How To Stay Motivated And Get Things Done

How To Stay Motivated And Get Things Done

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Want to get over the slump, stay motivated and get it all done?

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We all face difficult times when trying to find motivation, and completing your to-do list can be a bit of a hard challenge. I’ve been struggling to find motivation myself as the days grow colder and darker (yeah, I’m totally not a winter person!).

However, things need to be done, and being unmotivated isn’t a good excuse to put a pause on your life. This is a very deep rabbit hole and as a person who went all the way down – it’s no good!

So here I’ve collected 5 easy tips on how you can stay motivated and continue moving through your to-do list even in the hardest of times. Following these steps you’ll be able to become productive again, get back your motivation and finally tackle your to-do list.

Face Your Fears

The first and foremost thing you need to understand is that when you procrastinate and try to delay doing something, it’s probably because you are afraid. Afraid to fail, afraid it will take too much time, afraid people will judge you for it, many things.

So the first thing you need to do is to honestly ask yourself what is it you’re afraid of. Once you know, you’ll be able to face the fear and move on to starting the work.

If you’re afraid to fail – just think of what you can get if you don’t fail and what is the worst thing that can happen if you do. I bet you’ll see clearly that it’ll bring you much more if you give it a try.

If you’re afraid it’s a hard task and it might take you too long and you’re not sure where to begin on the first place – just divide it into small easier tasks and start conquering them one by one.

Get Yourself Together

It’s a pretty simple trick, but it’s really something you might be forgetting. I used to forget about it all the time. Here it goes – get yourself together and prepare yourself for work.

What do I mean by that? Make sure you’re not trying to work in your pajamas. Clean your working space. Get yourself together for a proper working day!

Get Rid Of All Distractions

I know I’m not alone when I say that often I’d rather scroll for hours my Instagram feed than go and do that one task. But this of course doesn’t help me with accomplishing my goals. It’s important to try and block all the distractions, so you could concentrate only on that one project.

If you don’t feel like you have self-control to do so, there are many amazing apps and extensions that can help you out, like “Forest”.

They usually block your access to certain apps and websites for a period of time. You don’t have access to the apps and you don’t get notifications. Perfect to just have a quiet moment and concentrate on your work.

Work In the Best And Most Productive Time

I’ve noticed for myself that I’m more productive and accomplish more in the morning. Studies showed this is not just me, and each of us has more or less similar internal clock. This means that for different tasks we have a certain time of the day when we’ll do a better job.

Knowing all that, I still found myself many times having a waaaay too long of a morning and starting my serious work in the afternoon, when my brain is already not in the mood to be too productive.

Therefore, these days I’m making an effort to tackle my biggest challenge during the morning hours. This allowed me to complete tasks faster and produce better results.

I advise you to give it a try and build your schedule to your ups and downs. Use your mood and productivity during the day to your advantage!

Take A Break

First of all – you can’t work all the time non stop. So make sure you are taking some small breaks between work. I don’t mean open your phone and start scrolling your Facebook feed. I mean go get a cut of tea, have a small stroll, meditate for a bit.

Secondly – sometimes you’re not starting on your task because you just overworked yourself. Maybe your procrastination just means that you need a break, you need to recharge your batteries.

So just allow yourself a guilt-free hour of something relaxing. Maybe catch up on that Netflix show, or go out for lunch. Taking care of yourself is important, so make sure you do!

Here are 5 easy tricks I’ve been using to increase my productivity and stay motivated. What are some of your tricks? Looking forward to reading them in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be a Blob!