New Way To Learn Lettering: Simply Lettering Magazine

New Way To Learn Lettering: Simply Lettering Magazine

Lettering is a fun and creative hobby, and it’s a great way to add more flavor to your Bullet Journal. Today I want to share with you another fun resource where you can find a bunch of creative ideas to improve your lettering and get inspired for future projects.

Last month I was lucky enough to receive a new fantastic magazine, created especially for lettering junkies! It took me some time to get to it since I’ve been absolutely absent from everywhere with our recent massive relocation, but I finally got a chance to explore this magazine and I can’t wait to tell you more about it and share some fantastic lettering projects.

Simply Lettering Magazine

Simply Lettering is “the brand new modern calligraphy magazine” and I received their first issue. To be honest, I was quite impressed – the journal offers so many tutorials and inspirations that I was ready to jump into lettering as soon as I opened it.

Let’s unpack and see what goodies came inside!

Brush Lettering Starter Set

The magazine came with two brush pens to get you started – black and grey ones. They’re also dual brush pens, just like Tombow ones.

They are great starter brush pens that will help you to get on with the fun projects they offer and start enjoying modern calligraphy right away.

Lettering Practice Sheet

Ideal for brush pens, this practice book offers you warm-up exercises, as well as lower and upper-case practice sheets.

Moreover, it has lettering pieces from all the projects mentioned in the magazine. You can use them as a reference, download them and trace in your notebook or upload them to your iPad and practice digital lettering.


And last but not least – the magazine itself! It’s full of amazing content for any level and type of lettering enthusiast. From lettering supplies and basic typography to inspiring interviews of fantastic lettering artists.

The best part of the magazine for me though are the art projects. There’re around 21 of them inside. They’re suitable for any level and teach you how to easily create something unique and beautiful.

The projects also cover a variety of types: blending, shadows, faux calligraphy, chalkboard effects, fountain pen and so much more.

To finish this review, I want to go with you through one of the projects.

Lettering Project

This is a small project by Milly Withers from Blink Lettering. I chose it because it looks absolutely stunning, but at the same time, it’s pretty simple, so it’s really something you can put together right away.

My take on this project is a bit different. Instead of brush lettering, we will be using faux calligraphy, which is a fantastic way to create beautiful pieces even without lettering skills.

1. Create a pencil sketch of the lettering

Start from writing the words in pencil, make sure you have some space between the letters, so you’d be able to add thicker parts.

Now look at your letter structure and add extra thickness to the downward strokes.

2. Blackout the letters

Fill out your letters in black. In this project, I’m using Stabilo Pen 68, but feel free to use any pen, marker or brush pen you have.

3. Add shadow

I always prefer to go back to a pencil at this stage. Create a shadow on each letter. Here, I decided to add a shadow on the right side.

4. Color the shadow

Now it’s time for the fun part – coloring. Use the same colors to color inside the shadow, or play around with as many as you want. 

5. Add white highlights

Use a whiter gel pen to add highlights to your letters. I personally prefer white Sakura Gelly Roll pens for this.

Just like that, you have a wonderful lettering piece you can use to decorate your Bullet Journal or to create cards.

The Simply Lettering magazine is full of other amazing projects you can try, so be sure to check it out.

You can get a magazine online in UK here, in USA here. It’s also available in brick and mortar stores: Barnes & Noble and JOANN in USA, independent retailers in Australia and Chapters Indigo, Presse Commerce and Coles in Canada.

Little spoiler – in the second issue you’ll get a set of pens for chalkboard effects!

What’s your favorite place to get inspired and practice lettering?

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