Makeup Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

Makeup Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

Hello Planning Mashers!

Welcome to another Plan With Me post where I create my June Bullet Journal setup.

This time, I chose makeup as my theme, so I also included inspirations from other creators and some cute stickers I designed.

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June is a special month for me!

My birthday is on June 1st, so of course, this is my favorite month of the year. Plus it’s the beginning of Summer, which is my favorite season!

So, as you can guess, I always try to make June a special month for me and I always try to make it stand out.

Ok maybe not always, in 2020 after all the quarantine and me being stuck in the USA for 4 months (which was pretty pleasant actually, apart from non knowing when I’ll be able to go back home), I didn’t feel too inspired so I just used my collection of washi tapes and stickers from Simply Gilded.

But a year before that my theme was Unicorn and I loved it – they are magical and royal and so much fun! So I needed something just as awesome for a theme.

In May I kind of hated my theme so I asked followers to suggest themes for my weekly spreads. Somebody offered to just do my favorite doodles and it hit me – I should do makeup doodles since I really like doodling makeup items and I definitely don’t do it often enough.

I liked this idea so much that I decided it’s worth it to use it for the June theme and not just for a May weekly spread.

Ok, enough of my life story. Time to get started with the pages! 

And be sure you keep on scrolling to see inspirations from other creators and of course my Plan With Me video.

Cover Page

The face of June turned out super cool!! I really love this color and that I chose to do with a banner idea.

I added a quote here since there was more space to fill out and I thought this quote works very well for my birthday month.

Monthly Log

Going for a larger monthly log here, which is something I really need with lots of deadlines I’m having lately.

I’m horrible at keeping deadlines, so any way I can make them stand out is appreciated.

I knew I would be creating a separate page for my to-do list so I didn’t hold myself back and occupied the whole page with my monthly log.

Monthly To Do List

This is the format I created for May, but since I hated how my May came out, I barely used any of my monthly pages.

So June is round two for this page.

I added separate to-do for my three important areas – blog, YouTube and shop, but I also kept some space for general to-do list and my weekly goals. It doesn’t look like this but my goals will actually be divided by weeks, that’s why I’m saying weekly goals.

Habit Tracker

I noticed I started tracking more and more habits lately, and I do fewer and fewer of them. 

So this month I’m back to basics with just 4 core habits I want to seriously work on. 

Birthday is always a bit of a reminder to not waste time and just go and do it, so I picked my important 4 and will go for it!

Since it’s just 4 habits I had a lot of space and I decided to fill it out with a quote. This month all my quotes are about pushing yourself and making each day count. So this one felt very fitting.

I actually loved it so much I turned it into a sticker – you can check them in my shop!

Mood Tracker

This month, I wanted to be a bit extra creative with my mood tracker, seeing that for the last few months, I wasn’t really using them that much.

So what I decided to do is to pick a quote, and let the first 30 letters of the quote stand for 30 days of June.

I think it came out pretty nicely, even though it took me a while to find a quote that I’d love but also that would fit with my 30 letter requirements. 

This one does have a whole extra word, but I decided to just fill it up in black. Considering the quote itself, I think it kind of works to highlight the word today in that matter.

Gratitude Log

My final page is, of course, my gratitude log.

This is also a page I’ve been slacking on lately, but now that things calmed down a bit in my life, I’m planning to make them a part of my routine and do them every day.

Plan With Me

Want to see me creating this Bullet Journal setup? There is of course a video on my YouTube channel!

You’ll probably notice that it takes me a while to pick a color each time.

The thing is – I just got my 100 set of Crayola Super Tips (omg loving them so much!) so I’m not sure yet how each color actually looks on the paper. I had to check them each time.

Makeup Themed Bullet Journal Inspirations

I’m not the only one who enjoyed creating a makeup theme in their Bullet Journal!

I must admit, it wasn’t so easy to find these, but I’m happy that I put in the effort because these pages look great and I love how everyone has a different style when doodling.

Credit: @fenkesjournal

Fenke is amazing and I love her doodles and journaling style. How fun is it that a few years ago when she did a makeup theme it was also in June?

I also remember that it was the time when I realized I really wanted to have these Karin markers because the colors she used here are just so beautiful.

Credit: @the.petite.planner

Erin from The Petite Planner is one of my favorite creators in the Bullet Journal community, she is so creative!

She also is an amazing doodler, and her courses really helped me to grow my doodling skills.

Credit: @amizaomar

Amiza has gorgeous aesthetics and you can see it clearly on this cover page.

She used just basically two colors and each doodle doesn’t really have that many details, but still it looks gorgeous and very expensive if you ask me.

Credit: @notikjournal

I’m absolutely in love with this cover page! 

Since this is the November cover page. the color scheme is very different, I feel like it’s more of Fall colors. I love that red – it’s so juicy. I don’t think red is my kind of lipstick color but this page really makes me want to try it.

Credit: @laaibajournals

I love this cover page and the colors that are chosen.

I always think of makeup doodles like the ones in bright colors, but wow – pastel colors work just as well! Makes the page look so gentle and cozy.

Credit: @niradoodles

Considering how girly the makeup is I was surprised how groundbreaking the compilation of makeup doodles and flowers looked to me.

This apparently was inspired by a certain makeup brand (let me know in the comments if you recognize it). I thought it was a pretty cool idea! If I was a bit more into makeup I’d probably try something like that as well.

June Printable Bullet Journal Setup

June is almost here but you’re still not ready? I got you covered!

Each month I create a hand-drawn complete monthly setup you can start using in your Bullet Journal right away.

Every setup includes all you need for your monthly setup: cover page, monthly log, habit tracker, mood tracker, gratitude log, and two weekly spreads, one vertical and one horizontal.

If you are a part of my Patron, you get to suggest the monthly setup theme, as well as get one extra page – a budget tracker.

For June 2021 the theme is origami birds, and it’s already up in the shop!

Makeup Printable Stickers

One more thing I wanted to leave here for you is makeup-themed stickers.

I loved the theme so much that I decided to design some makeup stickers for my shop, and I’ll keep adding more of them as the months go.

These are printable stickers, meaning that you buy them once and you can use them as many times as you want.

I have tons of other sticker designs there as well if you want to give it a look.

Ok, I believe that’s all for today! 

Let me know in the comments if you ever did a makeup theme in your Bullet Journal.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob.