Plan With Me: June Bullet Journal Setup

Plan With Me: June Bullet Journal Setup

Hello Planning Mashers!!

Welcome back to another Plan With Me post where we’ll be creating the June Bullet Journal setup.

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June is the month when I’m supposed to start a new journal. However, this notebook turned out much thicker than the ones I had before and it still has a lot of space left.

So today, I’m not creating any annual pages. The future log is still the same, so I see no need to create a new one. 

Now that I’m writing this post, I realize that I probably should’ve left some space for my year in pictures, but oh well, I can create it later and put it maybe…. after… June? yeah after June sounds fine. I don’t have a printer with me right now anyway.

June is also my birthday month! So I always try to create something special for that monthly setup that makes me happy and motivates me.

As you know, I’ve been pretty obsessed with Simply Gilded washi tape lately, and I received several of their subscription boxes with washi stickers and tons of other goodies.

Washi tape really made me happy for the last few months. My husband says I always sound like a weirdo when I say things like that out loud, but if you’re into stationery you get it, no matter what the haters say.

So when I was choosing a special theme for June, I decided to use Simply Gilded products as my theme

It allows me to use all my Simply Gilded products, as well as to include more washi to my usual Bullet Journal pages.

Finally, since I have washi tapes from different collections, it’ll allow me to play around and use different color schemes for different spreads.

Guys, this is SO MUCH FUN!! I’ll have one theme but every page will be very different one from each other! I’m excited to see how it’ll all turn out.

Cover Page

There isn’t really that much to tell about the cover page, because I decided to simply use one of the cards I received with my Simply Gilded order.

I have a full collection of cards from all over the place now and it was fun to actually use them! 

Of course, I decided to use a pink one with flowers, since it’s my favorite color and flowers are always so pretty.

Monthly Log

Just like in April and May, I went for a small calendar, a todo list, and a habit tracker all in just one page.

For this spread, I went with Simply Gilded and Teresa Collins collaboration washi tapes. 

I thought they would go very nicely with some calligraphy so I tried my brush lettering skills. A little trick – I actually lettered everything in pencil first, so I knew how I wanted the letters to look.

I also used monthly stickers from Simply Gilded April subscription box, they go so well with the color scheme of these washi tapes!

Mood Tracker

Since Simply Gilded is my theme, I went with little bows as my mood symbols because they are Simply Gilded’s logo.

The theme for this page is travel. First of all, because there will be some travel in June – one way or another I’m coming back to my hubby!

Secondly, because travel was a theme for the April subscription box and I was itching to find a way to use these beauties.

Journaling Pages

There isn’t much to be said here. These are empty pages for my usual daily journaling. All I did was add some washi tape at the bottom and some color to the lettering

I found the sweet stop with 4 pages being enough for pretty detailed daily logs. And I added the yellow shadow to the lettering to make it look more in tone with the bright washi set I chose for journaling pages.

Financial Spread

Now this one was tricky. The monthly log and mood tracker got me too much with the pastel style, so I tried to do the same. But I didn’t want to use the same washi.

So I kind of created something I really didn’t like. I tried to save the spread with different washi and adding color, but nothing helped.

I continued with it, and even added a card next to it, but it still bothered me. It’s my birthday month and I really wanted to have pretty pages. Especially for the financial spread that I will be using most.

After a lot of hesitation, a secret cry and stuffing my face with chocolate, I decided to redo the page and cover up the ugliness by sticking the pages together with some washi tape!

Another thing I’m considering doing is sticking a printable of a dot grid on the top of the page and just creating another spread on top of it. Maybe a collage or my usual memories page. These are just a few ways to fix your mistakes.

UPDATED: I actually did turn this into a different spread – a list of books to read on a page from Kraft Journal by Archer and Olive. This book tracker was inspired by the book tracker of @bujoandbee on Instagram.

For now, I’ll just use washi tape and give myself some time to think on how I want to repurpose this page.

And here comes my new financial page! I love this one so much.

I remembered that because I’ll be using different washi, I can also use different colors and lettering styles. And my new favorite bright washi tapes really needed some bright colors

This is my first financial spread and I’m just trying to figure out how to do it best. After consulting with our family investment specialist (shout out to Brad, the mastermind!) I figured out this format might be the best.

First, I have to figure out what my total income is. Then to assign a total budget for every area. The rest is going to savings.

That way, it’ll be easier to control how I spend the money. If I have a budget and I see that I’m overusing, I know when to stop.

The rest of the spread is my daily expenses. It’s the key to tracking finances. I know it can be daunting to do that, but there are ways to make it easier.

First, it’s much more convenient if you’re using a bank card. That way you just need to look at your bank statement to know how you spent the money.

Secondly – you can use an app, that way you can easier add your spendings there as you spend the money.

If you’re using cash it might be smart to use an envelope system, when you assign an envelope for each style of spendings and add the budget you assigned. That way you’ll see by yourself how your budget is thinning as you go.

Alternatively, you can also just keep all your checks and write the expenses each evening, which is how I’m planning to fill out my financial tracker.

For more page ideas for financial tracking and some inspirations check my post Bullet Journal Budget Tracker Ideas To Organize Your Finances.

Office Organization

My final spread is a design for my new office. 

Ok I don’t have a new office, it’s the same old office where I was in Bolivia. But now I’m very motivated to remodel it and turn it more into a Masha Headquarters corner!

After spending so much time in the USA, visiting Home Depot, and seeing my hosts working on their house, I caught the spirit and now I’m all about renovating!

I already got some little decorative and useful things. It’s time for the big planning – all the furniture and shelves. 

My office is very small so I need to create enough storage without crowding the space. Quite a tricky endeavor, especially since I watch all the home office videos and want them ALL in mine!

I did it all in pencil because this is my first sketch. I probably will be changing it up and all as I go. I added here areas for all the important information.

First is the area for budgeting. I need to make sure I stay within the budget and won’t be spending too much money. It’ll be sad to cut out things because they don’t fit the budget! But more chocolate will help, I’m sure. 

Secondly, I added a little space where I wrote what kind of storage I need. Now I have around 5 little tables all over the room for storing my things. If I decide to redo it all, I want to make sure that my new layout has enough space for all the things I have out now.

Weekly Spreads

Now that we are done with July, time to share my weekly spreads.

Memory Page

As always at the end of the month, I’m creating a memory page with some of the best moments of the month.

We actually are setting up the memory page together on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me and join us on our next live.

Birthday Spread

Finally, June is my birthday month so of course, I had to have a few pages commemorating that.

This is the first spread with the way I celebrated my birthday. I was stuck in the USA away from the hubby, but still was surrounded by so much love and had a wonderful day!

My friends also created a digital pr4esent for me and I will be adding it to my journal eventually, but so far it’s a project for later.

And, yeah, that’s pretty much it for my June setup. 

If you want to see my weekly spreads, I’m doing a weekly Plan With Me in our Facebook Group every Sunday, you’re welcome to join in or just watch the recordings!

There will also be a Plan With Me video for June on my IGTV, so be sure to check that out if you’re curious.

What’s your theme for June? Let us know in the comments!

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