Discover the Difference: Mindful vs Mindfull, The Key to a More Fulfilling Life

Are you looking to enhance your well-being and increase your overall satisfaction in life? Then it's time to delve into the world of mindfulness. But wait, what exactly is the difference between being mindful and being mindfull? This might come as a surprise, but these two terms, although similar in sound, represent vastly different concepts. Understanding the distinction between the two can change the way you approach life and all its challenges.

Mindful vs mindfull explain

Mindfulness and mindfullness are two terms that you may have heard used interchangeably, but they actually mean two very different things. While they both emphasize being aware of the present moment, mindfulness is all about being present without judgment while mindfullness is about recognizing what thoughts and feelings are present, and then accepting them, regardless of whether or not they are positive or negative.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware and conscious of the present moment without judgment. It can be a powerful tool to help us become more grounded in our everyday lives. The idea behind mindfulness is that by simply being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations in the moment, we can better understand ourselves and take control of our emotions.

It also helps us to recognize when our minds are wandering off into the future or past, so we can bring ourselves back to the present moment.

Mindfulness is not just about being aware; it’s also about allowing yourself to experience whatever comes up in each moment without judging it as good or bad. This means that instead of trying to push away uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, mindfulness encourages us to sit with them without attaching any kind of judgment or story to them.

When practiced regularly, mindfulness can help us become more mindful throughout our days by helping us stay rooted in the present instead of getting caught up in worrying about what will happen tomorrow or ruminating on what happened yesterday.

What is Mindfullness?

Mindfullness is a term often used as an alternative to mindfulness because it emphasizes actively working with our thoughts and feelings rather than simply observing them from a distance like traditional mindfulness does.

The idea behind mindfullness is that we don’t need to get rid of unpleasant thoughts and feelings; rather we should accept them for what they are – fleeting mental states – and then move on with our day-to-day lives without allowing them to define who we are or consume too much energy from us.

By recognizing these states for what they are - passing mental phenomena - we can learn how to manage them instead of letting them take over our lives.

What we can learn from it?

All in all, mindfulness and mindfullness share similar goals – becoming more aware of the present moment – but differ slightly in their approaches. While mindfulness encourages you to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgement, mindfullness focuses on actively engaging with those thoughts and feelings before letting them go so that you can move forward without getting bogged down by past experiences or worries about the future.


Whether you choose traditional mindfulness practices or opt for a more active approach with mindfullness, understanding the differences between these two concepts can help you find which one works best for you!

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