at any given moment. Click To Tweet

Why is personal development important

Personal growth is important because –

  • It gives us the tools needed to get what we want from our life.
  • We gain control over what sort of life we have now and in the future.
  • It helps us see things from a better perspective. Self improvement is as much about maturity of outlook as it is about finding areas that would do better with an upgrade.

The self-improvement tips
we are going to discuss today won’t only help you enjoy life more, but also give
your best at whatever you do in personal and professional life.

Answering your ‘how do I improve myself’: Goal-oriented self-improvement tips

Broadly speaking, the self-improvement journey looks
something like this.

  • Well, the first step is to acknowledge that you believe there is space for improvement.
  • The second step is to find out areas in your life that can do with some DIY love.
  • Then come up with specific goals for the areas you have shortlisted. The 7 self-improvement tips we discuss below will help you come up with meaningful life goals that impact your life in a positive way. If you need guidance or prompts coming up with goal ideas, you can check out the Free personal growth combo.
  • Make monthly plans with specific action steps for each day. Because simply ‘exercise more’ or ‘be more proactive’ won’t take you far. They should be more like ‘do yoga for 30 minutes 5 days a week’ or ‘approach one business every month for collaboration with a plan-of-action in place’.
  • Include your self-improvement tasks in your daily to-do list. Because you are as important as … in fact, more than your duties and obligations. If you want to avoid the groundwork, take this Free 28-day self-improvement challenge and use the plan that’s created to show results. You can later modulate it to fit your specific needs once you get comfortable with the idea.


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Self-improvement tips: 7 essentials to make reaching your goals faster & more meaningful

Spring clean your life:

get a clearer view of what’s really going on & what needs to change, take
away all the clutter from your mind. Without even being aware we pile up
unnecessary tasks, unwanted stressors, and aimless goals as we go along in our

you remember that time you were totally stressing out over having to entertain
the unexpected relatives in town at such a short notice? Well, I did!

But you see, if I had
worked on not caring about what they told others about their visit when they
went back and had just concentrated on doing the best I could, it would have
been more enjoyable and far less stressful.

It takes maturity of
outlook and clarity of vision to think like that. To take away all the clutter
blocking your view, focus on these one at a time –

  • Get clear about how you want your life to look 10 years from now. Strip away of all the distractions and detours that don’t fit in that picture.
  • Distance yourself from negative people and unnecessary complexities.
  • Remove clutter from home and workspace. Physical clutter has a way of affecting your mental space too.
  • Go in for digital detox.
  • Focus on your health with gentle physical detox.
  • Routine mental detox.


Declutter your life: How to effectively spring clean your mind

Be open to learning:

you truly want to grow & redefine what success looks like for you, the key
is to be open to learning. When we try to achieve more than we now have without
gaining any additional knowledge or skill, it’s like expecting different
results while doing the same thing again & again. Does that seem very
likely to you?

from the mistakes you make so as to do it better next time. If you fail, assess
the reason behind it & improve on that to make a better effort when you try
again. That’s how you tweak your strategy until you come up with the one that
takes you to success.

Be open to learning in general. It can be learning a new language, new skills, or learning new information about any topic that interests you. I was reading about space technology recently and the amount of creativity & out of the box thinking simply blew my mind.

Most of my day-to-day problems seemed like such wastage of brain power when there was so much possibility around.

One of the many benefits
of constantly learning something new is that it slows down mental aging. All
the forgetfulness, muddling up, and the general blurring of thoughts are pushed
further back as we gain in years. Bottom line, a better way of maturing into
advanced years.


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Be open to change:

One of the most effective
self improvement tips backed by research & studies is to have a positive
outlook on change & life. When you change your mindset to focus on positives
in any situation, you find ways to cope, learn, & grow with every
challenge. Problems stress you out less & excite you more.

You have to believe
change is good to be able to enjoy life and make the most of it. If people who
came before us didn’t believe change was good (and well, inevitable), we would
still be stuck in the stone age. And how uncomfortable would that be!

If you keep doing what
you have till now, you’ll keep getting the same results….for a
while. Then, the graph starts trending down. Because the world
around us keeps changing whether we want it to or not.

Step out of your comfort zone to grow. Because by doing things that you’re comfortable with, you’re only proving what you have. Take small steps to get used to the idea of taking risks, learning, & succeeding. Each win will motivate & make you more comfortable with trying something new.

