What Is A Bullet Journal: All You Need To Know

What Is A Bullet Journal

What Is A Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journal – is a system of planning, which includes lists, daily planning, schedules and basically any elements you need. Ryder Carroll created a perfect planning system around a technique called rapid logging. It allows recording information in a fast and structured way using short sentences, bullets, topics and page numbers.

The Bullet Journal system (BuJo) helps you to track your past, organize your present and successfully plan your future. Due to the multiple advantages the system offers, it will be perfect for you! 

How Does the Bullet Journal System Work

The system is based on the rapid logging technique. This means all information is divided into tasks, events, and notes, and logged in bullet point forms with short objective sentences.

Bullet Journal system is also linear, which means you fill it out as you go. The main pages you will need to have in your journal are – key (bullet signifiers to log your tasks), index (to make all information easily accessible), future log (yearly calendar with all birthdays, events and important dates you know about in advance), monthly log (you monthly events, goals, tasks), weekly and daily log. 

You can check the official Bullet Journal setup video below for a quick guide.

Bullet Journal Supplies

The beauty of the system is that you can use any notebook and a pen (And of course don’t forget about a ruler, pencil, and eraser). Popular notebooks for Bullet Journal are A5 dot grid ones. Among the brands – Leuchtturm 1917, Dingbats, Rhodia, Scribbles That Matter, Nuuna and many others. 

Check out my post on How To Choose A Perfect Notebook For Your Bullet Journal if you want to be more thorough about your first bujo and learn what to pay attention to when choosing one.

But you really don’t need to get a well-known brand, it all depends on you. Same goes for pens, markers, and all other stationery. Some popular stationery supplies brands are Sakura, Muji, Stabilo, Tombow, Crayola, Zebra, and others. I advise you to start from the simplest items and once you get some experience and know what’s what you want, you can switch to more expensive and better-suited items.

If you feel like you want to start investing into some pens right now, feel free to check my list of Must-Have Bullet Journal supplies.