Opening up about some tough life experiences used to make
me feel all squirmy & uncomfortable. But once I gathered the courage and just went for it,
sharing a bit here and a bit there in what I shared with my readers, it just
felt super-freeing.

It gave me a new perspective on life, how I want to live it, and finally to stop reliving those moments, focusing more on the lessons learned & moving on.


Change your mindset: How to positively redefine your life

If you truly want to grow & redefine what success looks like for you, the key is to be open to learning. Click To Tweet

Slow down:

much as life is about making plans, goals, and making the most out of it, it’s
also about slowing down & taking time to analyze things. Take short breaks
to celebrate and relish what you have achieved, however big or small. Slow
down, relax, and give your mind a well-deserved break.

I know it’s tempting to
do just a few more tasks or to pack every non-work related stuff you’ve been
wanting to do, but it’s also important to take mini-breaks, relax
and rejuvenate.

Schedule self-care into
your daily to-do list and stick to it as you would to those important business
meets. It’s as important to your
performance in life as regular maintenance is to the problem-free running of
your car.

I agree that it’s a
privilege to grow old as not everyone gets that chance, but you can slow down your ageing by
consciously making healthy lifestyle choices. Take care of yourself to be able
to really enjoy what you worked for all your life.


Self-care tips: how to take awesome care of yourself

Plan and set goals:

you take time to find out how you really want your life to look like say 10
years down the line, you come up with meaningful personal & professional goals.
They make every action you take purposeful. When you plan out your day, week,
month, & year aligned with these goals, your life becomes enjoyable &
streamlined without any wasted time.

Here’s how this looks
like in real life. Write down what
you want from your life 5 or 10 years (whichever you feel more comfortable
with) down the line. All the self improvement tips we’ve discussed till now are
meant to help you come up with meaningful goals for your life.

Make sure that you are
absolutely convinced about the reason why these goals are important for you.
This ‘why’ will keep you motivated when there are roadblocks, setbacks, or blue
days along the way. This ‘why’ should be something you really believe in.

Your daily to-do list
should be aligned with these goals. This’ll help you cut out unnecessary tasks
& make room for relaxation & enjoyment.

It’s the key to making
every moment of your life purposeful.


How to Set Goals and Achieve Them: Practical & Simple Guide

Self improvement is as much about the maturity of outlook as it is about learning & growing. Click To Tweet

Seek out positivity:

Happiness is a choice and so is positivity. But you see, it’s important to
let yourself feel sad, get angry, and go through all the rest of the emotions because
that’s what makes us human. We aren’t robots programmed with only the choicest

Embrace all your feelings and give them time, but be open
to see the positive side of things. Give your emotions their space and time,
but tune your attitude to find the positive side of things.

I know it’s not always
easy, but you know what? Life’s too
short to be wasted away in regrets. A negative attitude will
swamp you with forebodings whenever you try to step out of your comfort zone
& grow. It limits your potential & the level of success &
contentment you can achieve if you really try.

Positivity & a growth
mindset will make reaching your goals easier, faster, & even go beyond.


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Connect with your
coworkers, friends, relatives, neighbors in whatever way and at whatever level
you feel comfortable. Appreciate the people in your life because it’s easy to
ignore them when there are deadlines to be met & goals to achieve. But that
leads to loneliness sooner than later.

We enjoy our wins more
when we get to celebrate them with the people in our life. They make the
celebrations all the more satisfying. It might not feel so  when disagreeing with them on almost
everything, but the simple presence of your loved ones in your life does a lot
for your motivation & appreciation of life.

When was the last time
you spent some quality time with your family? I know, it’s easy to ignore them in the rush of life.
Schedule quality time for them in your weekly to-do list because they’re our
support system. For me, they are the reason I want to take risks and grow in my

Self improvement is as much about maturity of outlook as it is about learning & growing.  Aim for emotional maturity if you want to work on the quality of your relationships.

Connect with people in the same professional field as yours. Do it not just to network, but because they’d be better able to appreciate your struggles, your efforts, and what it took to achieve whatever you have.


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Personal development is a
very subjective thing & one plan doesn’t fit all. And so these
self-improvement tips are meant as guiding beacons to whatever growth goals you
set. They are aimed to add positivity to your self-talk & balance in your
approach to life.

Just go ahead & give yourself the freedom to dream. That’s your subconscious mind letting you know what you’re capable of if only you stop holding yourself back.

What do you feel about
self improvement? Do you think it makes reaching your goals more meaningful?

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